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My Mobile Watchdog Review: Basic Parental Monitoring

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Our Verdict: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆

My Mobile Watchdog offers basic parental control features, but fewer features compared to many similarly-priced products.


  • location tracking
  • text message tracking
  • screen controls
  • simple installation


  • no geofencing feature
  • dated features
  • cluttered control panel

My Mobile Watchdog is a parental control app that offers basic monitoring features. It does not offer as many monitoring features as competitors like Norton Family, KidsGuard Pro, and Net Nanny.

What We Like

  • It can be used on up to 5 different devices.
  • Tracks contact list, call log, text message, site history, software application downloaded, and location log of devices.
  • You can block a phone number, a conversation, an application, and a website.

What We Don’t Like

  • cannot monitor social media apps
  • no geo-fencing alerts
  • cluttered control panel

Our Evaluation of My Mobile Watchdog

main menu of my mobile watchdog app

My Mobile Watchdog covers the basic qualities needed to monitor a child’s phone with text monitoring, access up to 5 devices, and time spent on each activity as its most appealing features.

However, My Mobile Watchdog doesn’t offer services like viewing social media activity, geofencing (allows you to know if your child enters a restricted area), and doesn’t bode well when adjusting settings or even adding an emergency contact.

My Mobile Watchdog can be a great help to any busy parent or if you need a spyware app that’s simple to use, price-friendly, and you only need to monitor your child without advanced safety measures.

The cyber world is crowded with content that may not be suitable for children. This is a constant concern of every parent as the new generation of kids delves into smartphones.

Most of the time, we can’t control what digital spaces they end up in.

This is where a parental control app, like My Mobile Watchdog, comes in.

My Mobile Watchdog is a monitoring software that allows parents and/or guardians to monitor the online activity of their child.

It offers the following tracking features:

  • Text messages
  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Installed apps
  • Website history
  • Locations

It can also be used on both Android and iOS devices.

How Does My Mobile Watchdog Work?

Like any other parental control app for iPhone and Android, My Mobile Watchdog needs to be installed in the target device (a.k.a. the phone or tablet your child uses).

The app is not detectable on the device, but after installation, a message that says “This phone is protected by My Mobile Watchdog” will show.

Once the installation process is done, the app automatically collects all the data from the device and will reflect them to your dashboard.

The data collected includes internet use, voice call, and text messages.

My Mobile Watchdog is different on Android and iOS. If your child has an iPhone or an iPad, the watchdog app will copy data from iCloud then transfer it to your dashboard.

In this case, you have to enable iCloud backup on the target device, and it should be connected to Wi-Fi.

My Mobile Watchdog also has their KidsSafe campaign where they promote good online etiquette.

The program also helps parents understand how the digital age affects their children and teach ways how to properly guide them through it.

To know more about the My Mobile Watchdog app, you can check their KidSafe campaign program here.

My Mobile Watchdog Features

Some app features were mentioned earlier but let’s delve deeper into them with this My Mobile Watchdog review.

It’s crucial to know if the device of your child operates on android or iOS! Some products, like My Mobile Watchdog, have different features depending on the operating system.

Android OS Features

  • Read texts
  • View list of calls
  • Track location
  • Time block for applications
  • See what sites your kid visits



  • Read texts and block conversations
  • Access to call logs, contacts list, and ability to block specific contacts
  • Supervise internet browsing and block sites
  • Location tracking

My Mobile Watchdog has all the basics of a parental control app, but let’s hash them a little bit more so you’ll know the extent of its capabilities.

Text Messages and Call Logs

The app lets you track conversations your child is engaged in. A plus in this feature is that you can block a person without letting your kid know if you deem the conversation inappropriate.

You can also set alerts if there are any strange calls your child receives on the phone. Parents can see their kids’ call logs as well. You can also set yourself as your kids’ emergency contact.

App Restrictions

One beneficial feature is restricting the usage of all apps. You can put a time restriction on the device if your kid uses it a bit too much. This helps build a healthy daily routine.

Online Behavior

This application also lets parents monitor their kids’ behavior on the internet. If your kid tries to access any part of the sites you blocked, parents will be alerted. You can see what sites they visit and frequent.

Location Tracking

The My Mobile Watchdog app also lets you see the locations your kids go to. A downside is that this app doesn’t offer geofencing services. You won’t be alerted if your child enters a forbidden location.

You can get all of these features on a maximum of 5 devices with a monthly subscription fee of $14.99.

My Mobile Watchdog Alternatives

Below you will find several alternative parental control apps that offer more features and better pricing.


Compared to My Mobile Watchdog, the uMobix parental monitoring app offers more tracking features, a user-friendly interface, and 24/7 chat support. We recommend uMobix for parents who need advanced tracking features like:

  1. navigate your child’s Facebook account
  2. view Snapchat activity and messages
  3. view Instagram, LINE, Viber, and more

Norton Family

The Norton Family parental control app offers more monitoring features and a lower price than My Mobile Watchdog.

Features of Norton Family include the following.

  1. monitor screen time and set limits
  2. block inappropriate websites and apps
  3. geofencing capabilities


The PhoneSheriff app is another popular parental monitoring solution. PhoneSheriff doesn’t offer as many features as uMobix, but is cheaper. You can learn more about their app in our PhoneSheriff review.


My Mobile Watchdog is a reliable parental monitoring solution, but we recommend purchasing Norton Family or uMobix as these apps offer more features and better pricing.

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