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How to Spy on Someone’s Kik Account and Messages

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Kik is one of the top social media platforms and instant messaging apps worldwide because it makes EVERYTHING easier.

In this post I’ll showcase the best Kik spy tools on the market.

These apps will allow you to spy on someone on Kik, without them knowing.

Spy Apps for Kik

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There is a selection of cell phone spy software that you can use to monitor Kik activity without the user knowing. These spy tools also allow you to spy on Snapchat and other apps.

People may not be aware of these choices, but many apps feature spying on Kik activities privately.

Spy software applications allow you to monitor all messages sent and received by the target person on the Kik platform.

It’s easier for you to keep tabs on your loved ones across devices.

These Kik monitoring apps are SAFE ENOUGH for you to monitor Kik messages, photos, videos, and everything in between.

The Kik spy app we’re going to be focusing on today is iKeyMonitor.

Step 1: Setting Up iKeyMonitor on Your Device

Getting started with monitoring someone’s Kik messages, you need to first install iKeyMonitor on your phone or whatever device you choose for the Kik spy software.

This is how to set up the software on your device.

Open the iKeyMonitor official website on your chosen device to DOWNLOAD THE APP.

Then, select the type of device you want to monitor (You can choose either Android or iOS.)

If you’re monitoring Kik messaging of an iOS user, you need to jailbreak their iPhone or Apple device first. (NOTE: Kik monitoring is ONLY possible on non-jailbroken iPhones and Apple devices.)

Next, create an account on iKeyMonitor by clicking SIGN UP.

Here, you’ll have to provide an email ID and set up a password so you can use the software. Right after, your login credentials will be sent to the email address that you provided.

After that, you’ve officially finished the first step of getting to monitor Kik from your chosen device.

NOTE: Remember the credentials you received because you will use them next in the setup process.

Step 2: Setting Up iKeyMonitor on the Target Device

Setting the app on the target phone or device ​will require physical access to their phone for about 5-10 minutes. Maybe find a distraction for the target device owner to buy you some time.

Once you’ve got a chance to get a hold of the target phone or target device used for Kik messages, here’s the way to set up iKeyMonitor.

Open the iKeyMonitor official website once again, but this time on the target device. Using the credentials that you received on your registered email, you will LOG IN.

Now, you have to SELECT THE TYPE OF DEVICE your target uses: Android or iOS.

Next, you download iKeyMonitor by tapping on Download iKeyMonitor for Android or iOS on the website.

Once the app has been downloaded, open it by tapping the app icon. You will need to GIVE PERMISSION to the app regarding certain features and configure its settings.

After you’re done with that, you can finally use the software for monitoring your loved ones.

NOTE: We suggest this for parental control activities because the software is great for tracking the Kik activities of your children to ensure their safety. Just like you, we want users to be safe and secure too.

Step 3: The Spying Activities Begin

Once you’re done with the iKeyMonitor set up on the target device, you can leave it back where you found it and pretend nothing happened.

The STEALTHIEST part is done.

Now you get back on your phone and explore the tracker to read Kik messages. On the dashboard of iKeyMonitor, you will see the Logs option on the left side of the screen.

SELECT the Logs to see Chats. Under Chats, SELECT Kik.

What Happens When You’re in the Kik Selection?

You will see a list of all the Kiks messages your target person is receiving.

On the left side of the screen, you will see all the Kik contacts and groups the user has joined.

You can NEVER be too careful with the safety of your kids and teens on various instant messaging apps. That’s why we appreciate that this spy app shows the contacts too.

There are various sorting options available for your convenience and quick results. It’ll be easier to have control when spying on your devices.

You can select whether you want to view the Text Logs, Voice, Images, and Attachment under TYPE sorting.

Under the CONTACTS section, you can also sort the messages by contacts and groups.

This way, it’ll be easier and more organized for you to spy on your target person’s activities.

Be Wary About Some Unpredictable Features

Some of the following notifications and activities might appear when spying on someone on the software interface, so take it with a grain of salt:

  • The Date and Time of the Kik messages will appear.
  • You will see EVERYTHING that appears from different contacts.
  • Sometimes, messages from individual contacts might appear as if they are from a group chat.
  • There may be instances where contacts are not recognized and may appear as Unknown instead of the contact name. This is most likely because the Kik messages will be coming from a new contact.
  • Although, when this happens, you will most likely receive a notification from your app that a new chat has been started with (name of account here).

More Kik Spying Tools

There are alternatives to using iKeyMonitor when it comes to spying on instant messaging apps like Kik.

Here are some of them.

Check Out Other Spyware Apps

As we said earlier, you can use a selection from app to app to monitor your kids or partner on Kik. Here are a few substitutes for iKeyMonitor that we suggest.


You can use uMobix just like iKeyMonitor. They show activity results in forms on text, but it’s been proven to be quite the RELIABLE spyware. uMobix allows you to spy on Facebook messenger on an iPhone without jailbreaking it.

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro can monitor Kik activity in both messages and screenshots, which you can monitor via STEALTH MODE.

You can also visit the web control panel to view the collected data from Kik and monitor all the activities done on the app.


For Android devices, the SpyHuman app is a good solution. It is a completely simple-to-use mobile tracker that will help keep an eye on whoever’s Kik activity.

It efficiently allows you to monitor active chats, preview photos, and even track deleted conversations.

Hire a Hacker

You might see it as a common suggestion to hire a professional hacker for monitoring or spying on whoever you want to on Kik.

It may be a convenient option, but it comes with lots of drawbacks.

Hackers often gain information by breaking into the Kik account on the target person’s device. When it happens, the target device owner can’t log in to their own account.

This might be a reason for them to become suspicious.

Hackers have professional technology. This means that the hacker may also install virus software on the target device. That’s never good for anybody.

Hackers can be expensive to hire. Because they offer professional services, you may have to pay them a large amount of money.

They’d only be a good option if you have a lot of cash to spare and you know your target person’s Kik-using schedule.


What Are the Advantages of Kik?

Connectivity is a strong suit! Staying connected on the app is way MORE CONVENIENT than checking text messages.

Kik ALSO doesn’t require users to register their phone numbers before getting an account. That makes this instant messaging app have an edge of ANONYMITY.

Why Should You Install Kik?

Here are some examples of why it is important to spy on someone’s Kik messages.

You could be a parent that wants to monitor your child’s safety or spouse’s messaging apps? You MIGHT also want to check if your friends are secretly backstabbing you through their messages.

Can We Really Spy on Another Person on Kik Without Them Knowing?

Thanks to different spyware applications such as iKeyMonotor, you CAN SPY ON PEOPLE on Kik without them knowing.

As long as you can physically access the target phone for a few minutes to install the app on it, you’ll be good. After that, you can spy on their activity remotely from your own phone.

Can I See Active Chats That Happen in Real-Time?

Spyware like iKeyMonitor gives quick updates on the new messages that the target person will be receiving.

This means if the person you are spying on is currently chatting with someone, it will be easy for you to know.

How to See Someone’s Kik Contacts?

When using spyware like iKeyMonitor, the contact is usually shown along with the contents of the featured chats.

Other spyware may have a more organized look into the contacts of the target person you are spying on.


For whatever reason that you have that you want to spy on someone on the Kik app, we have your back.

Remember the beauty of spyware, and be as stealthy as possible to ensure your safety from the dangerous digital stratosphere.

May this step-by-step guide on how to set up iKeyMonitor aid you in tracking down malicious content and comments.

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