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Covenant Eyes Review 2023: Parental Monitoring

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As a parent, you have a duty to provide your children with everything they need for their growth. And in this era, almost everything is done online: courses, learning videos, and even games. Recently, parents have been worried about giving their children smartphones as they cannot control unsuitable content such as pornography which might be viewed accidentally or sometimes intentionally. That type of content can be harmful to young children as they should only be exposed to content that will help their growth and widen their knowledge horizons.

Many applications and browsers have been made so that parents can monitor their children’s devices and track their usage and history.

It has been very popular with mothers and parents in general from all over the world for its great features. It has also been very helpful for pornography addicts seeking to break their addiction.

Covenant Eyes is an internet filtering service that helps keep your kids safe while they’re online and allows you to have some peace of mind. It blocks inappropriate content, monitors what they’re doing on the computer, and alerts parents when something bad happens so that they can take action right away if need be. Now there are many internet filter services out there, but none offer everything Covenant Eyes does – from monitoring websites visited to blocking explicit images or videos – as Covenant Eyes does!

What is Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes is an application that monitors your everyday online activity on all the devices the application is installed on. All of your activities are sent to the Covenant Eyes company to be analyzed and reported on a weekly basis if any websites were found suspicious.

The weekly report is sent by the company to one or two of your “accountability partners,” which in this case can be a parent, friend, or a concerned life partner. And according to those reports, the accountability partner can keep the user accountable for their internet activity. Some of the rankings are not perfect, and some websites with regular content could be mistaken for inappropriate, but that is something that can be discussed between the accountability partners.

Covenant Eyes Overview

The application is accountability-based. It is completely secure and effective at helping people overcome their pornography addiction. The application blurs all screenshots that it takes to maintain your privacy and never sends an unblurred pic. Reports are only sent to chosen recipients. Covenant Eyes not only helps you by monitoring your online activity but also provides you with resources to help you gain more knowledge around browsing safely online, offering eBooks, videos, and guides to help you and your family.

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Once the software is installed on your device, it starts capturing screenshots of your screen once per minute regardless of which platform you are using at the time it took the screenshot. In the past, the software only captured addresses of the websites the user visited.  Now it does exactly as it is named, providing accountability for what is opened on the user’s screen.

The software collects information about the screenshot, like what time the picture was taken, as well as the title of the page. This software works on both Mac computers and Windows by monitoring the whole device; if the user switches from one browser to another, the screenshots will still be taken.

The whole device is monitored on Android mobile phones and tablets, and screenshots will be taken regularly every minute. On the other hand, on iPhones and iPads, only top-level domains accessed can be monitored.

According to Apple’s guidelines and regulations, the software can only take screenshots inside the Covenant Eyes app itself. Even though the application can access and see what you are opening on your device, the app cannot take any screenshots.

Can Covenant Eyes Monitor Incognito/Private Mode Browsing?

The accountability will still be activated even when the user is browsing in incognito or private mode. The app does not rely on the browser history or cookies. The software is made to take pictures of whichever platform is opened. If the user browses in incognito mode, the detection of that private search will be noted in the next weekly report sent to the accountability partner.

What Doesn’t Covenant Eyes Monitor?

Covenant Eyes cannot screenshot the keystrokes you enter as it is not a “keylogger.” The application does not focus on the text the user types, whether it’s an email or a text message. Therefore, Covenant Eyes cannot report when a child’s social media contains bullying or explicit words.

Perks of Using Covenant Eyes Monitoring Software

Covenant Eyes can help families in a lot of ways. For some people, this application helps them save their loved ones from bad habits such as porn addiction. For parents, it helps them keep their children safe while browsing the internet. Parents can monitor and manage their children’s devices and check every website they visit, as well as get weekly reports if any inappropriate content was opened.

This way, parents can detect the problem early and have a conversation with their kids about what they saw so that they can stop any bad habits from ever starting by dealing with the situation properly. This has been a great help for thousands of parents worldwide when it comes to keeping their children safe while browsing. This is why it is favored by most parents as a parental control app.

Final Verdict

Becoming an addict to pornography can start with one click and would probably never be noticed or discovered by the user’s guardian; therefore, applications such as Covenant Eyes can help solve a lot of issues when it comes to parenting or even when helping friends who are in need. If you believe you might have a problem with porn addiction or you are a concerned parent and want to maintain your child’s safety on the internet, this is the best accountability software to help you secure your loved ones from harmful content.

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