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Fenced.ai Review: AI Powered Smartphone Software

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Our Verdict: ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Fenced is a monitoring app for Android and iOS-based devices. It offers a limited tracking features on iOS. For Android it offers more comprehensive monitoring.

Overall Rating:



  • easy installation
  • tracks GPS location
  • minimal impact on battery life
  • reasonable pricing


  • lacks features on iOS
  • can’t monitor Snapchat

In this Fenced review, you’ll learn how the Fenced.ai monitoring app compares to the top-selling spying apps on the market.

Fenced.ai is a phone surveillance app that is used to monitor social media. It can also monitor your child’s browsing history and call logs.

This parental control app is meant to ensure your child’s safety.

Keep reading to see if this is the app for you.

My Verdict on Fenced.ai

The Fenced cell phone monitoring solution offers many of the same tracking features as competitive products.

The iOS version offers very limited monitoring.

Parents who want to see their kid’s activities online will want to look at this licensed software. It works on mobile phones made by both Android and Apple.

This is one of the best parental control apps available and isn’t just for parents. Teachers and employers can also use it to keep an eye on the digital life of their students and workers.

Once you have installed Fenced.ai on the target device, you can see the following details on your child’s phone:

  • Emails received and sent from your child’s device
  • Application usage and which apps are installed
  • Their browser history and the URL of visited websites


  • Quick to install and set up on both the target device and yours
  • Comes with location tracking properties and Geofencing
  • Will let you protect your child from online predators
  • Helps you stay up-to-date on your child’s social media usage


  • The refund policy is very restrictive and is at the company’s discretion
  • It is not as accurate or feature-heavy as other spy apps
  • no screen time controls

Fenced Android Features

Here is what the Android version of Fenced offers.

More Choices for Subscription Plans

The Android version of the Fenced .ai app will allow parents to monitor their kid’s activities without spending too much money.

This is in contrast to the program’s iOS edition. The iOS edition only has the standard and premium plans available.

The Android edition is preferable to check your child’s most basic phone activities.

Does Everything Simply and Efficiently

If you pick up the premium subscription plan, you get access to all the features of this social media monitoring program at once.

This includes functions that can track all the keystrokes from the target device. You can read what your child sends on social media with Fenced.ai.

Note that the keystroke tracker is only offered with the premium subscription plan.

Accurate Location Tracking and Geofencing

If you want to be aware of your child’s location at all times, this software can tell you with its tracking feature. This will allow parents to know where their children are.

Parents can set solid boundaries for where their child is allowed to go with the Geofencing feature. The program can detect when your child enters and exits a designated forbidden area.

You will be alerted of any movement on the target device and the frequency of this movement. If your child has constantly been going to the same areas, then Fenced.ai will tell you.

Do note that location tracking is only available at the premium subscription plan.

Organizes Everything It Tracks

Fenced.ai provides the user with complete and accurate real-time data on their child’s phone activities. The data is kept up-to-date using the target device’s date and time settings.

The program will organize everything into a dashboard to give a clear image of the browser history and app activity it tracks.

The dashboard can be accessed via your computer or your mobile device. This will allow you to stay on top of your children’s phone activities.

Untraceable on the Target Device

Once you have installed Fenced on your kid’s phone, it will not be visible.

The Fenced.ai program will continue its social media monitoring but will not indicate its presence. The app is also untraceable from your bank account.

Your bills will not give away any purchases of Fenced.ai. The developer’s name will be used instead.

Record Calls as They Happen

You may be curious as to who your children are speaking with. This program will show you who is calling your child and who they are calling back.

The call data is organized in sequential order. Fenced.ai will also tell parents the name and contact number of the caller if the contact details are saved on your child’s phone.

The program will also tell you the location where the call originated. This is useful in identifying areas that may be full of strangers speaking with your children.

Android Compatibility

This app will track social media usage on an Android phone as long as it is updated to Android 4.0 or above.

If the target device was produced before 2011, then Fenced.ai cannot be used to trace it.

Android Installation & Setup

A big benefit of using Fenced.ai on an Android device is that it doesn’t need to be rooted. You can track your child or employee’s online activities without risking the rest of their online life.

Downloading the app will require several additional permissions at later stages of the installation process.

Here’s how to set up and install this parental control app on your child’s phone and yours:

Step 1: Create an Account and Purchase the Product

Create a Fenced.ai free account using a valid email address. Then you will need to download the app on your device.

The next step is to select a subscription plan and purchase the app on your device. You will be asked whether you want to monitor an Android or an Apple device.

Click “Add Android Device.”

Step 2: Setting up Access and Your Child’s Name

Open Fenced.ai and grant it notification access. Now tap the “Device admin app” button and give the program usage access.

For this next part, enter your child’s name and allow the app to always run in the background. Allow the program to display over other apps.

You will need to access your kid’s phone and unlock it with their passcode. Install the app on their phone, then open it.

