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Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission for 2022

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In this article we’ll review the best phone tracker apps without permission. These apps allow you track someone’s phone location without them knowing.

Phone tracking apps, or spy apps, allow anyone to monitor the phone activities of another person through an online interface. These apps allow you to track cell phone location (GPS data), calls, texts, chats, social media account information, videos, photos, and other phone data. These apps are designed for parents who want to monitor their children, but can be used by anyone.

I’ve spent well over 120 hours testing phone tracker apps. In that time I’ve learned that some tracking apps are MUCH BETTER than others.

This guide is will save you a ton of time, money, and help you avoid technical headaches.

You’ll learn which are the most important features of any GPS phone tracker app, as well as what to expect in terms of service and tech support from some of the top names in the industry.

Cell phone tracking apps are the best way to track a phone without them knowing. Below you will find the best phone tracking apps that work without the owner’s permission.

7 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission

Here are the 7 best cell phone tracking apps that allow you to track a cell phone without the permission of the phone’s owner.

1. uMobix – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission


  • Top option without jailbreak or root
  • LIVE phone support
  • Simple installation and Reliable operation
  • Real-time GPS location tracking information
  • Great Option for Parental Control


  • Limited social media tracking for iPhones
  • Accuracy of GPS tracker dependent on target device’s reception

uMobix is the best cell phone tracker app that does not require permission. It offers more GPS tracking features than any other spy app, competitive pricing, and LIVE telephone support.

Current GPS location tracking is just one of many things you can monitor on the mobile phones of loved ones and family members including their current location and location history.

Track iPhones Without Permission

The uMobix cell phone tracking app uMobix allows you to track a user’s iPhone without them knowing. It allows you to spy on a cell phone without installing any software in just minutes.

iOS devices do not require physical access to install an app. All you need is the user’s iCloud username and password.

Because of Apple’s tight security, you will only be able to track a limited number of social media apps. This limitation is the same for any iPhone tracking app, but location and a great deal of other data will be visible from your control panel.

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Track Androids Without Permission

uMobix for Android is the most powerful monitoring solution on the market that doesn’t require rooting the phone. Like every other Android tracking app on the market, it DOES require you to install software on the target phone.

While many cell phone tracker apps require you to root an Android before accessing social media apps, uMobix does NOT. You get access to Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, and more.

No other phone tracker app currently offers this much access to an Android mobile device.

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uMobix offers three different pricing packages:

  • $11.66/mo for a 1 year subscription
  • $27.99/mo for 3 month subscription
  • $49.99/mo for a 1 month subscription

uMobix is the best way to track someone’s phone without them knowing. It can be installed without permission on either an iPhone or Android.

2. KidsGuard Pro – Best for Parental Controls

Kidsguard pro logo


  • Jailbreak and non-jailbreak for iPhone/iOS devices
  • live chat support
  • reliable functionality
  • real-time GPS location tracking information
  • great for parental control


  • overly strict refund policy
  • requires phone to be on same wifi network as your computer

While KidsGuard Pro offers many of the same features as other phone tracker apps I’m covering, it’s marketed for a parent looking to monitor a child.

It comes in as my 2nd best phone tracker app and is a great solution for keeping an eye on your kids.

Monitoring an iPhone

KidsGuard Pro offers the same iPhone monitoring solution as most other tracker apps in the industry. This is done by accessing the phone user data through their iCloud account. This installation method can be performed without permission of the phone’s owner.

Unlike many other monitoring solutions, Kidsguard Pro also offers a jailbreak version for iPhones. This allows you to see ALL social media chat apps on the iPhone.

The only reason I would go this route is if you need to monitor Snapchat or some other social media platform. Otherwise it’s not worth the hassle of jailbreaking the iOS device.

The jailbreak version of KidsGuard pro currently works with iOS 9.0 – iOS 14.

I typically don’t recommend jailbreaking an iPhone as this will void its’ warranty. However, you can get around this by resetting it back to factory defaults.

Expect the GPS tracker information to be slightly delayed as the data in your control panel is only updated when the phone performs a backup.

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Monitoring Android

The KidsGuard Pro app offers the same monitoring capabilities as uMobix for Android mobile devices.

Physical access to the device is necessary for the installation of the Android phone tracker app. Once installed it is completely hidden.

The KidsGuard GPS tracker updates with the same frequency as other spy apps I’ve covered here. It is somewhat dependent upon cell coverage.

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Android: 1 Month = $29.95/mo, 3 Month = $16.65/mo, and 1 Year = $8.32/mo

iPhone: 1 Month = $39.95/mo, 3 Month = $19.18/mo, and 1 Year = $9.16/mo

For more information you can check out my full Kidsguard Pro review.

