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CocoSpy Review for 2022: Solid Phone Spying Capabilities

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In this Cocospy review I’ll be sharing my thoughts after using the app on couple different types of phones.

With so many spy apps on the market it can be really difficult to pick the best one for your needs.

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • How does Cocospy compare to my favorite spy apps uMobix and SpyIC?
  • Is the app stable on Android and iPhones?
  • Tech support and refund policies

My Cocospy Review

While some of the oldest and most popular names in the business like mSpy (read my mSpy reviews here) and FlexiSPY have fallen behind in recent months, newcomers like uMobix, SPYIC, and Cocospy have stepped in with some very innovative products.

cocospy logo

Cocospy is one of the best spy apps available as it can help in tracking different activities on a target’s phone.

This product helps to safeguard your business and family. It has great features to keep track of the various activities of your target like monitoring logs, tracking location, and phone activities.

Here are a few of the things I like about Cocospy:

  • Plenty of features to monitor call logs, locations, and browsing history
  • Easy sign-up and installation process to monitor the target device
  • Great support system with 24/7 assistance
  • It includes most of the instant messaging apps for monitoring
  • Notifies you when there are any SIM card switches

Here are the things I did NOT like about Cocospy:

  • For some instant messaging apps like messenger and snapshot, root access is required
  • Free trial is not available
  • Some features are not available on iOS devices
  • Call recording and screenshot functionalities are not available on this app

Key Features

Here are a few of the key features you’ll get with Cocospy.

View Text Messages

In this digital era, text messages are one of the most common ways to communicate.

There are various instant messaging apps, and the text messages are generally comprised of images, video, audio/voice, text and emojis.

Cocospy helps in monitoring messages on the target’s phone regardless of the messaging app. Various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Facebook Lite, Line, Snapchat, etc can be monitored using the Cocospy app.

Cocospy allows you to read through all the conversations and see the timestamps of when it happened on the target’s phone.

Phone Call Logs

Sometimes, for various legitimate reasons, a phone call might need to be monitored. The Cocospy app can help you monitor the target’s phone call logs.

With Cocospy’s call feature, you can obtain detailed information like contact information, call history with timestamps, and call status, to keep track of the user’s phone call activities.

See Internet Browser History

Generally, parents have a fear about their children’s browsing history, which is understandable, as they would want to ensure that they spend no time browsing unwanted sites.

With Cocospy you can look over the online browser activities of your children’s phone. This can easily be done remotely with the Cocospy app. All you have to do is click on the browser history feature and relevant details like the title, number of times the user visited the sites, and timestamps can be seen.

Track Phone Location

The most common thing that can happen with your teenage child is for them to bunk their classes. This is a pain to the parents although it is a happy event for the child.

This feature helps ease your doubts as it keeps a complete track record of their daily actions.

The other purpose of tracking location is to identify a lost phone, as it can then be tracked and retrieved. When you select the location option, the current location of the target is seen.

At the bottom of the page, you can view the most recent visited places and the entry/exit times from these specific locations.

Check Calendar Events

Ever have doubts about the dates that are important to your children or spouse? Then Cocospy clarifies it all.

This feature provides you with the entire calendar details that have been marked by the target.

It shows you the details like the title, any comments added, location of the event, as well as the time of the event. This is of great help in order to monitor the time the reminder was created, as well as the remarks added.

View SIM Card Information

There is a high chance that the target user uses two or more SIMs. There are also possibilities that countless SIM cards can be activated from the device.

If you are worried about other SIM cards being used but not totally sure about that, this feature helps you solve those worries.

How can this be tracked?

From your browser, you can find the SIM Card Alert option and it prompts you to enter your email ID and click on save. This enables you to get connected to the SIM alerts and whenever the person changes the SIM, it notifies you via mail.

Check Contact Info

One important feature it provides is the contact list. All the contact details can be fetched from your child’s phone and can be viewed through the browser.

