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My iKeymonitor Review: An In-Depth Look

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Welcome to my iKeyMonitor review!

iKeyMonitor is one of the best smartphone spying apps on the market. iKeyMonitor helps spouses, parents, and employers spy on cell phone activity like text messages, social media activity, email messages, phone contacts, phone call logs, WiFi connections, web browser history, installed apps, and games. iKeyMonitor operates on both Android and iOS devices.

It is designed best for PARENTS to protect their children from online threats and EMPLOYERS to ensure their employees are not idle.

In this article, I’ll be telling you more about what makes iKeyMonitor a GREAT app.

I’ll also be comparing it with some

My iKeyMonitor Review

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Before we comprehensively look at what the iKeyMonitor app offers, it would be best to set things straight this early on.

Let’s start by looking at the BIG PICTURE…

Here’s where I think iKeyMonitor especially shines AND fails:


  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING OF PHOTOS. This is one of its key features, making it one of its BEST advantages! It’s great because it allows you to see what the user has been watching, receiving, and sending.
  • WIDE SELECTION OF FEATURES. You can do quite a lot with the iKeyMonitor app, making it all the more CONVINCING to purchase.
  • FREE VERSION. Not all spying apps offer a free plan (or a free trial, for that matter). Of course, this version will have considerably FEWER FEATURES than others… but for what it’s worth, its free counterpart already covers ALL the basics.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES WITHOUT ROOTING. I’m referring to active manipulation of the target device: call recording, clicking pictures, and listening to surround sounds. For these to be available on NOT ROOTED PHONES is a massive upgrade.
  • RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. You can easily browse through the HELP SECTION on the app’s website… but more than this, they also have customer representatives you can talk to on chat!


  • LACK OF NORMAL FEATURES FOR UNROOTED DEVICES. It’s pretty confusing WHY normal SPY APP FEATURES like web history access and app blocking aren’t available for unrooted devices.
  • FAST CONSUMPTION OF BATTERY LIFE. All spy apps extract data over long periods, but it’s been a mystery why this is NOT a problem I’ve observed among other monitoring apps, despite being an occasional occurrence only.
  • HIGH MONTHLY COST FOR PREMIUM PLANS. It might cost you a bit more than others. This is especially true if you’re NOT subscribing to an annual plan.

Well, that’s the big picture right there!

If you’re SOLD by the pros alone, then you should continue reading.

However, if the cons just made you worry MORE, you should definitely continue reading.

I’ll walk you through the features of the iKeyMonitor! This way, you’ll be sure about whether or not the app is enough for you.

iKeyMonitor Features

These are the seven key features that make iKeyMonitor STAND OUT among the rest in the industry. Let’s go over them real quick!

Stealth Mode

 I have to get this out of the way: you gain remote access to devices SECRETLY… that’s why it’s a spy monitoring app in the first place!

However, you’d be surprised that not ALL apps offer stealth mode.

What does that exactly mean?

  • iKeyMonitor ensures that the target device will NOT know that the app is working on their end
  • iKeyMonitor ensures that data collected is TRUE and based on the target’s daily activities

In other words, the iKeyMonitor serves as a SYSTEM APP. There is NO WAY that the phone owner can identify or delete it.

This is important for parental control apps so that your children will continue with their regular routines.

Tracking and Monitor

You can track anything with iKeyMonitor (NOTE: This feature is among the basics that are available on your iOS or Android device.)

Phone Calls

This includes a log of ALL incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll be able to see their contact details, especially if they’re already in the device’s address book.

Text Messages

You name it: SMS messages, social media messaging apps, and even PROFILES on different social media platforms!

Indeed, iKeyMonitor records even DELETED messages after it has been installed.

Voice Messages

Even better than monitoring, iKeyMonitor also has a RECORDING FEATURE for voice messages, emails, and other forms of messages.

Email Content

You also get to see if emails are read, sent on time, and organized by your team. All in all, it’s a great way to see if your employees are being productive during working hours.

Browser History

The app will show you ALL of the websites the target device will visit. You’ll be able to see the URLs that the app will automatically log for you!


