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Hack Text Messages Without Access to Phone: iOS & Android

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What if you could read text messages from someone else’s phone without them knowing?

In this article you will learn how to hack someone’s text messages without access to their phone. You will also learn how to intercept and read their text messages without installing software. Then you can spy on their text messages from another iPhone or Android phone without the user knowing.

In this post you’ll learn the most reliable way I’ve found to monitor someone’s SMS text messages, iMessages, and more.

How to Hack Text Messages Without Access to Phone

There are two ways to hack into someone’s text messages. If the mobile phone you need to hack is an iPhone you will NOT need access to the phone itself. If you need to hack text messages from someone’s Android you WILL need physical access.

Hack SMS Text Messages & iMessages WITHOUT Access to Phone (iPhone & iOS)

In this section you will learn how to hack text messages or iMessages without access to the phone using a spy app.

Apple has made iPhones incredibly secure.

But spy apps allow you to intercept text messages and have them sent to your phone.  You don’t even have to install spy app software on the iPhone itself.

You see, every iPhone comes with an iCloud account where all the information you could ever want is backed up.

You simply need to know the login credentials to this iCloud account.  Then you can use a spying application to pull all this data into a dashboard for you to view at your convenience on your computer or smartphone.

You’ll be able to see iMessages, social media chat apps like Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, web browser history, and all sorts of other information about the phone.

Follow the steps below to hack someone’s iPhone and start reading their text messages:

  1. Sign up for an account with a spy app ( uMobix is my favorite for iPhones)
  2. Next you will need to enter the iCloud account credentials of the phone’s user
  3. If the phone has 2F authentication enabled, you will need to intercept the code. This can be done by logging into another iOS device with their iCloud information
  4. The spy app will now download all of the phone’s data from the cloud
  5. View text messages and other data in your online dashboard
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Hack Text Messages on Android Phones

To hack the text messages of an Android phone you will need a spy app, physical access to the device, and the user’s passcode.

Follow the steps below to hack someone’s Android and start monitoring their text messages:

  1. Sign up for an account with a spying app ( uMobix is my favorite for Androids)
  2. Unlock the target phone
  3. Download the spy app to the target Android device
  4. Update all security settings per the instructions you received when buying the app
  5. Login to your control panel to view SMS text messages and more
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Read Text Messages from Another Phone Without Them Knowing

woman reading text messages on her iPhone

Did you know you can read someones text messages without them ever knowing?  In some cases you can even do it without EVER installing software.

My #1 Solution

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  • no software installation required on some phones
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More on this in a minute…

When I needed to spy on a family member I spent a lot of time looking for ways to intercept her texts.

After A LOT of testing, I’ve only found one way that works reliably.

The hardest part of monitoring someone’s phone is getting your hands on it. Even people with nothing to hide hardly set their phone down.

But when they do have something to hide, that phone never leaves their sight.

So I’ll be covering solutions that don’t require installing software or even having physical access to the phone (this only works on one type of phone). These solutions are great for all kinds of situations, including monitoring your child’s text messages.

Can You Do This Without Installing Software on Their Phone?

So there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that there are handful of powerful spy apps that allow you see almost everything that happens on someone else’s phone.

These apps allow you to see SMS messages, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and even Tinder chats. You can also track the GPS location, see phone call logs, contacts, and more.

In SOME CASES you do NOT need to install software to read their texts.

Now for the bad news.

Some phones require that you install an app directly on the device.  This means you will need to get the device and unlock it to install the spying app.

And as you know, getting a hold of someone’s phone to intercept their text messages can be challenging.

For certain types of mobile phones this isn’t a problem because you don’t need to install software, but for others you will.

Reading Text Messages on Someone’s iPhone

If the person you’re looking read someone’s text messages and they use and iPhone then you’re in luck. Being able to hack someone’s text messages on an iPhone is VERY powerful.

How to See a Text Message on Another Android

Unfortunately the strategy laid out above ONLY works with iOS devices. Intercepting a text message on Androids, for example, is a bit more difficult.

