High Privacy Search Engines

Online privacy extends well beyond your social media settings. The real danger lies in the information that you can’t control, like your internet search history. The following is a list of search engines that will not track or record the terms that you search for:



DuckDuckGo is among the most well known high privacy search engines. They also offer several additional features like a customizable layout, simple search operators, browser extensions, and a long list of “goodies” to make searching easier.




Privacy Search - YaCy


YaCy is a free decentralized search engine that anyone can use on either an intranet, or the internet. When a network is established it does not store search requests, and censoring content is impossible.




Privacy Search - Ixquick


Ixquick is another well know search engine with a strong emphasis on user privacy. The search engine does not track users IP addresses, and personal information is not shared with any third parties.




Privacy Search - Startpage


Ixquick also operates another search engine called Startpage, which offers results from Google. When a search is submitted,  Startpage removes all identifying information and submits the query to Google on behalf of the user.




Privacy Search - Yippy


Yippy is another search engine with enhanced privacy. The site does not track user activity, monitor/record searches, or collect any personal information. Yippy also offers additional online applications, all with an emphasis on privacy.




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