What the iKeyMonitor app in itself does NOT do is: reveal what the target device sends.

This is where the keylogger proves useful:

  • You CAN see what your child types onto their phone
  • You CAN track keystrokes, passwords, and pasted text messages of any length

Keylogger allows you to do this EVEN WHILE THE APP IS IN HIDDEN MODE.


Here’s what geofencing allows you to do:

  • Track the GPS locations of the target devices
  • Specify a LOCATION on a virtual map
  • Alert you if the target device LEAVES the specified location

This geofencing feature of the app works with the keylogger to provide information on your virtual map.


Yes, iKeyMonitor does allow you to take screenshots!

  • You can do this at any time convenient for you.
  • You can do this even in REALTIME while the target phone is in use.
  • There is no limit on how many screenshots you can capture.

You will be able to find the screenshots stored in your control panel.

Multiple Languages

Not fluent in English? You do NOT have to worry about it with iKeyMonitor.

The app is simply available in ALL primary speaking languages worldwide, making the app even more functional.

App Blocking

This is the ULTIMATE parental control app feature:

  • The feature allows you to BLOCK any specific app you do not like.
  • At the same time, you can also SET A SCREEN TIME LIMIT.

As a digital parent, this is the equivalent of GROUNDING YOUR CHILD.

What’s even great is that even if your child REINSTALLS the app, your child’s phone will automatically flag it as unusable.

Compatibility With Operating Systems

I will NOT beat around the bush this time: the iKeyMonitor is compatible with BOTH iOS and Android.

Allow me to expound.

iKeyMonitor for iPhone

There are THREE THINGS you have to know about the app if you own iOS devices:

  • The app is available for iOS versions 6-13.2.3
  • It is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices
  • Jailbroken devices have more tracking features

And by “more features,” I mean the process of jailbreaking MATTERS for the iKeyMonitor.

Some features that you can get if you have a jailbroken iOS phone include:

  • USE of target device’s social media accounts (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.)
  • CAPTURE screenshots from the target device
  • SEE everything typed on the target device’s keyboard through keystroke tracking

Regardless, the features from a jailbroken iOS device are ALREADY powerful enough.

iKeyMonitor for Android

As for Android devices, there are THREE THINGS that you have to know if you plan to use iKeyMonitor:

  • The app is available for Android OS 4-9
  • It is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices

Unlike iOS devices, the number of ADDITIONAL FEATURES you get after rooting Android phones is not much.

Some of these include:

  • Snapchat monitoring
  • Web history access

Otherwise, I advise you to NOT root your device… especially if you’re only after the additional features from iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Pricing

The iKeynomitor app offers TWO PLANS that you can choose from:

  • Free version
  • Premium version

What it all boils down to are the FEATURES.

Free iKeyMonitor Version

Of course, this will NOT cost you anything.

However, you do already get all the essential features that you will need:

  • Call logs and messages access
  • Location tracking
  • Contacts and calendar tracking
  • Wifi history viewing

The free plan is already great as is. If you don’t mind having fewer features, you can go for this already!

Premium iKeyMonitor Version

Accessing MORE ADVANCED FEATURES is only possible through the paid version of the app.

There are TWO different plans available for iKeyMonitor:

  • Online Family Plan: $9.99 for 3 days of access OR $16.66 per month on demand
  • Business Plan: $9.99 per month per device (minimum of 20 devices)

These plans have access to ALL the advanced iKeyMonitor features… which varies across the iOS and Android operating systems.

However, iKeyMonitor Online Family supports BOTH iOS and Android devices. The Business Plan, on the other hand, is only available to Android users.

But don’t worry! You will also have the option to have a 3-day iKeyMonitor free trial for all of the plans.

iKeyMonitor Installation

The installation process for iKeyMonitor is easy.

You can install iKeyMonitor WITHOUT the need to jailbreak or root your device: download it! The entire process will also usually just take a few minutes.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Log in to the online cloud panel
  2. Click the download iKeyMonitor button
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions

And that’s it! You now have the iKeyMonitor spy app installed on your phone.

