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How to Tell If Someone is Listening to Your Mobile Phone Calls

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It’s hard to imagine anything more intrusive than the idea of someone listening to your mobile phone calls.

But even though companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google claim their phones are highly secure and encrypted, it’s still possible to hack these phones if someone wants to badly enough.

The truth is it’s actually quite easy for someone to listen to your phone calls and even record them.

How Could Someone Listen to My Cell Phone Calls?

While there will always be hackers who figure out ways to exploit vulnerabilities in computers, phones, or apps, this sort of thing is beyond most normal people’s ability.

But there is software out there that is designed to help people who want to spy on someone else’s phone.

Cell Phone Spying Apps

I’ve gone into GREAT detail in other articles on a number of different apps that allow you to spy on a cell phone. Many of these apps can be purchased for as little as $10 per month and can give someone complete access to your phone.

And I’m not just talking about your phone calls. They can also read messages, see your social media account activity, track your phones location, remotely activate a phone’s camera and lots more.

Terrifying isn’t it?

These apps generally work with both Androids and iPhones. They’ll also work on tablets like iPads.

Cell phone manufacturers have made a serious effort to protect their devices from these sorts of intrusive apps, but if someone want’s to spy on your phone badly enough, they can.

But most of these apps cannot actually listen to or record your phone calls. They can only access backup data in the Cloud to see texts, location data, and more.

There is only one monitoring software that allows complete access to a smartphone, including live calls.

Can Someone Listen to Your iPhone Conversations?

The short answer is yes. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. And it would be almost impossible for someone you don’t know to do this.

For someone to listen to your iPhone conversations they would need to:

  1. Get their hands on your device and unlock it.
  2. Jailbreak the iPhone.
  3. Install a spy app like FlexiSPY (the only one that allows call monitoring).
  4. Do all of this without you noticing.

Can Someone Listen to Your Android Conversations?

Again the answer to this question is yes. And just like with the iPhone, it’s quite complicated to listen to the conversations of someone’s Android phone.

They would need to do all of the following:

  1. Get physical access to your phone and know your passcode
  2. Root the Android
  3. Download and install FlexiSPY on the device

And of course they would have to do all of this without you finding out.

But if someone you know had reason to want to listen to your calls, it would certainly be possible.

Check for Spyware on Your Phone

There are some telltale signs that a phone has spyware installed on it. Here are few of the most common.

  • data usage – if you’ve noticed a significant increase in your data usage this could be a sign that an app is uploading large amounts of data to a server somewhere.
  • short battery life – since most cell phones have terrible battery life, this one’s a bit more difficult to notice. But if you see a BIG drop in battery life you might want to investigate what apps are causing it.
  • decreased performance – does your phone seem slower than normal? Surveillance apps can use a big chunk of your phone’s processor and slow down other programs.

If you’ve noticed any of these types of behaviors it’s worth doing a security scan on your phone immediately.

Then ask yourself who would want to hack your phone? Because if you catch them, you could possibly press charges.

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