This feature helps in keeping your child’s most frequent contacts and also all the possible friends that your child is connected with.

Monitoring every inch and bit of your child’s activity without having the smartphone physically in your hand helps you play it safe.

It’s not just the contact name and phone number that is provided, it also helps you connect with their email ID (if added by the user).

When you login to the dashboard via the browser, you will see the total amount of times the target has connected with a particular person.

It helps you compare the frequency of communication and gives you a clearer understanding of what’s happening in the background.

Easy Installation

Installing the spying app on the target’s smartphone is the first step. Once installed, it can be controlled remotely.

What is required is a computer with good internet speed. For iOS users, you do not need physical connection to get it installed.

All that is required are the iCloud credentials of the target’s device. For Android users, you physically need the smartphone to get it installed.

Step 1: Go to the Cocospy website and sign up for a Cocospy account. The email ID becomes your username for future logins.

Step 2: The next step is to purchase your monthly subscription. Depending on the number of devices you want to spy on, the subscription differs. For single device spying, the premium version is recommended. For spying on more than 3 devices, you can buy the family version.

Step 3: The installation guide will be sent via email. For the iOS version of Cocospy, providing the target device’s iCloud credential details will help in syncing with the iCloud account. For the Android version, installing a 2MB app from the Play Store will take only 5 minutes. After a successful installation, we can hide the app.

Step 4: Now you can log in to your account from any desktop computer or any mobile browser. It provides you with the dashboard of all the activities on your target’s device.

Can I Use Cocospy Without Jailbreaking or Rooting the Device?

While many of the spying apps require jailbreaking to get installed, that is not necessary for Cocospy users.

By jailbreaking or rooting the target device, the device will be open to malware infection, making it more complex for the user.

Cocospy is designed in such a way as to provide customers with an easy installation process.

Jailbreaking any smartphone is a tedious and long process. Since Cocospy is built on the latest technologies, it does not leave the target’s smartphone vulnerable or unmanageable.

Cocospy’s Built in Keylogger

There is a unique feature on Cocospy called the in-built keylogger. Wondering what a keylogger is? It is software designed to monitor and record every keystroke made on the target’s device. This data is stored in a log file for easier monitoring.

How does the keylogger help you? It basically allows you to see everything your target types on their device. Information like passwords for personal emails or any social media can be tracked and stored in Cocospy. There might be instances where the user types the text message through their keypad but later erases it. That information can also be captured by this keylogger feature.

What Can You See With the Keylogger?

An overview of the information that the Cocospy keylogger feature can retrieve for you.

Login Credentials: Cocospy tracks all usernames and passwords at all instances

Microsoft Office: While the target uses the MS Word or Powerpoint software, it helps to log their words.

Browsing History: Cocospy helps you store the words searched from the browser, Youtube, or any search engine.

Emails: While the user types in any text from their email account, Cocospy keeps a track record of it.

Notes: Keylogger allows you to view information saved on note-taking applications like Sticky Notes, Samsung Notes, Evernote or Google.

Comments: User comments on any social media or on Youtube will be logged and can be retrieved.

Cocospy Compatibility

Think about your smartphone’s compatibility before purchasing any monitoring app.

It is a waste of time and money if your device does not support the Cocospy application. Confirming the supported operating system and its supporting versions will help you save a lot of money. Cocospy supports Android and iOS operating devices.

Android Devices

The majority of the smartphone brands are designed on the Android operating system. Cocospy supports Android devices from versions 4.0 and above.

If your target’s smartphone is built on lesser versions, then this application might not be supported. Smartphone brands like Samsung, Google, Motorola, Sony, Oneplus, Honor, and Oppo, are a few top brands that can support CocoSpy monitoring apps.

iOS Devices (iPhones & iPads)

The iOS is as popular as the Android OS. Cocospy is compatible with all versions of iOS and will work on any iPhone.

What is Cocospy’s Refund Policy?