However, there are also a few things that you should know:

  • ANDROID DEVICES. You need to disable the INTERNET SERVICE in System Admin to configure your Play Store settings. Likewise, you should remove the INSTALLER FILES on the phone to delete all traces of it.
  • iOS DEVICES. You MUST jailbreak the target iOS device to use the ADVANCED FEATURES on it.

Basic app features for iOS can otherwise be accessed using the iCloud credentials.

You can IMMEDIATELY monitor your choice of specific apps after you successfully install iKeyMonitor on your device.

Customer Support

The parent control app iKeyMonitor offers GREAT customer support.

Here’s why:

  • Help Section. You can easily access this through the WEBSITE or the APP itself… they also offer chat support!
  • Response Time. The support also replies FAST. This is important especially given the nature of spy apps.

Customer support is truly something that puts iKeyMonitor ahead of some of its competitors.

It’s PERFECT, especially for parents who aren’t as technologically equipped.

Who Should Use iKeyMonitor?

The iKeyMonitor spy app has a target audience that is both GENERAL and SPECIFIC at the same time:

  • It’s general in the sense that it has a WIDE VARIETY OF FEATURES that everyone can use
  • It’s specific in the sense that its target markets are PARENTS and EMPLOYERS

It’s even suitable for beginners because of its quality customer support AND offered free plan!

Remember: it is IMPOSSIBLE to have physical access to the devices you give to your employees and kids.

So if you’re in the market for spy apps, then this may be the best work and parental control app for you.

iKeyMonitor vs. uMobix

Right off the bat, I can confidently say that uMobix LACKS some of the more advanced spying features that iKeyMonitor offers: CALL RECORDING and PHONE SURROUNDINGS RECORDING.

However, you are at least guaranteed to have ALL the basic features a spy app should have:

  • Monitoring of Activities. You don’t have to worry because uMobix covers calls, SMS messages, emails, and browser history. It also has a keylogger feature to see what is being typed on the device.
  • Tracking of Popular Apps. The uMobix app covers all the platforms and instant messaging apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Determination of Physical Location. The app also has a GPS tracking feature that keeps tabs on your target device in REAL-TIME.

As for pricing, uMobix is MORE EXPENSIVE:

  • Full Plan. $11.66 per month every year ($7.49 on iOS)

And yes, you are reading that right: ONLY the full plan is available for Apple devices.

Yet even better is how uMobix allows the monitoring of social media apps without jailbreaking your iPhone.

Given all these, I still personally think that uMobix is worth it.

READ MORE: My Detailed uMobix Review

iKeyMonitor vs. mSpy

mSpy is one of the popular apps for monitoring in the world. That said, there are lots of mSpy alternatives out there that offer better features, pricing, and customer support. Check out my mSpy vs iKeyMonitor comparison for more information.

You can expect to see IDENTICAL FEATURES for both Android and iOS devices… however, there are some KEY DIFFERENCES that you should be ready for:

  • Pricing. The mSpy app does NOT offer a free plan, while iKeyMonitor gives you 3 full days of free use.
  • Features. In mSpy, you CANNOT take screenshots of your target device. Likewise, it also has a limited number of apps that it can access.
  • Rooting and Jailbroken Devices. Unlike iKeyMonitor, mSpy does NOT require this for its most expensive and advanced plan.
  • User Experience. Admittedly, the mSpy app feels more complicated to use. This might be because of its user interface that feels almost serious with its DESIGN and ICONS.

Otherwise, you can expect to find them primarily similar to each other: functionality, customer support, and legality.

If you’re trying to choose between mSpy and iKeyMonitor, I would recommend mSpy.


The iKeyMonitor app is truly one of the best spy monitoring and parental control apps right now:

  • Powerful features related to monitoring and tracking
  • Review and block apps
  • Gain unauthorized access on your target’s device
  • Compatible with any operating system
  • Justifiable pricing (it has a free trial, too!)

Other famous apps like uMobix and mSpy may be great, but iKeyMonitor reviews all generally find the app to be worth it on its own.

The iKeyMonitor app is simply one of the best spying solutions for both Android and iPhone, jailbroken and rooted devices alike.

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