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How to Remotely Turn on a Cell Phone Camera

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Do you need to turn on a cell phone camera remotely?

There are plenty of times when it could come in vey handy to see what a phone camera sees.

  • when you’ve lost your phone
  • when you need to see who your kids might be hanging out with
  • or maybe if your significant other has been acting suspicious and you need to see what’s going on

In this article I’ll show you exactly how to turn on a cell phone camera remotely.

Can You Spy on Someone Using Their Phone Camera?

Can you spy on someone’s cell phone camera remotely? YES.

There are any number of spying apps out there that allow you to turn on cell phone camera remotely. .

Depending on the type of phone you’re trying to access there are a couple different options. Some require physical access to the phone, others do not.

Let’s take a look at how you would do this with two of the world’s most popular types of phones.

iPhone Camera Remote Activation

ios logo

While there are dozens of surveillance apps that allow you to spy on an iPhone, there is only one that allows you to remotely view the camera.

FlexiSPY is currently the most powerful spying app on the market.

In addition to allowing you to turn on the camera of the phone, you can also:

How to Activate an iPhone Camera Remotely

flexiSPY logo

To get started you’ll need to go to their official website and setup an account.

You’ll need to tell them what type of phone you want to monitor and then choose the “Extreme” pacakge.

Once you make your payment you will receive instructions on how to install the app on the phone you want to monitor.

In order for these advanced functions to work you will be required to jailbreak the iPhone. For more information on jailbreaking check out this link.

Keep in mind that in Apple’s newest version of the iOS software they have disabled the ability to jailbreak phones so you’ll need to check the iOS version on the target phone before making your purchase.

Once the phone has been jailbroken you will need to install the FlexiSPY app and configure a few settings.

Then you’ll be ready to start remotely turning on the camera to see the phone’s surroundings.

images from remotely hacking iPhone camera

Now that the app has been installed you’re ready to control the iPhone camera remotely.

The image above is what you will see from your dashboard. You can have the camera take a picture whenever you like.

Android Camera Remote Activation

If you want to learn how to access an Android camera remotely the process is very similar to that of the iPhone above.

Again, the only software on the market capable of giving you the ability to turn on an Android camera remotely is FlexiSPY. This is why it is my favorite surveillance app for Android devices.

In addition to this capability you’ll be able to:

  • Live Facebook Call Recording
  • see Facebook Messenger conversations
  • see pictures stored on the cell phone
  • track the GPS location of the phone and much, much more…

How to Activate an Android Camera Remotely

The process for remotely accessing an Android camera is almost identical to that of the iPhone.

You’ll want to sign up for an account on the FlexiSPY Android page.

Again you will need to select the “Extreme” package to get access to these advanced spying features.

Once you enter your credit card details and complete payment you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to prepare the phone for installation.

The first step is rooting the Android operating system. By far the easiest way to do this is with a rooting solution like One Click Root. This allows you quickly and easily prepare the phone for installing FlexiSPY’s app.

Then you’ll need to download the app onto the phone. Once this is finished you’ll change a couple settings based on the email your received.

Now you will be able access the Android phone’s camera remotely whenever they are connected to either cell signal or wifi.

Activating the Android Camera Remotely

Once the software is installed on the target Android you’ll need to log into your online dashboard.

From here you’ll be able to remotely activate the phone’s camera and view the picture.

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