3. FlexiSPY – Most Powerful Smartphone Tracking App


  • Record calls or listen live
  • Best Technical Support
  • Reliable functionality
  • Real-time GPS location tracker
  • Most powerful iPhone spy app


  • Expensive
  • Accuracy of GPS tracking dependent on target device’s reception
  • Rooting required

FlexiSPY is my #3 phone tracker app due to its dependability, ease-of-use, accurate GPS location tracking, and 24/7 support. With FlexiSPY, you can get accurate, real-time location information sent directly to your control panel.

You can also receive a notification when the phone moves into pre-designated zones.

Unlike uMobix and KidsGuard pro, FlexiSPY’s software DOES require you jailbreak or root the device you want to monitor. This doesn’t necessarily require the user’s permission, but it does require you to have physical access to the device.

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FlexiSPY also has a great “animate” feature that shows you real time location details on a map and can help you visualize the route the target device traveled between each point.

FlexiSPY also offers the standard cell phone monitoring features such as text message and email monitoring, internet activity tracking, call log access, and just about any messaging app.

They also offer some features that you won’t see in other apps such as the ability to listen to calls live and turn on the phone’s microphone remotely.

Devices need to be rooted or jailbroken (iPhone) for the tracking features to work, but you can have tech support do this for you. You can also purchase a pre-configured cell phone where the app is already installed in stealth mode.

FleixSPY is also a great tracking app due to the 24/7 chat support. If you prefer to talk to someone on the smartphone, FlexiSPY has a number you can call anytime for further assistance.


  • Extreme = $29.08 a month for 12 months or $66.66 a month for 3 months
  • Premium = $12 a month for 12 months, $33 a month for 3 months, or $68 a month for 1 month
  • Lite = $29.95 a month for 1 month

With it’s best in class monitoring features FlexiSPY is the most powerful tracking app available. The live call monitoring feature isn’t offered by any other app on the market. All this is backed by one of the best support teams in the industry.

These same features also make it the ultimate parental control app for parents who are worried about what their kids might be doing on their phones.

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4. mSpy


  • Reliable functionality
  • No rooting or jailbreak required
  • Great GPS tracker and monitoring features
  • Solid parental control features


  • location details not slow to update
  • Somewhat expensive
  • dated features

mSpy is also one of the best phone tracking apps that uses a GPS location tracker to monitor someone’s phone without them knowing.

You don’t have to root Android devices, though Apple devices will require jailbreaking. mSpy lets you view in real-time the location and movement of the target device and easily search movement history with specified time details.

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You can also set geo-fencing parameters which allow you to mark areas as “safe” or “no-go” zones. When the target device enters or leaves one of these areas, you will receive an alert about the activity. You can also view how long the target device stays in certain areas.

mSpy also offers an impressive array of additional monitoring capabilities including call monitoring, keylogging, web browser controls, and social media monitoring. The mSpy app runs reliably, but if you do have issues, competent and helpful staff are on-hand to answer any questions.

mSpy doesn’t have a live chat support option, but they do have a number you can call 24/7.

mSpy is one of the more expensive options on the market, and the location information can sometimes lag depending on the activity of the target device.

But because of the stability of the spy app and the solid tech support, it’s still one of the best options out there for mobile phone tracking on Android or iPhone devices.


  • Premium = $16.66 a month for 12 months, $39.99 a month for 3 months, or $69.99 a month for 1 month
  • Basic = $29.99 a month for 1 month


iPhones and iOS devices and on any Android devices running 4.0 or higher, including:

Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus/Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE

mSpy is a close second place in the Android and iPhone tracker category. The app was the most stable and least susceptible to updates of any that we’ve tested to date.

The main reason it came in second was the lack of some of the features offered by FlexiSPY. That said, their tech support is VERY helpful and the pricing is good. If you don’t need the advanced features of FlexiSPY, we would recommend this app instead.

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5. Spyzie

spyzie logo

Spyzie is another affordable phone tracker app that offers accurate GPS location information that is easy to monitor.

You can also search location history and easily track the location of the target phone in real-time. Spyzie also offers geo-fencing capabilities.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Real-time tracking information
  • Geo-fencing features
  • SIM card removal alert
  • No rooting required


  • Unstable operation
  • Virtually no support
  • Can be disabled by restarting the target phone

This cell phone tracker app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking in order to use any of the features on Android devices, including location tracking. iPhones don’t need to be jailbroken, but you will need the iCloud credentials to download the app information.

