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Appmia Review: How Does it Compare to our Top Spy Apps?

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In this Appmia review we compare the Appmia spying app to other top spy apps currently available.

Appmia is a smartphone spying application for Android devices that spies on text messages, social media messages, GPS location, phone call logs, emails, web browser history, WiFi network connections, installed apps, and block apps and websites on the targeted phone.

Many parents who end up monitoring their kids’ behaviors do so out of concern. How much time are they spending on their phones? Who do they talk to? What information are they revealing? What websites do they frequently visit?

All these are concerns of parents who are trying to protect their children.

Software developers also understand the parent’s need to keep up with their child’s life and have developed different spyware tools which they can use to monitor their kid’s behavior online.

Today, you will learn about Appmia, tracking software that allows you to monitor a phone remotely. Even more, you will learn how it works, where you can get it, and what more does it offer than other regular spying software. To find out more, keep reading.

What is Appmia?

As mentioned above, Appmia is a tracking software made for use on mobile phones. The app comes with specialized features that allow you to monitor your target phone remotely, Using this software, you can view call records, chat history, and GPS-tracked locations. Moreover, you can access emails, and web activities, among others.

How does Appmia work?

Like any other app, Appmia is easy to use and access. You only need to download the software on your phone, install it, and you will be good to go. Below is a complete guide on how to start monitoring your target phone:

  1. Sign up for Appmia at Appmia.com using a valid email address. Once you complete this, you will get installation guidelines in your email.
  2. Buy a subscription- Choose a plan that best suits your needs. Find out more information on these subscription plans below.
  3. Download the app on your target phone and install it. Follow the guidelines on the email from the Appmia team for a successful installation.
  4. Log in and access all the features of Appmia on your dashboard.

Since the information you are looking for is uploaded to your Appmia account almost immediately, Appmia takes a good lead on ease of use and efficiency among other similar apps.

Features of Appmia

Several features allow Appmia to serve its monitoring purposes effectively. These features include:

1. GPS tracking

If you are worried about where someone keeps disappearing or has visited, Appmia will help you find the answer. The location tracking feature on the app keeps a record of all areas visited and sends the information to your Appmia account.

2. You can view multimedia files.

Do you worry that your kid is receiving threatening images or audio files? Are you worried about the videos shared among your kids and their peers? If so, then Appmia will allow you to see the records of all pictures, video, and audio files shared to and from the target phone.

3. Call log records

Sometimes, you want to see who someone has been talking to, and the best way to do so is to use a monitoring app like Appmia. It keeps a record of all calls made or received on the target phone. Moreover, if you want to listen in on a conversation, you can remotely turn on the microphone on the target phone and listen in.

4. Chat logs

When you need to view messages exchanged between people, Appmia keeps a log of all messages sent and received on the target phone. This feature applies to most social media platforms, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Facebook Messenger.

5. Internet usage tracking

If you worry about the sites your children visit and how long they surf the web, then Appmia is the solution. From your phone, you can see all websites visited and any bookmarked pages.

6. Monitoring social media apps

This app makes it possible to view the other person’s social media activities to check messages from WhatsApp or Facebook. As for Viber, you can exclusively view any data stored in it.

How does Appmia stack up to other spying apps?

In comparison with other similar phone tracking apps, Appmia is on the competitive edge. It is 100% compatible with Android and iOS devices. In addition, this spy app can go on stealth mode, which means that even the target device will not detect it.

Appmia also allows the user to take over the target phone. This means you can block websites, incoming calls or even delete and block installed apps. Compared to most spy apps, what puts Appmia at the top is its handy keylogger feature. With this, the user can track keystrokes and recover information such as PINs and usernames.

The best part is that you get to try out the demo version before committing to buying the app. However, Appmia has a significant drawback. To access all these powerful tools, you need to jailbreak into the target iPhone or root the Android device before implanting the software.

When doing so, you have to shut down all safety measures employed by the phone’s OS. This alone exposes the target phone to a series of security risks. Also, Appmia records your ambient surroundings, which is a massive privacy breach for people near your target phone.

Subscription options

Appmia comes with a demo version that you are free to try. Once you decide to go for it, you can choose from its two pricing plans, basic or premium. Note that the pricing is based on the type of features you need.

  • Basic– this gives you access to the calendar, installed apps, music files, and the address book. This is a free option. However, this option is not favorable because it offers the least promising features of a mobile tracking app.
  • Premium– this subscription gives you access to all features on the app. You also get it for as low as $16 per month.

Appmia accepts payment through credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and Wire Transfer to pay for the subscription, among others.

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