Allow the app to access these details on your child’s mobile phone:

  • Contacts
  • Device’s location
  • Photos and media files
  • Manage phone calls and SMS logs

Now provide accessibility permission to the app. Return to the app, click the “Fetch Gmail” button, and add your Gmail account.

Turn on your device’s location GPS, then click on the “Hide Application” button on the app.

Step 3: Set Up Fenced.Ai With Your Child’s Mobile Device

You will see a screen with a QR code on your child’s mobile device and a password that says “1234.” Scan the QR code, enter the download URL, and press “Go.”

This will open a browser page that will require the “1234” password.”

Input the password, then tap the “fenced.ai apk” button afterward. You will be prompted to enable installs from an unknown source on your child’s mobile phone. Allow them.

Enter your login credentials from your Fenced.ai account to finalize the installation. Now you can monitor your child’s online activities from anywhere.

Fenced iOS Features

This is what the Apple version of Fenced.ai offers. The Apple version of the program is fundamentally identical to the Android version.

The same features will only differ depending on your purchased subscription plan.

Records Your Kid’s Browsing History

Parents may be unaware of what their child does on their device. Fenced.ai lets parents see their child’s browser history to ensure they are not viewing potentially harmful content.

The program’s browsing history recorder will let parents know which websites their child visits and what they saw on the website.

View Media Files

It’s difficult to see what your child does during their screen time. They may be subject to scams and online predators.

Fenced.ai gives access to any media files like photos and videos that your child has stored on their phone. You’ll be able to access and view these media files from your device.

The program can also be used to back up files on your device. Any files accidentally deleted can easily be restored with the help of Fenced.ai.

The images are downloaded from the internet and taken using the phone’s camera. Fenced.ai can also read multiple image formats like JPEG and PAM.

Social Media Activity Tracking

This program lets your child enjoy their screen time while also helping you protect them from harmful images and scams.

A majority of children with smartphones use social media. This puts them at risk of being exposed to inappropriate imagery and may come into contact with bullies.

Fenced.ai will let you know what your child is doing on social media. If your child encounters a scam or a bully, you’ll be able to help them address these issues.

Provides Accurate Keyword Alerts

Children may sometimes look up specific words on their mobile devices. If they search for words related to drug usage and mental health problems, then Fenced.ai will alert you.

Parents can set up a list of possibly harmful words that their child is likely to type. When these words are detected, the program will notify you.

These alerts will aid you in quickly identifying and addressing potential issues your child may be going through.

No Limit to Social Media Website Monitoring

Fenced.ai is different from other monitoring apps because it provides website tracking support for all social media websites at all subscription tiers.

Buying the Basic or Standard subscription plan will allow parents to see what their child is doing on all social websites.

iOS & iPhone Compatibility

You can install this app as long as your child’s phone is using at least iOS version 7.1.2 or higher.

Apple devices that were produced before 2014 or have not been updated to the correct version of iOS will not be traceable by this parental control app.

Remember that the target device must also have an active internet connection to be traceable.

iOS Installation & Setup

Installing Fenced.ai on an iOS device does not require the user to jailbreak either the target device or their device. This means that the monitored devices will not be left vulnerable.

Step 1: Create an Account and Purchase Fenced.ai

Create a Fenced.ai account with a valid email address, then choose and purchase a subscription plan. Depending on your location, you can pay using Mastercard, Visa card, or PayPal.

Open the app on your device after purchasing it. It will ask you what kind of device you wish to monitor.

Select “Add Apple Device.”

Step 2: Set Up Fenced.ai on Your Child’s Mobile Device

This next step will not require installing the app on your child’s mobile device.

You will still need physical access to your kid’s phone and iCloud login details to complete the process.

Access the settings of your kid’s mobile phone and open their Apple ID. Next, you’ll need to turn on or enable all of these programs:

  • iCloud Drive
  • iCloud Backup
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Share My Location

Step 3: Confirm the Set-Up

Now open the web app on your device and look for the iCloud login page. Enter your child’s iCloud credentials, like their email address and password.

Click “Connect.” Fenced.ai will send a verification code to your child’s mobile phone.

Enter the code, then press “Select Your Devices.” Choose your child’s mobile device from the list of active Apple devices and confirm your selection.

The app is now installed, and you can monitor your child’s online and offline activities.

NOTE: Fenced.ai is software intended for legal uses only. Fenced.ai does not support using its program to spy on adults without their specific consent.

How Does Fenced Work?

Parents cannot always monitor everything that their children do online. This social media monitoring program lets you see what’s happening on your kid’s phone to keep them safe.

This software relies on the target device being connected to the internet. With the help of this connection, you will be given frequent and accurate updates on what your child is doing online.

Fenced.ai works in the same way on both iOS and Android devices. It is always on and running in the target device’s background but is not traceable.

The program will record anything on the phone and upload what it records. This occurs in real-time on Android devices.

It’s different for iOS devices. Fenced.ai works on Apple products by tracking their iCloud accounts.

iCloud is Apple’s storage for everything that happens on an account. It backs up the user’s personal information and allows them to access it across other Apple devices.

