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KidsGuard Pro Review 2023: Powerful Parental Controls

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Welcome to my Kidsguard Pro review.  

The Kidsguard Pro parental monitoring app helps parents monitor their child’s iPhone or Android smartphone. It can track social media apps, instant messaging apps, screen time data, GPS location data, phone call logs, text messages, photos and media, harmful apps, and much more.

The app is reasonably priced and they offer solid customer service.

But how does the Kidsguard Pro app compare to other iPhone and Android spy apps?

My Kidsguard Pro Review

Kidsguard Pro is the most stable and reliable parental monitoring app I’ve tested. It works reliably on both iPhones (and iOS devices) and Android phones.

The features for each type of phone operating system differ slightly, so I split this Kidsguard Pro review in two parts; one for iPhones and one for Androids

Kidsguard Pro for iPhones


  • Can be installed on the iPhone, or remotely using iCloud
  • access to several popular social chat apps
  • Location tracking in real-time
  • invisible to the phone’s owner
  • No jailbreak required


  • No Facebook, Instagram or Skype access
  • No remote control feature
  • One-time physical access required for social media chat monitoring

The Kidsguard Pro app for iPhones comes in two different packages. One is installed directly on the phone, the other uses the phone’s iCloud account to download data.

Kidsguard Pro for iOS

Kidsguard Pro for iOS offers the most features of the two packages.

It can monitor WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ and Kik chats.

If you need access to Facebook, Instagram, and Skype in addition the apps listed above, then I would recommend you look at uMobix. It offers access to more social media apps than any monitoring solution on the market and is priced competitively.

It will also give you access to text messages (including deleted texts), incoming and outgoing phone calls with timestamp and caller information, access to photos, videos, and voice memos, current GPS location and history, and Safari web browsing history and bookmarks.

For most parents this is your best option. It does require that you have one-time physical access to the device for installation, but the amount of data you will be able to access is well worth it.

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Kidsguard Pro for iCloud

The iCloud version Kidsguard Pro is much more limited, but can be setup without having physical access to the target iPhone. All you’ll need is the iCloud login and password of the user.

It gives you access to the devices GPS location, contacts, photos, videos, calendars, reminders, notes, and anything stored on their iCloud drive.

I would only recommend this solution if you are NOT able to get physical access to the device.


One of the biggest issues with these phone monitoring apps is compatibility.

Some spying software only operates on a specific operating system. That’s not the case with KidsGuard Pro. As long as your Android device or iPhone is up to date, using KidsGuard Pro should be a breeze.

What do we mean by up to date? Your Android device should at least be on the 4.0 software version. Meanwhile, for iOs devices, KidsGuard can run on iOs 9.0 and up.

Your Android or iOs device doesn’t have to be rooted or jailbroken, either. You just need to install the app, and it runs well!

However, the KidsGuard Pro app should work perfectly on rooted or jailbroken Android and iOs devices.

A tool like KidsGuard Pro helps you to prevent these problems from happening by allowing you to monitor your child’s cell phone usage. You can also check out my Famisafe review as it performs equally well and is slightly cheaper.

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard or control panel is what makes KidsGuard Pro easy to use for any user. Here, you can access every bit of information from the target device.

You also see your account info, device info, and data like the top 8 calls and messages. Then, the last known location of the device updates in real-time.

Aside from the messages, call logs, phone calls, browser history, and app activities, you also see the remote control function. Here, you can record calls, capture screenshots, and take videos in real-time.

You can do everything while in stealth mode. You don’t have to worry about alerting the user of the device.

From the dashboard, you can access nearly every app possible. You can view the messages sent and received.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can export your data from the website and dashboard. Then, you can uninstall the app. After a while, no data will sync in real-time.

Call Logs, Messages, and Contacts

Call logs contain relevant data such as the call duration, type, and date. The call history includes the phone number and name as well. Deleted phone calls from your kid’s phone are accessible. It does NOT give you the ability to record phone calls.

If there’s a name you’re wary of, you can type it in the search bar. Details do matter here – type it in with case sensitivity in mind.

For text messages, you can access everything sent and received. Just like the call history, past messages are available. A search bar is also there for you to type in any name.

Contacts don’t just include the name and phone number. Addresses and other contact info are available as well.

Both cell phone calls and text messages have one weakness: recent deletion. If within seconds your kid deletes a call or a message, it won’t sync over to the dashboard and website.

Contacts, meanwhile, aren’t sorted by any type of category. As a user, you just have to use KidsGuard Pro’s search bar.

Storage for Photos and Videos

Photos, videos, and other media are all accessible with KidsGuard Pro. You can know what photos, videos, or other media they’ve saved through their camera or other apps.

