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How Can I Spy on My Girlfriend’s Text Messages

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One of the unfortunate side effects of smartphones is that it’s easier than ever for people to cheat. And texting is by far one of the most popular ways for cheaters to communicate.

Fortunately if you need to read someone else’s text messages, there a few different ways to do it.

It is important to remember that the best remedy for partner trust issues would be open and honest communication with your girlfriend.

If you suspect infidelity, you might just make the situation worse by deliberately spying on them.

Every relationship is different, but most people would consider texting a form of cheating.

If you find that your girlfriend is being secretive with the intention of cheating and want evidence on this, you can try these methods to view her text messages below.

How To Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

It’s common that you would want to know what is on the phone your partner seems glued to almost 24/7 recently.

What messages could your girlfriend be sending on her cell phone without your knowledge? Could she be talking to a new person outside your relationship?

The most paranoid amongst you will be drawn to the title on “how to spy on my girlfriend” to try to spy on their girlfriends text messages, but again we must repeat that doing so will cause trust between you and your girlfriend to just erode even more.

Relationships are often complicated, so try to see if you can work this out with your girlfriend with better communication.

If the relationship is beyond repair and you just want to hit the nail on the coffin with some incriminating evidence, there are two main ways to do so: Manually and through Spy Software.

Option 1: Manually Check her Phone

This might be the most direct way to create access to your girlfriend and the secrets you feel she’s keeping from you.

Simply try to monitor her while she uses her phone and try to see if you can make out what her password is.

This might be the only way to view or to spy on girlfriend phone activities and text messages without having to pay for additional monitoring services.

Take note, though. This is also one of the most difficult ways to pull off text message spying as people tend to be attached to their cell phones, and getting caught snooping at texts that your girlfriend sends might just land you in more problems than you had initially started with.

Only try this method if you can be sure that your girlfriend won’t notice you viewing text messages and other direct messages on social apps.

Option 2: Use Spy Apps/Phone Monitoring Apps

Now, the main event, or rather the information you’ve been looking for when you searched “spy on my girlfriend”.

There are a ton of monitoring apps that allow you to tap and track a cell phone.

In addition to hacking SMS text messages, you can also monitor social media, browser history, and even GPS locations of the target device.

Below are three good spy apps choices to spy on girlfriend cell phone behavior.

1: uMobix

umobix logo

uMobix is an easy-to-use spy app with several tools and features.

This also makes it a powerful app to have when you need a good monitoring software to spy on your girlfriends messages (or monitor your boyfriend’s messages for that matter).

It even gives you access to your girlfriend s phone without having to physically be there.

uMobix can also monitor social media activity and even their web browser history.

You can learn a lot about your girlfriend based on what she searches online and how she expresses herself on social media accounts.

uMobix has a free demo available on their website so you can try out how the spy app user interface works.

If you want to actually use the app, you need to pay for the premium app services that run for 1-month subscriptions to 12-month subscriptions.

Versions Available

uMobix is available for both Android and iOS devices, but there may be some differences in-app features between the two versions.

For iOS app users, uMobix will need to be able to access their iCloud device account through a one-time authentication.

Provide uMobix with your girlfriend’s username and password credentials to start watching their phone in real-time.

For Android users, uMobix will need to be installed manually on the target device. So you’ll need to physically access their cell phone to complete its set-up.

uMobix is discreet and runs the app in the background so you can monitor any of your girlfriend’s messages day or night.

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2: mSpy

mSpy logo

If Spyic doesn’t cut it for you, mSpy has a similar tool set that can shed some truth on what your girlfriend is doing on her phone.

Like Spyic, Spyine can monitor social media activity and other information such as phone media files and web browser activity that you may want to spy on.

All this information is synced via an internet connection that you can set as often as every 5-minutes.

Spyine is a great way to continue to monitor text messages without having to constantly check the phone manually.

The app itself is easy to use and requires minimal set up and comes with different monthly subscription options depending on your need.

Versions Available

The Spyine app is available on both Android and iOS devices, with a similar set-up to Spyic’s iOS and Android apps.