This makes iCloud an ideal way to track your child’s movement and online affairs.

How Much Does Fenced Cost?

The program’s pricing model differs slightly across Android and iOS devices. You cannot try out the Fenced ai app for free.

This program does not offer a free version for any kind of device. You will have to choose from the options listed below instead.

If you buy this app on an Android phone, you can choose between 3 different options.

Android Pricing

  • Basic plan: $1.17/month or $13.99 for a 1-year license
  • Standard plan: $5.83/month or $69.99 for a 1-year license
  • Premium plan: $8.33/month or $99.99 for a 1-year license

Take note that the program costs less when you buy a longer subscription.

iOS Pricing

Fenced.ai is helpful in spying on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. Fenced does not offer a basic plan for iOS users. It only has standard and premium plans.

There are fewer plans available, but the available plans are priced identically to the Android version.

  • Standard: $5.83/month or $69.99 for a 1-year license
  • Premium: $8.33/month or $99.99 for a 1-year license

Fenced.ai’s website also offers discounts for bulk orders or if you have more devices that you need to track. This option is available for both iOS and Android.

There is no limit to how many devices you can monitor but remember to choose a subscription plan according to your needs.

Fenced Alternatives

Other parental control applications are available for download. Here are a few of the best parental control programs available.


The #1 alternative is uMobix. This is because they offer live tech support and more monitoring features on iOS and Android devices.

uMobix is also specifically designed to retrieve deleted messages from different social media programs. Fenced.ai also has this feature, but only if you buy the highest-tier subscription.

uMobix is also highly rated by customers compared to other monitoring apps.


A cheaper alternative to Fenced is TheTruthSpy. The cheaper price of TheTruthSpy gives it a slight advantage over Fenced.ai.

The customer support for this social media monitoring app is poor compared to its competitors, so that’s a big point against it.

To be used on an Apple device, TheTruthSpy requires jailbreaking. This is a security risk and not advisable.

Fenced FAQs

Learn more about this parental control app here.

What Is Fenced Refund Policy?

To avail of a refund, you must contact their customer support first. They will first review your case and look for a solution to your issue.

Take note that there are several guidelines that your refund request must follow before a refund can be approved. Here are a few of their refund guidelines:

  • Any refund must be requested at most 3 days after the purchase was made
  • Refunds are only applicable once, even if you ordered multiple subscriptions
  • You will not be refunded if you upgrade your device. Reinstall the parental control app instead.
  • Refunds will not apply if your device resets or goes through a system upgrade and you can no longer access the app afterward.
  • Issues related to losing internet due to moving location or changing internet providers are not causes for a refund.

If you paid for this licensed software using a credit card and said card is subject to a chargeback, Fenced.ai may cancel your account.

App activity will only resume once Fenced.ai has received any pending payments and at their discretion.

Does Fenced Offer Technical Support?

Yes. Fenced offers very good customer support. They are quick and responsive, and you can get in touch with them through the app or the official website.

They offer technical advice on their website, and support tickets can be submitted via email.

Your conversations with their customer support will also have a record you can check in the future. The website also includes basic troubleshooting solutions.

Can Fenced Record Phone Calls?

Yes. This parental control app can record phone calls from your child’s device. If you are unsure how to access this feature, you may check the website for a how-to guide.

The licensed software can also create accurate call logs on the target device. This will include the date and time that the call took place and how long the call was.

This parental control app cannot create call logs from calls that have been deleted. If your child deletes their call history, then the app cannot trace their calls.

Does Fenced Have to Be Installed on the Target Phone?

Yes. Fenced must be installed on an Android device. This requires a few minutes of physical access and the passcode to the device.

iPhone installation does NOT require installation on the device itself. This is possible as long as you have the iCloud credentials of the target device.

You can check on your kid’s activities from your web account once Fenced.ai has been installed.

Will the Phone’s Owner Know Fenced Is Installed?

The phone’s owner will NOT know Fenced is installed. The app is hidden during installation and runs in stealth mode.

This parental control app will not use too many resources and won’t drain the target device’s battery when in use.

If your kid’s phone is an Android device, you should remember to hide the application icon after installation. After installing the app on your kid’s phone, this option will be presented.

Is Using Fenced Legal?

Using Fenced to monitor minors is legal in several countries, including the US. Note that children under 18 do not need to be notified.

The law generally requires you to notify the phone’s owner that you are installing the app on such device. This is a legal requirement if the owner is an adult.

You will be solely responsible for this notification, and Fenced.ai cannot be held accountable if you forget. Check your local jurisdiction laws to be certain.

If you are unsure, then you can consult your own legal advisor for assistance on this matter. They can advise you on the applicable law if one exists.


Fenced.ai is one of the best parental control apps available now. It can be installed on iOS devices or Android phones.

If you are an employer, then this tool will be helpful if you want to monitor your employees’ app activity and application usage during the work day.

Ensure that Fenced.ai is software intended for legal use only. It cannot be used to monitor adults without their prior consent.

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