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How to Hack Into Someone’s Gmail Account

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Key Points:

  • The easiest way to hack a Gmail account is to install a spy app on the person’s phone. This allows view screenshots of emails and capture keystrokes. We list the best apps below.
  • The password manager feature in browsers like Chrome is a way to access someone’s Gmail password. However this method requires access to their computer.
  • The password reset method can be used to hack someone’s Gmail account, but it has several disadvantages.

In this article we explore 5 ways to hack someone’s Gmail account and read their emails.

Gmail is the largest email provider in the world and Google takes the security of its’ users VERY seriously.

But there are a few ways to get around this security and hack into someone’s Gmail account. All of the methods currently available require either special software or access to the person’s computer.

Below are a few methods of capturing someone’s Gmail account. They are ranked in order of technical difficulty.

Use a Spy App to Hack a Gmail Account

The easiest way to hack someone’s Gmail account is to use a cell phone spy app. Smartphone spy apps track a wide range of activity on someone else’s phone.

This includes monitoring text messages, social media accounts, phone calls, and more.

Below you will learn how to use our favorite spying app, uMobix, to hack someone’s Gmail account and read their messages.

The uMobix spy app for Android devices includes two ways to hack someone’s Gmail emails. We explore both methods below including the pros and cons of each method.

Read Emails by Capturing Screenshots

uMobix mailbox scanner web page

The most useful method of viewing someone’s Gmail emails is through capturing screenshots.

The uMobix Mailbox Scanner captures screenshots of all incoming and outgoing email messages. When the target user opens the Gmail app on their Android, uMobix takes regular screenshots of their activity.

This method captures sent and received message information. These screenshots can be viewed through the uMobix online control panel.

Read Their Emails with a Keystroke Logger

Google uses advanced security measures to protect Gmail users. This makes hacking someone’s Gmail account very difficult.

The easiest way to hack into someone’s Gmail account is to use a spy app with a keylogger. These apps are used by hackers because it is a way to bypass Google’s security.

The second method to hack someone’s Gmail with uMobix is through keystroke logging. This method is effective for reading emails sent from the target phone. But it does NOT allow reading messages received on the phone.

What is a Keylogger?

A keystroke logging app is a program that captures and records keystrokes. These apps work on both computers and mobile devices. This includes Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.

Many spy apps include a keystroke logger.

How Do Keystroke Loggers Work?

Keystroke logging apps work by recording all keystrokes made on a target device. This data is then sent to a remote server or device where it can be viewed. Captured data includes usernames, passwords, or anything else typed on the devices keyboard.

Keystroke loggers record keystrokes with or without an internet connection. If a device is not connected to the internet the app will wait to transmit data until the device is online.

The uMobix keystroke logger captures everything typed on the target Android phone or tablet. All recorded keystrokes are viewable in the uMobix dashboard.

Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll need to install the app first.


Installing the uMobix app on an Android device requires the following:

  1. a paid account with uMobix
  2. physical access to the target Android
  3. the user’s screen lock passcode

Once installed, uMobix is completely hidden and operates in stealth mode.

1. Getting Started with uMobix

umobix Android tracker product page

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up uMobix on an Android phone or tablet:

  1. Sign Up for a uMobix Account at www.umobix.com
  2. At the prompt for “Target Device to be Monitored” select “Android phone or tablet”
  3. Then choose the duration of your subscription. At $12.49/mo, the annual plan offers the best value.
  4. After your payment is processed you will receive an email with instructions for installing the app.

2. Install uMobix on the Target Android

After completing your payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to install the uMobix app.

Installing uMobix requires access the target device. You can refer to these instructions on installing uMobix on an Android.

3. Begin Monitoring Their Keystrokes

Once the installation of uMobix is complete, the app will begin downloading data from the phone to your online control panel. From this control panel you can view all keystrokes typed on the phone.

You can then access emails on the device straight from the app if successful.

You could also use the keylogger to check their keystrokes and determine which words are possible passwords.

Gmail Password Reset Hacking Method

Another way of getting into a Gmail account is by resetting the password of that specific Google account.

It’s a method that can be done with nothing but the Gmail website itself. This method can also be used to hack WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

Advantages of the Password Reset Method

Below are the advantages of this method.

  1. It’s free
  2. You’ll have complete access to all of the emails.

Disadvantages of the Password Reset Method

There are a couple important disadvantages tot his method.

  • the user will know their account has been accessed when they can no longer log in with their old password.
  • requires access to their email or phone to get authentication code.