This app also offers a good range of phone monitoring features including the addition of an alert which will let you know if the SIM card is removed from the phone. This is generally done if the phone has been stolen or someone is trying to switch the phone over to another network.

Unfortunately, Spyzie also struggles with performance issues and instability.

The app crashes often, especially if the tracking software is trying to update or if the phone gets rebooted. This app also has almost no customer support. Your only option to request support is an email submission that can take up to 48 hours to get a response.


  • Ultimate: 1-Month License: $49.99, 3-Month License: $79.99, or 6-Month License: $119.99
  • Pro: 1-Month License: $39.99, 3-Month License: $69.99, or 6-Month License: $99.99
  • Basic: 1-Month License: $29.99, 3-Month License: $49.99, or 6-Month License: $89.99


Compatible with any iOS or Android device including:

Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus/Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE

Spzie’s spy app doesn’t really offer anything to separate it from our top three. Their tech support was disappointingly unresponsive and the app is relatively expensive.

We would highly recommend going with FlexiSPY or mSpy instead. You can read more in our Spyzie review.

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6. iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor logo

iKeyMonitor is another phone tracker that offers the basics of any other tracking app including location monitoring, the ability to review past and real-time location data, and time stamps to tell when the phone was in a certain location and for how long.

This tracker app also includes some geo-fencing options. In addition to letting you track the location of your family via their mobile phones, this app also includes basic phone monitoring features such as call and text mess

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  • No rooting required for Android phones
  • Track a cell phone anywhere
  • Has some extra monitoring features
  • No permission required
  • View browsing history


  • Expensive
  • iOS requires jailbreak
  • Customer service isn’t the best
  • App crashes often
  • No family or bulk plans

You can also remotely trigger the microphone on the target device to hear what is happening near it.

This phone tracker software is one of the most expensive and unstable options. The tracker app frequently struggles to run smoothly, and if it does crash, you need access to the target phone to download the app again.

While there is a chat option if you need help, the customer support is notoriously unreliable and unresponsive.


  • Free Version: $0 + $9.99 every 3 days (approx. $100 a month) for most features
  • Full Version: $29.16 a month for 12 months or $59.99 a month for one month


Compatible any iOS phone and any phone running Android 2.0 or higher, including:

Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus/Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE

iKeyMonitor is a great spy app if you’re on a budget. It’s not as elegant of a solution, but it does get the job done.

We do wish the keylogger was available in the non-jailbreak version as that would allow you to track chat apps without having to root or jailbreak the device. All in all a solid product.

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7. FamiSafe

famisafe logo

FamiSafe is another product designed more specifically for parents who need software to track the phone of their child or children.

While FamiSafe has some great features, it’s designed more as a parental control app, than a smartphone tracker.

It offers features like website filters, screen time limits, activity reports, and location tracking.

It does NOT offer things like social media monitoring, viewing of text messages and other more advanced functions.

You can see my full FamiSafe review here.

8. Highster Mobile Spy – AVOID!

The Highster Mobile spy app is less expensive and doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking to use the cell phone location tracking features.

That said, I had a horrible experience with this product.

First and foremost it was incredibly difficult to install. Every other spy app on this list was up and running within minutes.

The Highster app required multiple attempts to contact their support and they were unresponsive at best.

The GPS phone tracking feature is reliable, but the location information is uploaded periodically instead of continuously. This can give you a good idea of the activity of the target phone as it happens, but it’s not the same as real-time tracking.


  • Cheapest mobile tracker on the list
  • Doesn’t need rooting for cell phone location tracking
  • Reliable location tracking


  • Terrible support
  • Unreliable operation
  • No geo-fencing
  • Fewer features than other phone tracker apps

Highster also doesn’t offer any geo-fencing options, so you can’t receive alerts when the device enters pre-designated safe or dangerous zones. They do offer a general array of phone monitoring features including the ability to read emails, text messages, and social media messages and view internet and call activity.

Highster also includes some extra features like the ability to turn on the device’s camera and take pictures remotely.

Unfortunately, this spy app is somewhat lacking in technical support. They have a number you can call, but you’re not always guaranteed to reach someone immediately.

They prefer you fill out a ticket on their website and promise to respond within 24 hours. This app frequently encounters operating issues and has a tendency to crash during updates, so lack of support could be a significant frustration.


  • Pro (requires rooting) = $69.99, one-time payment
  • Basic = $29.99, one-time payment


Any iPhone or iPad and any Android devices running 2.0 or higher, including:

Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nexus/Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE

Highster is a great budget option tracking app. We did experience some stability issues on occasion, but only during major phone operating system updates.

