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PhoneSheriff Review 2023 – Parental Control Software

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PhoneSherrif is one of the most popular parental control software solutions on the market.

Nowadays our children perform any number of legitimate activities on mobile phones or tablets. From school assignments and research to educational games and videos, many kids spend hours each day on their devices .

But using the internet and searching for anything can lead to another malicious website through an ad or a pop-up.

Not everything can be controlled, even if you are sitting right next to your child while they’re using their mobile devices.

Fortunately, now there are plenty of parental control apps that allow parents to restrict their children’s internet search results to keep them safe. One of the most popular apps for this specific function is PhoneSheriff.

My Phone Sheriff Review

PhoneSheriff is a parental control app that allows parents to monitor their children’s smartphones and devices in real-time.  The features of this app offer parents full control of their children’s devices.

To use this application, you need to download the application on the target device. The application icon is tamper-proof, and it will start showing on your child’s screen when you monitor to let them know they are being monitored. However, the app icon feature can be turned off to monitor your child’s online activity more discreetly.

Once you’ve set the application on your child’s mobile device, you can log into your online account. By accessing the control panel in your account, you can remotely control your child’s device and monitor their activities, too.

What Features Does PhoneSheriff Offer Parents?

PhoneSheriff is an app that offers plenty of features. Here are the most important features you’ll find in any parental control app:

  • limiting and blocking phone calls and unknown numbers
  • Setting screen time limits and restrictions so that your child can only use the smartphone for a specific period of time
  • it DOES NOT allow you to record audio surroundings of the phone

Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

The location tracking feature allows you to view your child’s GPS location in real-time. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child’s exact location at any given moment.

You can even view their past GPS locations so you’ll know if your child visits places they’re not allowed.

Internet Browsing History

You can check all the websites visited in the internet browser of the device. This gives you the opportunity to discuss with your child any websites that you deem to be inappropriate.

Texts Monitor

You can monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages on your child’s phone to help ensure your child’s safety.

Check Call History

You can check the incoming and outgoing phone calls made on your child’s phone with timestamps and phone numbers visible.

You can also block phone numbers to lock down who can call the monitored phone.

Control Installed Apps

Now you can also check the applications on your child’s smartphone and even control them to give permissions to installations, block access to certain violent games and other apps that the parent sees unfit.

Backup and Restore

This feature allows you to create a backup of the data on your child’s smartphone in case the phone got lost or stolen. You can later upload all of the backed-up data to your child’s new phone.

Photo Logs

You can check all the photos taken from your child’s device to ensure that they are not taking and sending or being sent photos that are inappropriate.

Monitor Contacts

You can check the contacts that your children add to their phones. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about any new contacts in the target phone.

Panic Alerts 

The secure online control panel for your PhoneSheriff account allows you to configure all settings and alter the alert features, restrictions, and emails.

Messenger Log Monitor

Besides SMS monitoring, this allows you to monitor your child’s social media apps which they use to communicate, such as Messenger, Snapchat, and Whatsapp.

How to Install PhoneSheriff?

The installation process for the PhoneSheriff app is very straightforward.

Before installing the app you will need to adjust some security settings.

Go to your child’s phone and select settings, then security.

Turn on the slider next to “unknown sources” to allow the downloads from a website aside from the Play Store.

Initially, you need to buy the application and confirm that you are the owner of the device where you want to set up the software and that you are a parent who has a child you’d like to monitor.

Some parents choose to let their child know they are using monitoring software to keep track of their screen time and activities.

When you buy the PhoneSheriff app, and your download is ready to start, you will receive an email containing a code that allows you to log in.  You will also find a link in the email to download the application. Once it’s done, you can log in to your dashboard and adjust the settings.

How Does PhoneSheriff Work?

The PhoneSheriff software works by uploading all your child’s phone data to a control panel via their internet connection.

Once you’ve installed the application on your child’s device, it starts blocking all adult content, including violence, gambling websites, or any website deemed forbidden. Moreover, it sends the parent logs about the child’s history and activities.

You have the option to turn on the device’s notifications about all the activities and actions your child does. When the notifications are turned on, your child will be informed that they are being monitored as they can see the app icon on their screen, which you can turn off to monitor discreetly at any point.

You will receive notifications about all the actions and activities your child does on their smartphone, and you can check those actions on your online PhoneSheriff account. To be able to check those notifications thoroughly, you need to log into your control panel.

Once you access the control panel, you will be able to see every activity more clearly. The activities will be sorted into categories which makes using the app easier and simpler for parents.

Why Should I Choose PhoneSheriff Over Other Monitoring Apps?

While there are better solutions on the market for monitoring someone’s phone, PhoneSheriff is a great solution for parental control.

PhoneSheriff has the best parental controls that allow you to monitor and keep track of everything your child does online. It is also not a Spyware app as it lets your children know they are being monitored.

It also offers dedicated customer support to help parents use the application with more ease and answer any questions. Here are the pros and cons you need to know:


  • GPS tracking with real time location
  • Works with all Android smartphones
  • Flexible content filtering
  • Remote settings
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Tamper proof
  • Great technical support


  • Not compatible with iOS Devices
  • Rooting Android phones is not required but does give you a few extra features

Is It Legal to Use PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff does not collect any personal information about the users. It is the company’s policy to keep the users’ databases private and confidential. Their databases cannot be used to solicit or advertise their services or products.

Using the app to monitor your child’s online activity is not an issue. However, using the application to spy, stalk or harass anyone is unacceptable, and users who do so could be held responsible for legal consequences.

Final Verdict

There are many options out there for parental control. Some of them are better than others.

This application offers you everything you could need as a parent. One of the most impressive features it includes is that it does not spy on your child.

The application lets them know they are being monitored when the app icon shows on their smartphone or tablet. However, you can turn off that feature so that they do not know they are being monitored, depending on your parental judgment of the situation, of course.

Please note that due to recent data hacking at Retina-X Studios, Retina-X Studios is immediately and indefinitely halting its PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, SniperSpy, and Mobile Spy products to protect their customers.

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