All photo folders sync to the website. Users can see even the photos in the memory card of your kid’s phone.

While it can track all photos from all apps, newly received or taken photos can only sync with a Wi-Fi connection.

Sort the photos from new to old. KidsGuard Pro extracts deleted photos from user data and makes them available for parents to see.

When you click on each photo, you can choose to zoom in for more visibility. You can also download each photo to your device.

You can also access videos as you do your phone monitoring. Look into timestamps to see when the video came on the phone.


A keylogger is a key feature in any spying app or software. For KidsGuard Pro, it takes it a step further.

What role does a keylogger fill? A keylogger collects every keystroke a user types into their device. In KidsGuard Pro, the keylogger collects its data based on every app inside the phone.

You can search for specific words using the search bar. Keep in mind that in KidsGuard Pro search bars, words should be case-sensitive.

Parents can also see dates and timestamps for every keystroke. With the use of this software, you know what messages, notes, or posts kids send out to the world.

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App Activities and Browsing History

The browsing history reveals a lot about what your kid is searching up on the Internet. You can also use this feature to look for any dangerous or inappropriate sites you may block in the future.

Kids can usually figure out how to wipe their browsing history clean with any device. With KidsGuard Pro, you can stay on top of their searches.

Even if kids use Incognito or Private Mode in their Android and iOs devices, KidsGuard Pro still picks up on these searches.

KidsGuard Pro categorizes the websites under the following: URL, website title, date and time stamp, and frequency of visits. With this app, you can also sort by year, month, or week.

If you aren’t familiar with a certain site, the app makes it possible to click on it immediately.

With this software, you can also track deleted browsing activity.

Curious about how many apps are on your kid’s phone? How about the amount of time they spend on these apps? Track both with KidsGuard Pro.

With the KidsGuard Pro software, details such as the app name, version, file size, date installed, frequency of use, and screen time are available for parents.

You can monitor how much time they spend on each app and what more apps they tend to download. You can also sort these apps by frequency.

Track Their Location

We’ve all been worried when someone doesn’t answer our calls. It may be late, and you don’t know where they are.

With KidsGuard Pro, you no longer have to worry. It includes a phone tracker that will update their location in real time.

With location tracking apps, you can see their recent locations with a date and timestamp.

On the map, you look around, zoom in and out, and sort out details. Data like the address, longitude and latitude, time, and map view are available.

The phone tracker also includes their Geofencing feature. In KidsGuard Pro, the Geofence is a safe area. You can mark your neighborhood, house, friends’ places, school, or even your place of work as a Geofence.

When your kids reach these safe areas, you can choose to set up an email alert system on the software. You can also enable Geofence on specific times or days on your kids’ phones.

The Wi-Fi logger, meanwhile, tracks where your kid initiates a Wi-Fi session. If you can’t see their location for some reason, you can use this feature in the software as an alternative.

The app allows you to see the location, duration, start time, end time, and name of the device during these Wi-Fi sessions.

How Does KidsGuard Pro Work?

Kidsguard Pro offers a straightforward process for parents to easily use.

Once you download the app into the target device (either iOs or Android), you can avail of the following features:

  • Access phone files: track your loved ones’ messages, calls, and contacts. Monitor their screen time, browser history, and calendars. Access photos, videos, and other media.
  • Monitor all social apps: Track social media applications for both Android and iOS. Popular ones such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Line, and Viber are compatible with KidsGuard Pro. You can also use a keylogger to see what they input.
  • Know of your kids’ whereabouts: Track locations through GPS and Wi-Fi. Monitoring locations has never been easier. Set up safe areas with the Geo-fence feature.
  • Remote control: As long as you have access to your control panel, you can record calls, take screenshots, and capture secret photos on the target phone.

How To Use KidsGuard Pro

No Kidsguard Pro review would be complete without showing you how to use the app.

Step 1: Check Out the KidsGuard Pro Website

Before anything else, go to the KidsGuard Pro website for every tidbit of information. 

Check out the demo version of their control panel. This will give you an idea of what the software can do.

If you’re going to invest in this app, you might as well know how to use it with few blunders. 

This later guarantees a smooth experience with the platform. Inform yourself about the different features KidsGuard offers.

On the website, you can also find different policies, details, prices, and other information. 

Look into their background and customer support. Make sure you are an informed user.

If you decide the KidsGuard Pro app is for you, you can sign up at the website, as well. Use a valid email to create an account.

Step 2: Have Physical Access to the Target Device

You can’t install KidsGuard Pro remotely. Borrow your phone from your kid and inform them that you’re installing KidsGuard Pro as a security precaution.

