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How to Find Out If Your Spouse is Cheating: Free Catch a Cheater Apps

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The easiest way to find out if your spouse, partner, or loved one is cheating is to use spy app (catch-a-cheater app). Spying apps monitor the smartphone activity of a loved one to see if they are being unfaithful. The main benefits of spying apps include the ability to monitor text messages, chat app messages, dating apps, social media networks, phone contacts, GPS location and more. These spying apps are compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) devices.

The second method to catch spouse or partner who is suspected of infidelity is to use a free phone tracker to monitor their location. There are three free apps for monitoring a spouse’s smartphone activity. The first method is to use a phone tracking app like Apple’s “Find My” app or Android’s “Find My Device” app. The main benefit of these apps is that they are free.

The disadvantages of free phone tracking apps include all of the following.

  1. Access to the target phone is required to setup a tracking app
  2. Free tracking apps only display the phone’s location
  3. The phone’s owner can see if their phone is being tracked

The three best ways to find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is cheating are listed below.

  1. Catch-a-Cheater Apps
  2. Free & Paid Phone Tracking Apps
  3. Look Through Their Phone

1. Use a Spying App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Catch a cheater apps are phone spy apps that track all of your spouse’s activity on their smartphone. Tracking features include text messages, social media activity, chat app messages, phone call logs, media files (pictures and videos), and dating apps.

Below are the 3 best apps for helping to catch a cheating spouse.

  1. uMobix (best for Android)
  2. Spybubble (best for iPhone & iOS devices)
  3. iKeyMonitor (best for call recording)

uMobix – Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Android

umobix home page


  • Access to the most social media accounts
  • Responsive customer service
  • Most spying features of any app
  • Affordable price


  • Physical access required for Android devices
  • No access to Snapchat on iPhones

uMobix is one of the top Android spy apps on the market. Its powerful spying features and solid customer support make it the best app to catch a cheating spouse or partner.

It is currently my top pick among all cell phone spy software on the market.

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uMobix Spying Features

  • Spy on SMS text messages and chat apps, including deleted messages
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Access Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype & Snapchat (only on Android)
  • Access to contact books and browser history
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices

Read Your Cheating Spouse’s Text Messages on Android

Reading your spouse’s text messages and social media messages is an effective way to find out if they’re cheating.

uMobix records all incoming and out going text messages on Androids. It even records deleted texts. It also records messages from the following chat apps.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram DMs
  • WhatsApp
  • Line
  • Viber
  • Skype


Below are the requirements to use uMobix on Android devices.

  • a few minutes of physical access to the target device to install the app
  • iOS devices: spouse’s iCloud username and password and 2-factor authentication code
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SpyBubble – Best App to Catch a Cheater on iPhone

SpyBubble catch a cheater page

Key Features

  • Access Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, and WhatsApp
  • View text messages & iMessages
  • Compatible with All iOS devices
  • Live customer support

SpyBubble is a spy app for iOS devices. It offers more spying features than any other iPhone surveillance software. This includes native access to both Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to access your spouse’s Facebook and Instagram account as though they were your own.

Reading Your Spouse’s Text Messages on iPhone

SpyBubble records incoming and outgoing text messages and iMessages on iOS devices. This is a very effective way to monitor your spouse’s online conversations.

SpyBubble records messages from the following chat apps.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram DMs
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype


Below are the requirements to use SpyBubble on iOS devices.

  • spouse’s iCloud username and password and
  • 2-factor authentication code
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iKeyMonitor – Best Free App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

iKeyMonitor home page

Key Features

  • View text messages & iMessages
  • View GPS location
  • Compatible with All iOS and Android devices

iKeyMonitor offers a very limited FREE version of their spying app. It allows you see all of the following information from the target phone.

The only downside to the FREE version of iKeyMonitor is the lack of support and the lack of advanced tracking features.

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2. Use a Phone Tracker

Phone trackers display the GPS location of a cell phone on a map. This information can be viewed from your phone or a computer. Tracking your partner or spouse’s phone is an easy way to start looking for suspicious behavior.

Some phone tracker apps come pre-installed on Android and iOS smartphones. These free apps are designed to help find a lost or stolen phone.

Requirements for Using a Phone Tracker App

Before you can use these apps to track your spouse’s location, you must set up the app to share their location with your phone. This step requires access to your spouse’s phone.

If your partner or spouse never lets their phone out of their sight, a phone number tracking app might be a better solution. Phone number tracking apps such as Geofinder.mobi and Location Tracker do not require physical access to the device. All that is required to track someone is the phone number of their device. You can jump directly to our favorite phone number tracking app here.

Want to track them without EVER having to touch their phone? Check out Geofinder. All you need to start tracking right away is their phone number.

Do you suspect he’s cheating?  Well it’s really easy to setup this app to let you know where his phone is at all times. And it’s FREE!

We’ll go through the instructions for setting up on your significant other’s phone so you can see if he really is where he says he is.

How to Use the Free “Find My” App to Track A Spouse’s iPhone

The Find My app from Apple is available for all iOS devices. The Find My app is designed to locate an iOS-based device in the event it is lost. The Find My app can also be used to share your location with friends and family or to discretely track someone’s phone.

The Find My app is completely free and comes pre-installed on every iPhone. It does require a few minutes of access to their phone to set it up.

Steps to Setup the Find My App to Track Your Spouse’s iPhone

Follow the instructions below to setup the Find My app to monitor your partner’s phone location.

Step 1: “Share My Location” should be enabled from the settings of YOUR iPhone. You find this in the “Find My Friends” app. Click on the bottom of the screen and the settings will open.

Step 2: share their location with your iPhone. From “Find My Friends” on their phone click “Add” in the top right corner. Find your contact information and click “Send”. This will send a notification to your phone.

Step 3:  Accept the invitation on your phone. From your phone you’ll now have a message to accept the invitation. Click “Accept”. Next you’ll be prompted to share YOUR location with them. Click “Don’t Share” unless you want them to be able to see your phone as well.

Step 4: Open “Find My Friends” at any time to see their current location.

Step 5: Most folks don’t even realize “Find My Friends” is built into their phone so they don’t think to check it. If you want to be 100% certain they don’t you can hide the app on their phone.

How to Use the “Find My Device” App to Track Their Android Phone for Free

To use the “Find My Device” app to track someone’s location for free requires installing the app on the target phone. The “Find My Device” app is compatible with all Android devices. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Use Geofinder.mobi to Track ANY Phone

geofinder website home page

Geofinder.mobi is an app that requires only the number of your spouse’s phone to track it anywhere in the world.

Once you enter their number, Geofinder.mobi will verify it can locate the device. Once the device is located, you can create an account and check the device’s location anytime.

The biggest benefit to Geofinder.mobi is that you can use it without their phone.

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3. Look Through Their Phone

Want to see who your husband or boyfriend is texting?  The easiest and cheapest method is to look through their phone. This method obviously requires having physical access to their phone and their passcode.

But if you have all that information, you can access everything they do on their device. It allows you to access all of their social media accounts, texts, chat apps, dating apps, and more.

There are some disadvantages to this method other than it requiring physical access. The biggest is that any notifications of new messages will disappear if you check your spouse’s phone. This will be a clear indication that someone has been looking at their messages.

It’s also illegal to look through someone’s phone without their consent. However, this caveat applies to ALL the methods we’ve covered.

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