How to Use the Password Reset Method

Follow the instructions below to hack into someone’s Gmail account with the password reset method.

1. Access Gmail Through Your Browser

The first step is to go to your browser and access the Gmail account sign-in page.

2. Reset the User’s Password

Input in the Gmail account you want to access. Then click on the “Forgot Password” link below the input box.

You can try getting a verification code from a recovery phone number. If you have the phone, you will get a text message that you’ll need to change the password.

Use the Phishing Method

Phishing is another method to get someone’s password so you can get into their account.

Phishing is one of the common methods on the internet that people use to trick people into getting secure information from other accounts.

Email phishing is a common method when one wants to obtain sensitive data from another user. It usually isn’t used to target a single person, but it can be used to do so.

This method entails you sending an email to the target to trick them into thinking that their Gmail account is compromised.

In the contents of the email, phishers would have a link that will prompt them to change their password or hand over important information to answer security questions.

The important information can answer a security question or a recovery phone number.

How to Use the Phishing Method

This method is for advanced users. It takes technical know-how and patience. We recommend all of the above methods before attempting the phishing method.

1. Get a Phishing Pack

A phishing kit contains HTML that attempts to replicate the appearance of popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, or in this case, Gmail.

It also contains a script that stores whatever is inputted into your phishing site into a note.

2. Set Up Your Phishing Site

You then have to set up a website where you’re going to direct your targets. If you chose your phishing kit well, you should have what you need to create a convincing duplicate website.

A common tactic is to make your phishing website look like an account reset page.

Make them think they’re trying to make a new password and ask them to input their old password.

3. Send the Link to Your Targets

Remember to format the email convincingly enough to trick your target. Be aware of the formatting and your spelling and grammar so you will sound as legit as possible.

Use Their Browser’s Password Manager

Like the keylogger method, this method will need physical access to the target device you want to get into.

Specific web browsers store a user’s passwords on their web browsing history.

While it may sound unsafe to use a password manager, remembering passwords is a hassle, and some people will use it for convenience.

How to Use the Browser Password Manager to Hack Gmail

You’ll need to do the following steps to get a password from a password manager.

1. Open the Settings on the Browser on the Target Device

On Google Chrome, open the drop-down menu on the upper right and select settings.

2. View Auto-Fill Passwords

Look for Auto-Fill among the setting options. You will find a section for passwords; under that, there’s an option to view a stored password. Click on the eye icon to remove censors.

This will not always work since auto-fill is an optional choice for Google’s users to use.

Additional Gmail Hacking Methods

Are there other hacking methods I can utilize to hack a Gmail account? Yes, there are.

There are many options you can utilize to hack Gmail account. Here are some additional methods you can use to get the needed information.

Account Hacking Software

Account Hacker is a piece of software that claims to make hacking Gmail simple and convenient. They also promise privacy protection for their own users.

Being a Gmail hacker isn’t the only thing Account Hacker can do. It can also hack certain social networks that are vulnerable to its processes.

You only need to download the program if you want to utilize it yourself. You only need to follow the instructions they show on the app once you’ve downloaded and installed it.

Serial Keys Generator

Serial Keys Generator is an online hacking tool. It’s quite accessible as it’s all online. There’s no file or program that you need to download.

You only need to open their website and follow the instructions.

Enter the target Gmail account to hack and click on “I Agree! Continue.” The service will do all of the work to hack Gmail account for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Hackers Target Gmail Accounts?

Hackers target Gmail accounts because of the vast amount of personal data stored there. This allows them to see financial information, membership data, and more.

Other than personal information, there may also be confidential information on these email messages that relate to your work.

How Can You Protect Your Gmail Account from Hackers?

Gmail’s security protocols offer solid protection. But if you want to increase your protection, there are a few ways of ensuring that you don’t fall victim to scammers.

  • Using a strong password for your account and avoiding common passwords (password123, your birthdate, etc.)
  • Use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Use a more secure password manager than what you have by default on your browser
  • Avoid clicking on unreliable links or suspicious emails
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your Gmail accounts
  • Avoid logging into unsecured networks or public networks

How Do I Recover My Hacked Gmail Account?

There are a few ways to recover a compromised account on your target device.

  • Use the recovery number set in your Gmail to receive a one-time code to recover your account.
  • If you attached a secondary email to your Gmail, you could use that to recover the compromised account as well.
  • Please answer the security questions you set up on your account to verify that it’s you, the account’s original owner.

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