The request for a Cocospy refund can be claimed within 30 days of the purchase date. To raise your refund request, drop a mail to [email protected] and it will get consideration within 24 hours. The refund is completed within 3-5 working days provided it meets the refund policy.

The following are a few instances where a refund cannot be initiated:
1. If the user has failed to access through incompatible devices or operating systems like Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, etc.
2. Failed to access the target’s device physically or if the device gets lost. For further Cocospy refund policies, visit the official website.

Is Cocospy legal?

In the US, Cocospy is legal to monitor your underaged child’s devices. It is highly recommended to verify with the local laws and regulations in your state before purchasing Cocospy. There are many other countries that provide legal access to use it. However, there are many other countries that don’t have legal support for this spying software.

Cocospy Pricing

Cocospy provides a monthly subscription to the user which can be chosen from 3 plans based on the number of devices you want it installed on.

For Android Users

1. Basic Plan is priced at $39.99/month and allows tracking of one device. They provide basic features which are way less than other plans. You can buy a quarterly subscription or an annual package, which saves more money than the one-month plan.

2. Premium Plan amounts to $49.99/month and provides you access to all the features. It allows one device tracking and also provides a 3-month, or 12-month plan based on your needs.

3. Family Plan allows you to access 3 devices and is priced at $69.99/month. This is a great plan to track all your children and keep them monitored under one plan.

For iOS Users

1. Family Plan is worth $99.99/month and can target a total of 5 devices, which can easily support your entire family. Just like Android they provide a 3-month and 12-month subscription at a lesser rate.

2. Business Plan amounts to $399.99/month and targets 25 devices under one account.

3. Premium Plan is priced at $49.99/month and can be installed on 1 device.

How Does it Compare to the Competition

Though Cocospy is a solid app, my favorite app for iOS and iPhones is still uMobix. They offer the most features without ever touching the users device.

For Android devices my favorite app is SpyIC.  You can read my full SPYIC review here.

mSpy is another solid choice. The mSpy app lets you view information like apps installed on the target mobile. It also has an exemplary feature called “Block App” that helps in restricting unwanted apps, a feature not available in Cocospy.

All spying applications have features that allow you to track a target phone’s activities like browser history, phone call logs, messages, location, etc. Also, mSpy has this feature where, whenever the user types certain keywords or key phrases in the target device, notification is sent to your device.

There is also an option to set smart screen time rules and block unwanted websites.

Finally, for the ultimate in monitoring there is FlexiSPY.  This app allows you to monitor phone calls live, record them, and control the phone’s camera.

Do Spy Apps Like Cocospy Really Work?

Most people might wonder whether or not spy apps work, and the answer is a big yes.

These spy apps are designed to remotely monitor and discreetly collect information from the target’s phone. The information can be anything from call logs, messages, recordings, emails, or any type of sensitive information.

There are quite a lot of spy apps available all over the internet, but it is important that you purchase one from an informed point of view.

In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of one of the popular ones, called Cocospy. Cocospy is used by more than one million people all over the globe.

Are you still pondering whether it is the right tool to monitor with? With our review, you can get a clear understanding of what exactly Cocospy does and provide, and how good it is.

Final Thoughts

With technology advancement and rapid improvement in smartphone technology, spying on a phone has become possible.

To monitor someone’s phone logs, messages and activities, it is important to use the best app to attain it.

Cocospy is one such app that has quite decent features with positive feedback and is a perfect solution for you. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and works without rooting or jailbreaking. It is also priced reasonably.

This is a very reliable app and we recommend purchasing and exploring all its numerous features.

However, for superior results the uMobix app is by far the best. It comes with remote blocking features like removing unwanted apps on the target’s phone. It is also priced much more competitively.

About the Author

Jason has over 25 years in the information and internet security industry. He is passionate about smartphones, gadgets, and technology. He also got a solid background in programming and software.  This includes Python, C++, app development and more.

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