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Compare mSpy vs iKeyMonitor: Which One Should You Buy?

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The main difference between mSpy and iKeyMonitor is price and the number of features. iKeyMonitor offers a limited free version of their software. The paid version is also cheaper than mSpy.

Below I will detail the primary differences in more detail.

mSpy Spy Software

mSpy logo

mSpy is a phone monitoring application designed for parents to monitor the phone’s of their children. It can also be use by employers to track their employee’s smartphone activities.

mSpy tracks chat messages, GPS locations, internet browsing history, phone calls, text messages, social media activity, and more.

The mSpy monitoring app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. While mSpy used to be one of my top Android monitoring apps, I now recommend uMobix.

The mSpy app must be installed directly on Android devices. This requires a few minutes of physical access to the device as well as the passcode. It does NOT require rooting on the Android operating system.

mSpy can monitor iOS devices without physical access. All you need is the iCloud username and password of the phone’s owner.

For all the details of what mSpy can do check out my full review.

iKeyMonitor Spy Software

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iKeyMonitor is a spy app for iPhone and Android phones and tablets. It is intended to be used for parental control and employee surveillance.

iKeyMonitor can remotely track the activity on children’s phones. Such activities include SMS, voice messages, calls, social media conversations, GPS, etc.

You can use it on rooted and unrooted devices. You can start observing your target’s phone right after installing the iKeyMonitor parental control app on it just a few clicks.

The spy app transmits the collected information to your iKeyMonitor dashboard.

mSpy vs iKeyMonitor Comparison Table

FeaturesmSpy PremiumiKeyMonitor BasicmSpy Family KitiKeyMonitor Paid
Call history & Contact ListYESYESYESYES
Browsing HistoryYESYESYESYES
Calendar, Notes, TasksYESYESYESYES
Unlimited Device ChangeYESNOYESYES
SIM Change NotificationYESNOYESYES
Automatic Software UpdatesYESNOYESYES
Wi-Fi HistoryYEYES
Apps & Websites BlockingYESNOYESYES
Incoming Call BlockingYESNOYESYES
Remote Device Lock or WipeYESNOYESYES
Instant Messages YESYESYES

Key Features Comparison

mSpy “Family Kit” Package

mSpy Family Kit is a full-featured User Activity Monitoring Software. It was developed for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, SMEs, and government agencies. mSpy Family Kit is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Individual App Control: You can manage installed apps to protect your children from harmful content.
  • Phone Hardware Alerts – mSpy will notify you if your child removes the mSpy app from their phone or attempts to tamper with it.
  • Remotely Block Functions: Prevent your kids from installing and using harmful applications. mSpy will restrict access to apps containing unsuitable content. Such apps may encourage children to engage in destructive behavior.
  • Remotely Wipe the Phone: The plan lets you wipe data from a lost or stolen monitored phone. You can safeguard the data stored on it from reaching the wrong hands.

iKeyMonitor Paid Family Plan

This is an activity monitoring solution for parents to monitor their children’s online activities. The plan includes all the features of the iKeyMonitor Free Plan, plus some additional ones.

  • Capture screenshots: Set the app to take screenshots at intervals. The screenshots will then be sent to your dashboard.
  • View chat apps (WhatsApp, Tinder, etc.): record all the text and keystrokes the user types on chat apps. The apps covered include WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, website login, email, Skype, etc.
  • View text messages: The app does not support SMS monitoring, but it does have a feature for SMS tracking.
  • Desktop Remote Control: remotely control what your kids can access on the monitored phone. You can use the dashboard to view photos, contacts, call logs, iMessages, browsing history, and other activities.

Standard Features

Monitoring and Tracking Features

The app monitors your staff’s and kid’s device activity. It sends reports to your online mSpy account where you can view them on the mSpy control panel.

Price Comparison

mSpy Pricing

mSpy comes in two editions: the Premium Plan and Mobile Family Kit. The Family Kit package lets you monitor three devices with premium subscriptions for $479.97 per year.

1 month – $48.99 per month

3 months – $27.99 per month

12 months – $11.66 per month

iKeyMonitor Pricing

Pricing for the iKeyMonitor monitoring application begins at $9.90 per month. This price covers the most basic features. Although there is no free trial period for iKeyMonitor, a free version is available.

The monthly cost for all features on both Android and iOS is $49.99. This is more expensive when compared to other spying apps.

The cost per month on the yearly plan is $16.66 per month. That’s a 50% saving. The month-to-month plan only makes sense if you are testing the app.

Compatible Devices

Both mSpy and iKeyMonitor spy apps are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. You can monitor the target device so long as it has an internet connection. The software works on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

The android devices must be running Android 4+. Jailbroken iOS devices must be running iOS 7 – 8.4; 9.0 – 9.1. mSpy is not compatible with Windows phones.

To check if your device is compatible use the compatibility tool on their website.