Have the device ready as you buy a subscription plan and install the program. Both Android and iOs support this software.

Step 3: Choose a Subscription Plan

After you create an account, view the subscription plans.

Choose from a one-month plan, a three-month plan, or a one year plan. 

These plans are flexible for your needs. If you can’t consistently communicate with your kid and check their cell phone use, a one year plan is best.

One license is only valid for one device. If you want to monitor multiple devices with this software, you need to purchase multiple licenses. 

For example, your child may have a main iOS phone and an Android phone as a backup.

Payment Methods

KidsGuard Pro accepts most payment methods, so you can pay via debit or credit card. 

It also accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Auto-Renewal, Refunds, and Cancellations

To prevent any disruptions with product use, KidsGuard Pro auto-renews your subscription. 

However, you can always choose to disable this feature.

Are you not satisfied? They have a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Refunds and cancellations are all available within thirty days. Don’t worry – you can always be secure with KidsGuard Pro’s money-back guarantee.

Step 4: Install Accordingly

Make sure your purchased plan aligns with the target device. KidsGuard Pro has the following variations: Android, iOs, WhatsApp, and Windows.

Keep in mind that installations may vary depending on the subscription plan and target device.

KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro sends a download link to your email. After you download it onto your device, you can follow the directions on their setup guide. 

After configuring everything, log onto your own account.

Verify all information. Data starts syncing after a few days!

KidsGuard Pro for iOs

Unlike KidsGuard Pro for Android, the target device is a target computer. You can run KidsGuard Pro for iOs for both Mac and Windows computers.

Scan the data of the target device. The target iOs device should have backup files in its software. Scan the data and start monitoring.

With this software, you can also look into deleted files and browsing history.

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud

For parents who want to monitor their kid’s iCloud, they simply need the following:

  • iCloud ID and password of the target phone
  • Verification code for two-factor authentication

Create an account, verify iCloud credentials, and input a verification code if necessary. Here, access to the target phone is necessary.

After, you’re free to track contacts, photos, text and call logs, and GPS location.

KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp

While this version of the app monitors WhatsApp specifically, it only works on monitoring an Android phone. 

iOs users may choose the KidsGuard Pro iOs app instead.

Finalize the purchase and verify the information. After, you can track the WhatsApp data from your own device.

KidsGuard Pro for Windows

Yes, you can track Windows devices, too. After purchasing a plan, complete the KidsGuard Pro configuration on the target device. 

You can also opt for a Chrome extension after doing so.

Then, you can go back to your own device. You can start tracking activity from the KidsGuard Pro dashboard.

The monitoring app syncs social media conversations, emails, download histories, and keystrokes. 

Using KidsGuard Pro no matter the type of device is easy.

Things to Consider Before Buying

By this time, you might be still on the fence whether KidsGuard Pro is a good software to purchase. 

Here are a few things for you to consider before you purchase.

Do You Want Your Kids Secure on the Internet?

These types of monitoring apps reassure parents of their kids’ safety and security. 

Having a phone and Internet access is convenient, and at times, even a necessity. There’s no easier way to be in contact with schoolmates, friends, and family.

However, no matter how much we customize and filter content for ourselves and our kids, we have no control over what they can access. 

Content moderation regularly slips through the cracks.

Children are vulnerable. Having social media accounts is convenient and fun, but it can expose them to unhealthy practices and inappropriate content. 

Strangers may reach out to your kid, and we have no assurance about good intentions.

The worst cases lead to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and hacking. You don’t know what might crawl into your kids’ software. 

KidsGuard Pro can be your security precaution.

If for some reason, you can’t be in regular contact with your kid, KidsGuard Pro is a solution. You can stay alert for any danger.

Can You Invest the Time and Money for KidsGuard Pro?

As parents, we’re all busy with a myriad of obligations. We have to manage parenting and social life with work, higher studies, house chores, and finances.

While the KidsGuard Pro software offers competitive prices, it can still be a drain. Can you invest the money? Do you think it’s worth it?

The constant syncing results in a lot of data, as well. 

If you want to track your kid’s browsing history and be one step ahead of any danger, it may require regular check-ups. 

Do you think you can dedicate some time to it?

Do You Think Other Methods Can Resolve Your Worries?

A phone monitoring app or software for your kids’ devices may not be necessary. 

If your kid is at an age where you can choose to educate them about the dangers of the Internet, that can be an option.

Have a sit-down discussion. Beyond education of both the dangers and benefits of social apps, online games, and the Internet at large, establish boundaries as well.

For their sake, you can turn on filters in every social media app. Block certain websites and turn on the “Kids” option some apps offer. 

