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How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger Account

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In this post I’m discussing how to hack someone’s Facebook messenger account (without a password) so you can keep track of what they post and who they talk to

The fact is, the only reliable way to do this is with a spy app.

Yes, there are alternative methods.  

But unless you’re an extremely talented hacker the only way you’re ever going to get a look at someone’s private messages is by using specially designed software.

After you read every word of this article you’ll know exactly what steps to take to spy on someone’s Facebook account, read their Facebook messages, and more.

Spy Apps to Hack Facebook Messenger Conversations

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have been raked over the coals for the amount of customer data they acquire, store, and sell on their social media platform.  

Protecting this data is EXTREMELY important for them.

If you REALLY want access to someone’s Facebook messages you’re going to need software specifically designed for this task.

There are literally dozens apps for spying on Facebook messenger out there that claim to give you full access to someone else’s phone. 

But after spending over 150 HOURS testing over 20 products, I’ve found only a few that offer reliable performance and value.

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Using Phone Spyware to Hack into Facebook & Messenger (iPhone and Android)

All of the best spy apps will allow you to monitor Facebook, but you can see a LOT more than that.

Facebook’s Messenger app is one of the most popular social media chat apps, but there are dozens of others including Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, and iMessage. 

The beauty of using spy software is that it allows you to see messages from all of these apps.  It will even allow you to see conversations from the more popular dating apps such as Tinder. 

iphone hacking capabilities

One of the most frequent questions I get from parents is “how can I monitor my child’s text messages without them knowing?”

While you’re unlikely to ever crack a password on the Facebook site itself, you can EASILY crack into an iPhone  or Android device using specially designed spyware.

Before we jump into the details of what spyware can do it’s important to understand one very important fact.

You can’t get this level of access and functionality without downloading anything to the target phone. 

Phone spyware capable of reading someone’s Facebook messages REQUIRES that you download software AND “jailbreak” (or “root” for Androids) the device. 

If you see something that promises you access without requiring these two steps it’s a scam and you’ll be fighting to get your money back.

How Remote Cell Phone Spyware Works

Essentially the software I’m talking about is an app.  It’s downloaded onto the target phone and allows you to see almost EVERY SINGLE THING that happens on the phone. 

This includes two important tools that allow you to see who someone is talking to on Facebook, messages in their inbox, and what they’re posting about.

More on this later…

After you’ve downloaded the spy app onto the target phone and activated it you will be able to see literally everything that happens on the phone.  You simply sign into an online dashboard and choose which apps you want to view. 

This includes their location data, emails, iMessages, pictures, videos, call logs, literally everything.

You can setup the spy app to report this data as frequently as you like.  This allows you to keep almost real-time track of everything that happens on someone’s phone.

Instantly Read Their Facebook Messenger Chats

In regards to Facebook you’ll be able to see all of their private chat messages including both outgoing and incoming. 

Even if they delete the conversation from their phone, it still gets stored in your online dashboard for you to review whenever you like.

If you’re in the unenviable position of suspecting your significant other of cheating this is a great way to know for sure. 

You can hack your boyfriend or girlfriends Facebook messages and see exactly who they’re talking to and what they’re talking about.

Most spy apps also contain a keylogging feature.  This means that any time they enter a password on their phone it gets recorded.  

Some apps with this allow you to do all this with just the users iCloud credentials.  It’s a great way to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone.

THIS is one of the few reliable methods of hacking someone’s Facebook account password. 

The best part about these spyware apps is that once it’s installed on the target phone you’ll be able to keep tabs on them without the user ever knowing.

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Other Methods of Hacking Facebook Messages

read someones facebook messages without knowing their password

Before we start jumping into hacking Facebook accounts I want to make sure to clear up a few areas of confusion. 

There are several sites out there that claim to allow you to hack someones account by entering their ID, email, and even phone number.  

These sites DO NOT work.

While Facebook might be unscrupulous with their users data, they certainly aren’t in the business of sharing it for free. 

They use some of the most powerful protection and encryption out there to protect user accounts.  Here are a few of the scams you’ll see…

Hacking Using Password Recovery

password recovery screen for Facebook

If you don’t know someone’s Facebook password it’s impossible to access their account.  The password recovery tool on the site is designed to help those who have forgotten their password.

The problem with this method is that it requires you to have their phone if they’ve set up phone verification.  (And if you have their phone, you can most likely already access their Facebook account). 

The second option is to answer several security questions (often referred to as the survey method).  Without knowing all of these personal details you will be unable to gain access to their account.

Of course if you can get someone’s password through some other method then you WILL have access to their account.  Many people use the same password for all of their online accounts.  It’s usually some combination of birthdate, name, or pet name.  If you can figure this out then you’re all set, but you only get a few tries before Facebook will shut you down.

Using An Online “Hacking” Website

There are hacker websites out there that claim to be able to instantly defeat the encryption Facebook uses to store passwords on their site thus allowing you to get into their account.  While the idea can be compelling, most state on their site that their tools rarely work.  

Here’s a direct quote from one such website called fbhacks.net

“Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t”

To be  totally honest, these tools NEVER work.  If Facebook were to allow a public website to defeat their password encryption there would be MASSIVE media attention drawn to it, and MILLIONS of people’s personal data would be exposed. 

This would hit them where they are most sensitive.

Right in their wallet.

So forget about just grabbing the web address of someone’s account and plugging it into one of these Facebook hacking tools.  There is no easiest way to hack a FB account going this route.

Using More Traditional Hacker Tools

traditional hacking tools

This method is for more advanced users, and still requires access to a computer (sorry, doesn’t work with phones). 

Most of us store our passwords on our computers so we don’t have to enter them every time we visit a site.  This information is stored in different places depending upon which operating system a computer uses and which browser they use.

Doing a little research you can figure out where this information is stored on your target’s computer, then download a tool that can decode the password. 

Of course all of this is dependent upon you having access to their computer.  And if they DON’T save their passwords in their browser then you are SOL.

Again this method is only for more advanced users (with physical access to the users computer), but if you want to give it a shot, one company that makes the decoding software is Elcomsoft.  You can find more information here.

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