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How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone WITHOUT Him Knowing

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Updated 10/2/23: Before using ANY of these apps you should clearly understand their legal usage. Using spying apps to track someone without their consent is illegal in the U.S and other countries

Are you suspicious of who your boyfriend is texting or calling when you’re not around? Or maybe you need to track his location?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s difficult to trust people when there are so many easy ways for them to use technology to cheat on their partners.

In this article I’ll show you how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

By far the easiest way to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing is to use cell phone surveillance software, also called phone spy apps.

Spying apps allow you to monitor almost everything that happens on the phone. And in some cases you don’t even need physical access to the target device itself. It is important to understand the laws regarding spying apps. In many countries, including the U.S., it is illegal to spy on someone’s phone without their knowledge. Spying apps should be used as an accountability tool between consenting adults in a relationship.

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Spy on Your Boyfriend’s iPhone

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If your boyfriend uses an iPhone you can spy on the phone without installing software. Spy software (like my favorite uMobix) allows you to monitor a target phone by accessing data in the cloud.

You will need to know your boyfriend’s email address and password to get started. Once you enter this information the software will download all the data from their iCloud account for you to view in an online dashboard.

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Android Phone

If you want to spy on your boyfriend’s Android cell phone you WILL need physical access to it for a few minutes. You will also need to know the passcode to unlock it.

Then you will need to download and install the spying app. You will then need to make a few changes to the settings of the phone to make the app hidden and invisible.

This typically takes between 5 to 8 minutes.

Track Your Boyfriend Without Him Knowing

using an app to secretly track husband's phone

Spy apps offer GPS location tracking of your husband or boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. It is especially easy to track an iPhone as no software is required on the target device.

When you log into your control panel you’ll be able to see exactly where his mobile phone is currently, as well as a list of it’s past locations.

Some apps even allow you to setup geo-fencing so you get a notification when he goes into or leaves a specific area on the map.

This can be especially useful when you think your boyfriend might be lying about where he’s going. You simply setup the alert and you will get a notification whenever they enter a specific area.

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Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

Did you know that US smartphone users send and receive five times more sms messages than they make and receive calls. On average, Americans spend 26 minutes per day texting compared to 21 minutes per day calling. (Textmagic)

If you want to know if your husband or boyfriend is up to no good, seeing his text messages is a great place to start.

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Spy On His Social Media Accounts & Messages

There are literally dozens of social media apps out there that allow people to secretly chat on line. Many cheaters use their social media accounts for secret conversations.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular platforms your boyfriend might be using and ways to monitor his social media activity.

Spy on His Snapchat Messages

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Snapchat is a cheater’s dream. Pictures and messages are only available for a few seconds, and then they’re gone.

You can also use Snapchat for messaging anyone you meet on the platform.

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See Your Boyfriend’s Instagram Messages

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Instagram is another popular app for meeting people online. In addition to seeing their life in pictures, you can also send direct messages.

Here are some of our favorite Instagram Spy apps to keep an eye on what he’s doing.

Spy on His Whatsapp Messages

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It allows millions of people to communicate through messages and calls. It also offers world class encryption.

But there is a SIMPLE way for you to see your boyfriend’s Whatsapp messages.

For more information check out our Favorite Whatsapp Spying Apps.

Monitor Your Boyfriend’s Phone Calls

While texting is more popular, people still talk on the phone too. These apps all allow you to see call logs to you know exactly who he’s calling, when they called, and how long they talked.

Sync Your Boyfriend’s Phone To Yours

Another way to view some of your boyfriend’s messages is to sync his phone to yours.

Unfortunately this method is technically challenging. There’s really no simple way to sync your phone with your boyfriend’s without using spy app software.

There ARE ways to clone a phone, but these are extremely complicated and not worth the time or effort.

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Know For Sure If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Know one wants to spy on their significant other. But sometimes you just have to protect yourself.

If you need to know for sure if your boyfriend is cheating, the easiest way to find out is by using a surveillance app.

You can read about our favorite apps to catch a cheater here.

There are even some free ways to see if your boyfriend is cheating.

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