Invisibility Features


mSpy offers a discreet means of monitoring a device as it runs in the background and is virtually invisible. The mSpy icon is automatically hidden after the installation completes.

The app runs in the background and is completely hidden. The phone user will never know they are being monitored since mSpy runs in the background.


By default, the iKeyMonitor icon will be displayed on the top Android status bar. You can disable the icon in settings.

You can select whether or not to display it based on your parental control needs or staff monitoring policies. The app runs in the background and is completely invisible to the target phone’s user.

Additional Features

Access to all emails

Both mSpy and iKeyMonitor support email tracking. With these mobile tracking applications, you can ensure your employees’ time is not wasted on writing personal emails. You can also protect your children against online predators.

Calendar activities

mSpy records all calendar activity logged and stored in a monitored phone. You can browse entries in the monitored phone’s calendar. The app also enables scanning scheduled meetings and tasks saved on the device.

Device wipeout

mSpy supports remote device wipeout. This function allows you to wipe the phone’s data remotely through a remote computer. This capability can be beneficial in the case of a lost or stolen phone.

Oversight of the Full Contact List

Both apps support this functionality. You can check every contact entered into the phone address book. You can also keep track of every event in the monitored phone’s calendar.

Sent/Received Text Messages

mSpy phone tracking software lets you read all text and multimedia messages sent or received by the target phone user.

iKeyMonitor does not have the capability of monitoring text messages, but it does track SMSes.


The iKeyMonitor spy app can track calendar activities. You can then examine their plans and schedule based on the events submitted to the calendar.

Every calendar action on your kid’s phone is tracked by mSpy. If your child writes an unexpected calendar entry, you will be notified promptly.


Both mSpy and iKeyMonitor come with the capability to read your kids’ or your employees’ notes. This option allows you to track the target phone user’s activities when they record them in their calendar and notes.

Installed apps

You can view a list of all the installed and available apps on your kid’s device using mSpy. This feature allows you to view each app’s specifics, i.e., the name and version. mSpy has a Block App button that you can use to restrict the use of unwanted apps.

The iKeyMonitor app displays a complete list of all installed apps on the target phone. It detects newly installed programs and shows the installation time.


Does either mSpy or iKeyMonitor have a free trial?

Yes. You can sign up for mSpy’s Free Trial, which allows you to use all its tracking features for seven days.

iKeyMonitor offers both a free trial, and a free version of their app. The free version offers only VERY limited features.

Are mSpy and iKeyMonitor Legal?

Yes, it is legal to use either app so long as:

  • · You own the device monitored, and the person who uses it is fully aware of it.
  • · You monitor the device of your minor child.

Which app is easier to install?

Both apps are very easy to install. In testing I found that mSpy was easier to install and setup on Android devices.

Are both apps invisible once installed?

mSpy and iKeyMonitor operate in the background and are completely invisible. Both apps access online backups of the iCloud account for iPhone devices

Can these apps monitor multiple devices at a time?

Every device that you want to monitor requires a separate subscription. You can access all of the devices in a single dashboard. You can switch between them on the fly.

What if I don’t have physical access?

You will need direct access to the device to set up both mSpy and iKeyMonitor for Android devices. For iOS devices you only need physical access if 2-factor authentication is enabled.

Will both apps work anywhere in the world?

Yes. Both iKeyMonitor and mSpy monitoring software will work as long as the phone is connected to data service or wi-fi.

Is There an Uninstall Notification?

Yes. Both apps send a notification when the app is removed from the target device.

Does these apps Consume a Lot of Battery Power?

Both apps consume about the same amount of battery. This is heavily dependent upon how often the phone uploads data.

How Often Is the Data in the Control Panel Updated?

You can determine how frequently the target device uploads data when installing mSpy or iKeyMonitor. It can be as often as every ten minutes or only once a day. Information will be made available within 24 hours since the latest backup was completed.

Why Does the Monitored Device Require an Internet Connection?

It uses both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi internet connections to send information from the monitored device to your Control Panel. Immediately the data is uploaded to the server; it will be shown in your account’s Control Panel.

Does either app require rooting?

No, you will not need to root the Android device to use either mSpy or iKeyMonitor.

Do you have to jailbreak an iPhone to use mSpy?

There’s no jailbreak required on an iPhone you want to monitor since the app runs natively on the device.

Yes. You can view the actual and deleted WhatsApp conversations using mSpy. You can also view sent and received multimedia files, see details of each conversation and block unwanted contacts.

Are These apps safe to use?

Yes. Without permission, you can only monitor your minor children. If you want to use spy apps on other people’s phones, be sure they consent.

Which Is Better mSpy Vs. iKeyMonitor?

mSpy is better for parents who need to monitor multiple devices. The family kit offers a discount when you purchase multiple licenses, making it easy for a family to keep track of all their kids’ phone activity.

iKeyMonitor is a better solution for those willing to jailbreak the device to get FULL access to everything that happens on the mobile device.

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