Restrict phone and social apps use as much as possible.

Can they trust you to communicate about anything they find or people trying to talk to them? You can also tell them to turn on GPs and share their location when outside.

Don’t use the natural anxiety over your child’s safety as a means of controlling them.

Open, frank discussions about why you have to lay down rules – or download a monitoring app if you choose to do so – are better.

This method is an easier way to assure your child’s safety and security. It’s also more cost-effective – less money involved and more on general parenting.

How Does Kidsguard Pro Work?

KidsGuard Pro is an app-monitoring tool. You can download it for both Android and iOs devices. You can also choose to download KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp and iCloud.

KidsGuard Pro monitors over 30 applications on your loved ones’ mobile phones. 

It tracks popular social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. In addition, you can also track other apps like Kik, Viber, Line, and Tinder.

As long as the device has an Internet connection, you can also track the GPS location of the device. 

The location and web history is also available. Furthemore, you can access phone files, record calls, and take screenshots and pictures. 

With KidsGuard Pro, it can send all the data from the target device to your online account in real-time.

Unlike other parental control apps, using KidsGuard Pro is easy. You don’t have to root the target device. It’s 100% encrypted for a competitive price.

Who’s Behind KidsGuard Pro?

ClevGuard is a team of data security experts. Together, the team built security solutions to create a reliable smartphone tracking and monitoring app.

ClevGuard emphasizes unity, transparency, and simplicity. 

This monitoring app is accessible for any parent across the globe and promises to keep all users’ data private.

KidsGuard Pro Alternatives


  • Compatible with iPhones, iPads, and any Android device
  • Requires minimal space – just 2 MB
  • 100% undetectable in your iOs and Android devices
  • No jailbreak or rooting required
  • 24/7 customer support

Many of the features we discuss in our KidsGuard Pro review also appear here. Spyic is also compatible, easy to use, and undetectable.

Unlike KidsGuard Pro, Spyic can host multiple devices, depending on the subscription plan. While it is 100% undetectable, you can choose to show the app icon.

KidsGuard Pro has a better range of apps it can work with for you to monitor. KidsGuard Pro also has more options regarding photos and videos.

Spyic’s pricing plans are a lot more expensive. They don’t depend on the duration of your subscription like KidsGuard Pro. Instead, you can unlock more features and apps with more expensive pricing plans.


  • Compatible with Android and any iOs device
  • Comes with comprehensive reports
  • Encrypts and protects all data the app finds
  • Updates all app information every five minutes
  • All-around, multilingual, 24/7 customer support

Like KidsGuard Pro, MSpy is compatible with many devices. It comes with a host of features that KidsGuard Pro has, as well. Stealth mode, monitoring, and location tools are all accessible through MSpy.

One difference with MSpy is the frequency of data syncing and updates within the app.

One weakness KidsGuard Pro has is that you can lose data if it’s deleted quickly. With the MSpy app, most of the data can transfer right away.

Like KidsGuard Pro, however, it doesn’t have a free trial, either.

As powerful as MSpy is, it doesn’t have the remote control features of KidsGuard Pro.

You can only capture screenshots, not independent pictures and screen recordings. It has a location tracker and a Geo-fencer, but not a Wi-Fi logger.


  • Compatible for Android and any iOs device
  • 100% security – their track record speaks for themselves
  • Create remote, custom alerts
  • Powerful remote control
  • Has products exclusive for iPad and PC

FlexiSpy has a long history as spyware.

It was one of the very first spying software, starting in 2006. Since then, they have released advanced features and upgraded their tools. FlexiSpy remains one of the best in the industry.

They share many features we mention in our KidsGuard Review. They are compatible with both iOS and Android. They have a control panel where you can take on the monitoring role and see all software details.

They can track messages, calls, apps, and emails. It can handle multiple devices at once.

In our KidsGuard review, we mention competitive prices. FlexiSpy is much more expensive. Like MSpy, it grows pricier as it adds features. It also tags Android, iOs, and PC programs under different pricing plans.

However, you may have to root your device. Rooting isn’t a requirement in our KidsGuard Review. You can choose to hide it in FlexiSpy.

Their remote control is one of the most powerful. You can install, deactivate, and restart the device remotely. You can prevent the software from uninstalling, check battery status, and type in other remote commands.

The Verdict

KidsGuard Pro is a powerful, secure monitoring software a parent can use.

It has many features and competitive prices. Overall, it’s easy to use. You just need to install it and have access to the control panel from time to time.

The digital world can easily turn from fun and convenient to sinister and dangerous. Take responsibility for what your children consume with KidsGuard Pro.

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