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How Can I Spy on My Girlfriend’s Text Messages

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One of the unfortunate side effects of smartphones is that it’s easier than ever for people to cheat. And texting is by far one of the most popular ways for cheaters to communicate.

In this article you’ll learn how to spy on your girlfriend’s text messages. We’ll cover three different methods below.

It is important to remember that the best remedy for partner trust issues would be open and honest communication with your girlfriend.

If you suspect infidelity, you might just make the situation worse by deliberately spying on them.

Every relationship is different, but most people would consider texting a form of cheating.

If you find that your girlfriend is being secretive with the intention of cheating and want evidence on this, you can try these methods to view her text messages below.

How To Track Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

Does your girlfriend’s texting make you nervous or suspicious? Could she be talking to a new person outside your relationship?

There are several ways to track your girlfriend’s text messages. Some methods require having physical access to the phone itself. Other methods involve discussing your concerns with your girlfriend.

Below are the 3 easiest ways to view your girlfriend’s text messages.

Physically Check Her Phone

Checking your girlfriend’s phone is the most direct way to see who she’s texting. This method has obvious challenges.

People with something to hide don’t typically allow their phone out of their site. But a few minutes here or there is all you need to look at her messages.

This method requires you to have all of the following:

  • physical access to her phone
  • her passcode to unlock the phone

Advantages of Manually Checking Her Phone

There are advantages to the manual method of checking her messages.

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s fast
  3. It doesn’t require any software
  4. You can see EVERYTHING

Disadvantages of Physically Checking Her Phone

There are also disadvantages to manually looking at your girlfriend’s phone.

  1. access to the phone can be difficult or impossible
  2. you might not have her passcode
  3. checking her messages clears notification icons, leaving a trail of snooping

Use an App to View Her Text Messages

Spy apps or cell phone monitoring apps allow you to read someone’s SMS text messages without having their phone. They also monitor social media, browser history, and even GPS locations of the target device.

Below are our top 3 cell phone monitoring apps. They all allow access to text messages and chat app messages.

1. uMobix – Best Android and iPhone Text Message Spy

umobix logo

uMobix is a spy app with that monitors text messages, dating apps, chat apps, and social media activity on someone’s phone. It also tracks the phone’s GPS location.

uMobix is an excellent text message monitoring tool. You can read your partner’s texts including content of the messages, sender and recipient information, timestamps, and image or video attachments.

Once installed, this spy software accesses your girlfriend’s phone from anywhere in the world.

uMobix also monitors web browser history, phone call logs, contacts, and calendar appointments.

They have a free demo available on their website, so you can try out how the spy app user interface works.

2. mSpy

mSpy logo

mSpy is a spying app that tracks text messages, social media, chat apps, and more. It offers similar features to uMobix.has a similar tool set that can shed some truth on what your girlfriend is doing on her phone.

mSpy monitors social media activity and other information such as phone media files and web browser activity that you may want to spy on.

All phone data is sent to a remote server where it can be viewed through an online control panel 24/7.

Monitoring texts on an Android with mSpy requires a few minutes of physical access to the device. Once it’s setup, you can check all her texts an chat messages remotely.

For the iOS app, you’ll need the username and password of the iCloud account that’s being used on the target cell phone. Usually, these would be the email they used to register for their Apple account with its own unique password

The mSpy app will run in the background all information is sent without the user knowing.

3: KidsGuard Pro – Best for Computers

KidsGuard Pro is a parental control app designed to monitor child’s phone. But it can be use to monitor any phone.

KidsGuard Pro can also monitor Windows and Mac computers. This allows you to check your girlfriend’s messages anywhere.

With KidsGuard Pro’s monitoring technology, any text message can be viewed alongside media files shared so that you can monitor any information shared with different people.

You can learn more about the KidsGuard Pro monitoring app here.

Advantages of Using Spy Software to Track Her Texts

There are several advantages to using spy software to track your girlfriend’s text communications.

  1. check messages anytime, day or night
  2. check from anywhere
  3. after installation, no access to her phone is required
  4. view deleted text messages

Disadvantages of Using Spy Software To Spy on Her Texts

There are several disadvantages to using spy software to spy on your girlfriend’s text communications.

  1. it costs money (uMobix is $12.59/mo for an annual plan)
  2. it requires one-time access to her phone to install the software
  3. legal issues of spying on someone’s phone without their permission

It’s important to remember that spying on your girlfriend’s messages doesn’t actually fix the problem. It gives you proof, but the third option below can also help you get to the truth.

Talk to Her (Safest)

Talking to your girlfriend about who she is texting is by far the safest and most honest approach.

Your girlfriend’s phone is only a small part of how she communicates with other people, so spying on your girlfriend’s phone will only tell you so much.

If you’re worried about about texts and calls happening behind your back, open a discussion with her about how you fell. Asking your partner for open communication can solve all kinds of relationship difficulties.

If a person in a relationship continues to lie and hide things, then the internal trust between the couple will eventually erode.


It’s easy to search for ways to see how you can monitor your girlfriends text messages to see if they are staying faithful to you.

But you need to understand this is not the best way to solve issues of trust and communication with your partner.

No amount of sneaking around and monitoring apps can really bring the closure you need between yourself and your girlfriend.

While these methods can certainly give you a peek into what your partner might be hiding, sometimes it’s just better to talk about difficult things in an open and honest way.

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