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How to Find Out if Someone is Cheating on You for FREE

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In this article I’m going to reveal some of the best FREE ways to catch a cheating spouse.

We all know that we shouldn’t have to resort to spying on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone to keep tabs on who he or she is texting, what websites they visit, or where they go, but sometimes you just NEED to know. 

***Fair warning. Free apps offer limited results. They often notify the target that they are being tracked. If you need to monitor someone WITHOUT them knowing I would suggest you check out these spy apps for catching suspected cheaters.***

Maybe they’re acting strange lately.  Perhaps they have a history of cheating. Maybe it’s just your intuition.

Whatever your reasons, sometimes you just need to know FOR CERTAIN whats going on.

You can’t be there to monitor their phone every time they use it, so you need a way to keep tabs and protect yourself.

If you’ve got suspicions, I’m going to show you a FREE way to spy your spouse’s cell phone to see if they’re cheating.

The best part:  this software comes included at NO COST on most phones.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse is Cheating On You For FREE Using

Here are a couple free methods you can try to see what your spouse is doing when you’re not together.

Track Their Phone

The Find My Friends app is intended to allow you to share your location data with friends and family allowing you to keep tabs on each other when traveling or visiting crowded spaces. 

But if you know what you’re doing you can also use it as a way to track someone’s phone anytime, anyplace. 

Do you suspect he’s cheating?  Well it’s really easy to setup this app to let you know where his phone is at all times.  And it’s FREE!

We’ll go through the instructions for setting up on your significant other’s phone so you can see if he really is where he says he is.

Want to track them without EVER having to touch their phone? Check out Geofinder. All you need to start tracking right away is their phone number.

Use Find My Friends to See Their Location

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One of the easiest ways to track a cell phone without installing software is with the Find My Friends app that comes with every new iOS device.  The only trick is you’ll need to have access to their phone for a couple minutes.  However, once it’s setup the app is completely discrete.

Step 1:  “Share My Location” should be enabled from the settings of YOUR iPhone. You find this in the “Find My Friends” app.  Click on the bottom of the screen and the settings will open.

Step 2:  share their location with your iPhone.  From “Find My Friends” on their phone click “Add” in the top right corner.  Find your contact information and click “Send”.   This will send a notification to your phone.

Step 3:  Accept the invitation on your phone.  From your phone you’ll now have a message to accept the invitation.  Click “Accept”.  Next you’ll be prompted to share YOUR location with them.  Click “Don’t Share” unless you want them to be able to see your phone as well.

Step 4:  Open “Find My Friends” at any time to see their current location.

Step 5:  Most folks don’t even realize “Find My Friends” is built into their phone so they don’t think to check it.  If you want to be 100% certain they don’t you can hide the app on their phone.

Tracking an Android Phone

Sure, tracking his location can be helpful.  But if you REALLY want to know what’s going on you need to see his text messages, phone call logs, and social media messaging apps.  We’ve covered the best undetectable Android spy apps on the market. 

The Find My Friends app will also work on Android, Blackberry and non-feature phones.  You can even track non smart phones by sending a text to his phone, discretely accepting it, then deleting the texts.

Looking for more than just location tracking information?  Check out these reviews of our favorite monitoring app mSpy.  They allow you to monitor calls, text messages, chat messages, and even snoop on Tinder and other hookup apps.

Find Out If He’s Cheating for Free

Nobody likes snooping, but sometimes you have to protect yourself.  Once you’ve gotten Find My Friends setup you can easily open the app on your phone and see his GPS location.  This will tell you right away if he is where he says he is.

These apps also allow you to monitor social media activity, web browsing history, and more.

Find Out Who He (or She) Is Texting

Want to see who your husband or boyfriend is texting?  If you’re looking to get more than just location data you can check out many of the tracking apps we’ve reviewed.

One of the best budget options offers great capabilities and a low price.

There are also options out there that cost a good bit more but offer unbelievable access to the target phone.  

Keep Tabs on Snapchat

Snapchat has become very popular with cheaters.  It allows users to send pics and videos that only stick around for 10 seconds.  

This allows cheaters to be very discrete.  

However…there is a way to catch a cheater on Snapchat.

You can see all of the texts, pics, and videos.  My favorite option is mSpy.  Check it out here.

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