For the iOS app, you’ll need the username and password of the iCloud account that’s being used on the target cell phone. Usually, these would be the email they used to register for their Apple account with its own unique password

If you can access their email, you can try using iCloud’s password recovery system to grant access to Spyine.

For the Android app, you’ll need to install the app itself manually on the phone. Again, this may be easier if you have access to the phone physically rather than deducing your girlfriend s iCloud credentials.

The Spyine app will run in the background so calls and texts can get logged without the user knowing. You’ll avoid a lot of issues by keeping the app discreet and stealthy on the target phone.

Spy Software 3: KidsGuard Pro

If you need another option, KidsGuard Pro is part of those family of spy apps dedicated to keeping your kids supervised at all times.

But just because it’s marketed towards people like parents doesn’t mean someone can’t use it for other means.

With KidsGuard Pro’s monitoring technology, any text message can be viewed alongside media files shared so that you can monitor any information shared with different people.

What’s interesting with KidsGuard Pro is it comes in several different versions to monitor different types of devices, from the standard cell phone to even personal computers.

Each software technology comes in a varied price that gives a lot of features within its monitoring suite.

Versions Available

KidsGuard Pro is probably the most diverse in terms of app device functionality. In this case, they have apps for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Both iOS and Android apps need to be installed directly on the target phone, so someone needs to be able to manually install the app on the phone so you can properly monitor the texts and other app messages being sent.

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Option 3: Talk to Her (Safest)

This may be the safest option we have from the 3 listed in this article.

Worrying about calls being made behind your back or your girlfriend talking to someone else can be solved with a little maturity on both sides.

Simply open a discussion about how you’ve been feeling recently and implore your partner to come to a more open communication with you.

If a person in a relationship continues to lie and hide things, then the internal trust between the couple will eventually erode.

It’s cliché, but at least you won’t need to rely on spy apps or get worried about sent text messages without your knowledge.

Your girlfriend’s phone is only a small part of how they communicate with other people, so spying on your girlfriend through these phone apps will only tell you so much.

Drawbacks and Dangers of Spying on Someone’s Cell Phone

It may sound enticing to try out all these interesting new technologies that allow you to monitor someone else’s device.

But there is definitely more than just one reason why spying on your girlfriend’s phone without their knowledge might just give you more problems than solve them.

It’s Not Cheap

As we mentioned a while ago, there isn’t necessarily a program that you can rely on that can read other text messages for free.

Most reliable software that has the tools to monitor text messages come at a cost, some of which can get prohibitively expensive depending on how long you subscribe for.

If you only wanted to see a few texts for a week, you might be spending too much on month-long subscriptions on phone monitoring apps.

It’s Difficult to Pull Off

Moreover, even if you do choose to subscribe to a monitoring software, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to install this on a phone without your girlfriend knowing.

Most, if not all, phone monitoring programs need proper authorization and consent from the user to be monitored.

This usually comes in the form of having the target device authorize the device with either the device passcode or the user’s iCloud credentials.

There aren’t many ways to get the software installed on the phone your girlfriend is using without your girlfriend finding out about it.

Short of knowing her account username and password or phone passcode, it’s challenging to be able to install anything on her phone.

If You Do It, You May get Sued

Let’s say you do subscribe to a phone monitoring system and you know your girlfriend’s phone credentials; now you can go ahead and install any one of the many spy apps out in the market now.

Hold your horses, as doing any monitoring or “spying” on another person’s phone is tantamount to an invasion of privacy.

Not only will you end up in a massive fight if your girlfriend finds out she is being monitored, but depending on where you are you may end up with a punishable criminal offense.

Think twice if you want to start spying on someone else’s private possessions, as the consequences of doing so are rarely worth the hassle.


It’s easy to search for ways to see how you can monitor your girlfriends text messages to see if they are staying faithful to you.

But you need to understand this is not the best way to solve issues of trust and communication with your partner.

No amount of sneaking around and monitoring apps can really bring the closure you need between yourself and your girlfriend.

While these methods can certainly give you a peek into what your partner might be hiding, sometimes it’s just better to talk about difficult things in an open and honest way.

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