Privacy Tools

The following is a list of different tools that can be used to maintain your online privacy:

Our Tools - Adjust Your PrivacyVisit Site: QueryScoop

Description: QueryScoop is an advanced three step multi-site search tool. It allows you to search through multiple sites on major engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.






Privacy Tools - Spotflux


Spotflux is an application that is available for both PC and Mac. The app encrypts your internet traffic and sends it through the Spotflux butt which removes ads, tracking cookies, viruses, and malware; then it conceals your location and identity.




Privacy Tools - HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension that is available for both Firefox and Chrome. When installed the extension encrypts your communications with several major websites. The extension is produced as a collaboration between Tor and the EFF.




Privacy Tools - Collusion

Lightbeam (Formerly Collusion)

Lightbeam is a Firefox extension that allows you to see third party websites that are tracking you across the web. The extension creates a visual web in real-time of everyone that is tracking you across the internet.




Privacy Tools - Disconnect


Disconnect is a browser extension that prevents third party sites from tracking you across the web. (Note: the company no longer appears to also create collusion/lightbeam for Chrome and Safari.)




Privacy Tools - Abine


DoNotTrackMe is a browser extension created by Abine that is available for Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari. The extension blocks over 600 companies from tracking you. This also has the added benefit of making web pages load faster.




Privacy Tools - MyPermissions


MyPermissions allows you to quickly adjust the notification settings on all of your major profiles and accounts. Simply click on an icon to go directly to your settings. MyPermissions was the inspiration for AdjustYourPrivacy.




Privacy Tools Ghostery


Ghostery is a browser extension that is available for IE Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The extension allows users to view the tags, web bugs, pixels, and beacons that are embedded in web pages in order to analyse user behavior.




Privacy Tools - AccountKiller


AccountKiller provides instructions on how to deactivate social accounts for over 500 websites. Since some sites make it impossible to deactivate accounts, AccountKiller is a good place to check before creating any accounts.




Privacy Tools - RequestPolicy


RequestPolicy is an open source browser extension for Firefox that gives you control over cross-site requests. When installed, an icon at the top-right of the browser will turn red when a request has been blocked from the site you are viewing.




Privacy Tools - NoScript


NoScript is an open source browser extension available for Firefox. The extension prevents JavaScript, Java, Flash, and other plugins from being executed, except on trusted websites of your choice (e.g. online banking).




Privacy Tools - Panopticlick


Panopticlick allows you to quickly test your browser to see how unique it is based on the information it shares with the websites it visits. The test will inform you of the number of bits of identifying information conveyed by your browser.




Privacy Tools - Stay Invisible

Stay Invisible

Stay Invisible is another tools that will quickly scan your browser to determine what information it is sharing with websites. The output will provide you with location & language information, tracking information, browser features, and system fonts.




Privacy Tools - PrivacySucks

Privacy Check

Privacy Check will quickly tell you what Facebook information is being shared about you. The scan will provide you with a score out of 21, and a quick visual output, with the option to view the raw data.




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