This is something that many apps struggle with. If you don’t need the more advanced features of our top 2 Highster is a solid choice.

How We Rate Phone Tracking Apps

The best way to track someone’s phone without them knowing is with a cell phone tracker app. Tracking apps use GPS technology to track the physical location of someone else’s smartphone.

Smartphone tracking apps help keep your family safe by ensuring your kids aren’t going to dangerous places, and if something does happen to them, you can have updated, real-time information about their location. Tracking apps can also help you find a device if it’s lost or stolen.

If the app you choose doesn’t work properly, you might as well not have a tracker app at all! Many apps also require rooting to track a device properly which can seem intimidating.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to avoid having to root a smartphone including selecting an app that can track without rooting or choosing one where tech support will root the target device for you.

Ease of Use

A phone tracking app that is too difficult to use is worse than no tracker app at all – you still won’t be able to monitor the location and safety of your family, but now you have the added frustration and expense of a phone tracker app that doesn’t perform as promised.


It’s important to find the right phone tracker that lets you keep your family safe with location monitoring, boundary setting, and any additional phone monitoring requirements you may have.


If you’re going to go through the effort and expense to install a phone tracker, you want to make sure the software is reliable and will keep working the way it should.


No phone tracker is perfect, so it’s important to be aware of the limitations of each product and phone tracking in general in order to make the best informed decision you can.

Some software doesn’t offer stealth mode so the app is visible to the user. If you’re considering an app that is NOT on this list, make sure it offers a stealth mode option.


Not every mobile tracker is compatible with every mobile phone, so it’s important to choose one that is capable of tracking the phone of whichever family member, loved one, or employee you are worried about.


You often get what you pay for when it comes to applications for a mobile phone, but more expensive doesn’t always mean the best set of features.

It’s important to carefully weigh all the information when choosing the best phone tracker for your situation. Price plays an important role, but shouldn’t be the only determining factor.

Highster Mobile, for example, has a great price. But the value they offer for that price is nonexistent.

I would advise you to beware of any free phone tracker app that claims to be able to accurately track a phone. You get what you pay for and most free apps are worthless.

Customer Support

All technology is bound to develop issues eventually, so it’s important to have the best customer support you can to help you resolve problems when they do occur.

Phone security is incredibly strong and manufacturers are always updating their software, so hacking a phone is becoming increasingly difficult. The responsive tech support is one of the main reasons uMobix is my favorite mobile tracker.

Live Demo/Free Trial

This can help you get a feel for which phone tracker will be best for your needs before you pay for it.

Not all the spying app products reviewed here offer this option, but a quick visit to their websites will help you find a free trial or live demo of their software if they’re available.


How Can I Track Someone Using Their Phone Number?

It is possible to track someone’s phone without them knowing by using their phone number.

Websites like geofinder.mobi use the phone number to locate someone’s device using GPS software. It is completely hidden, allowing you to track a phone without the phone’s owner being aware.

Can I Track My Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Yes. A phone tracker can track someone’s phone without them knowing. These apps run in the background without being detected. This allows you to track your husband’s phone. This same technology allows you to track your wife’s phone as well.

However unless they are using an iOS device that allows for access via iCloud, you will probably need to physically download the tracker before you can start monitoring the mobile phone.

Can I Track my Kid’s Phone?

As long as you can install the tracker, you should be able to track your kids location and phone activity. Since they are your kids, this requires no permission.

Kids are often the best at figuring out quirks with their devices, though, and there are some ways of knowing there is a tracker running in the background such as unexpected decrease in mobile data or overheating of the targeted device.

Can I Use Google Maps or Apple Maps to Track a Phone?

iPhone and Android devices allow you to track a phone using maps software or the Google Find My Device app.

You can easily track a phone on Google maps but the Google find my device app DOES require permission to do so.

Apple maps will also allow you to track a phone as well, but again, you’ll need permission to do so.

How Does a Phone Tracker Work?

Every phone tracker app uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to track a device by using a network of satellites to track a specific signal pinged from your family or loved one’s phone when the tracker activates.

Data containing the devices’ exact location or address is then sent directly to you.

Do I Need to Install Software to Spy on Someone’s Location?

No. There are ways to spy on a smartphone without installing software on the target phone.

Are Phone Trackers Legal?

Yes. As long as you own the phone you’re tracking they are legal.

However, if you are tracking an employee or a spouse you MUST give them notification that you are monitoring their phone. If it’s a spouse or partner you will also need permission to be completely legal.

You can read more about the legal issues of using a phone tracker app here.

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