Androids don’t automatically backup to an iCloud account.  That means spy apps for Android must be installed directly on the phone.

If you need to monitor or track an Android phone you WILL need to install software on the device. Obviously to do this you will need physical access to the device, and a couple minutes of time.

How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone Sent to Mine

To get text messages from another phone sent to yours you will need phone spy software. This software allows you to get access to a wide range of information from the target device in real-time.

Text messages and other communication can be sent to your phone by logging into an online control panel. This control panel allows you to see almost everything the user sees.

This includes Facebook messages, Snapchats, pictures, call logs, contacts, and location tracking.

Let’s look at how this works on the two most popular types of phones.

From an iPhone

To have texts from an iPhone sent to yours you will need a surveillance app like uMobix. You will also need the iCloud credentials of the user you are monitoring.

Once you enter the user’s credentials all of their data will be downloaded to your control panel.

From an Android

To have texts from an Android sent to your phone you also requires an app like uMobix.

Android devices require you to install the surveillance app directly on the phone.

This means you will need at least a few minutes of access to the phone. You will also need to know the users passcode to unlock the phone. After the app is installed it can be hidden.

Installing the software is typically the most challenging part of this process. Most people just don’t let their phone out of their site for that long. And just about every phone on the market has a password. So you’ll have to come up with a way to get your hands on their device.

How to Intercept Text Messages

There are two ways to intercept text messages. The first is to have physical access to the person’s phone. For obvious reasons this isn’t always possible because most people jealously guard their phones.

The second method involves using cell phone monitoring software. There are two ways to use monitoring software to intercept text messages.

Intercept Text Messages Without Access to the Phone

It is possible to intercept text messages without access to the phone if the target device is an iPhone.

You can spy on text messages, social media chats, GPS location, phone call logs, and much more without physical access to the target device. This is done by accessing the phone’s iCloud backups.

To get started you will need the user’s iCloud account login credentials (email and password). Once you enter their iCloud credentials the monitoring software will pull the data in their iCloud account to a web-based control panel for you to view.

The monitoring software will even archive messages that have been deleted from the target phone. This means that you’ll see EVERYTHING.

Intercept Text Messages Without Installing Software

Only an iPhone will allow you to intercept text messages without installing software. Since all of the phone’s data is stored in the cloud, you can access it without ever touching the phone.

All that is required is the login ID and password for the user’s iCloud account.

Read Your Partner’s Text Messages

An unfortunate reality of such easy digital communication is that it makes cheating that much easier.

If you need to know who your guy or girl is communicating with and you don’t normally have access to their phone, a spying app will allow you to read your partner’s text messages without his phone.

In fact, not only can you see his current conversations, but you can even see their deleted text messages. All of this is stored in your online dashboard for you to access at any time you wish.

Read Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Are you a guy who thinks his girl is cheating?

There is an easy way to see read your girlfriend’s text messages to see if she is cheating.

You’ll need to pick one of the surveillance apps I mentioned above.

If your girlfriend has an iPhone I would recommend uMobix.  Then all you have to get is her iCloud username (usually her email address) and her password.

Secondly, they must have automatic backups enabled. This is what tells the iPhone to backup all of it’s data with the iCloud. Even if you have their credentials, if this setting isn’t turned on, you’ll never be able to get updated information.

There a couple of spy apps out there that allow you to access someone’s phone remotely without software, but by far our favorite is mSpy. mSpy’s spying app can be configured to use the iCloud backup solution or a package that IS installed on the target phone.

Is it Legal to Intercept & Read Someones Text Messages?

OK. This part is serious.

The short answer is that you CAN monitor someone’s phone if YOU own the phone.  But using spying software on a spouse or another adult is NOT legal unless you tell them.

If you own a company, tracking an employee’s phone requires you to notify them that they are  being monitored.  Letting them know that you’re watching will most likely eliminate most of the unwanted behavior anyway.

It’s a different story with your children. If you need to keep track of your kid or kids then you are well within your rights to monitor their phone. You’ll be able to keep up with all of their activities.

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