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Phonespector Review 2023: Cell Phone Spy App

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Nowadays, technology can accomplish almost anything—such as completely tracking someone’s activity on his cell phone.

Whether you’re a concerned parent, a suspicious employer, or someone whose cell phone got stolen, phone spying apps like PhoneSpector can help you collect all the important information that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

PhoneSpector is one of the more popular Android spyware apps, but is it really worth the hype? Read our complete PhoneSpector review below to find out!

My PhoneSpector Review

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PhoneSpector is advertised as one of the best and most advanced phone tracking apps on the market.

This Android and iPhone-friendly spy app can remotely gather data from any target phone and deliver it automatically to your own PhoneSpector account.

This means you can easily view the information you need on any device or cell phone with internet capabilities.

This software program is suited for consumer different needs: It can help parents keep their children safe from online threats; employers can use it to monitor employees’ productivity in the workplace, and it can even retrieve important personal data from a lost or stolen cell phone.

How PhoneSpector Works

To set up PhoneSpector, all you have to do is create an account, download the app on the target phone, and pay the one-time activation fee. After that, you can quickly log on to any internet-enabled device to view all the information you need.

There’s absolutely no need to jailbreak or root your cell phone, which is a plus, as this could make you more vulnerable to viruses or malware.

Since Apple products back up everything to the cloud, you can access photos, messages, and other content from the monitored cell phone practically anytime and anywhere. Once installed, this secure online software can grab data in a matter of minutes.

Most importantly, PhoneSpector boasts complete stealth and discretion—targets won’t know that they’re being monitored.

So far, the concept behind PhoneSpector is quite convenient, efficient, and effective.

PhoneSpector Features

Now, you may be wondering what exactly PhoneSpector can do. Well, once you purchase the spy app, you get access to the features below plus any additional software upgrades that they release afterward.

GPS Tracking

PhoneSpector can trace your target device’s GPS location and display it on Google Maps. The dashboard provides real-time updates every 15 minutes as well, so you can constantly monitor the person’s movements.

With a maximum error of 50 feet, the PhoneSpector GPS tracking accuracy is not too bad. It’s basic, but it gets the job done.


You can also get full access to the saved contacts in the target phone using PhoneSpector. This can be helpful when you’re narrowing down a list of people with whom someone has been communicating with.

You can also use this spy app feature to restore lost contacts if you ever lose or damage your cell phone. Having this installed will save you the trouble of manually creating a new phone directory from scratch.

Text Messages

Text messages on a phone often contain the most information to sift through.

PhoneSpector utilizes technology that allows you to not only view saved text messages (with their dates and timestamps) but also read deleted ones.

This works because both sent and received text messages are always backed up to your PhoneSpector account, so these don’t disappear even if the user erases them from his cell phone.

Call Records

Besides recovering messages, PhoneSpector can also display call logs, which include cell phone numbers, call durations, and timestamps.

What’s surprising is the spy app can even record all incoming and outgoing calls. All you have to do is download the full conversations from the PhoneSpector dashboard so you can go back and listen to them anytime.

Social Media

With social media activity increasing tremendously every year, PhoneSpector has also linked to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

The spy app can track almost all activity on these social media apps—sent and received Viber messages, Facebook messages, posts, likes, comments, etc., can easily be saved and viewed on your account.

Photos and Videos

PhoneSpector can extract all the photos, videos, and media files on the target device—even the deleted ones.

Much like it does with messages, PhoneSpector automatically backs up all of these files to the cloud for you.

This is not only a great storage space alternative but also a safeguard against unexpected viruses or malware that could delete all of your phone data.

Browser History

PhoneSpector can also pull up someone’s full internet activity, including all web searches and visited sites from their browser history.

From the PhoneSpector dashboard, you can easily click on the links to go to all the actual websites.

This spy app feature is important for parents who need to make sure their kids aren’t viewing any malicious or harmful content on their phones.


Phonespector has a powerful built-in keylogger captures all keystrokes performed on the target phone.

This is useful when you want to check typed usernames, passwords, and messages that may not show up in the sent and received social media archives.

Other Applications

Besides the features mentioned above, PhoneSpector can also view all applications downloaded on the cell phone, check old and new calendar events, and open emails.

One of its advanced features is its ability to block specific apps from being installed by the user.

PhoneSpector Compatibility

PhoneSpector is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, so you can use the spy app without having to jailbreak your phone.

This spy app works for all Apple devices running iOS 7 to 14 as well as all devices operating on Android 3 to 10.

To set up PhoneSpector on an Apple phone, you’ll need the user’s Apple ID and password. Meanwhile, you’ll need to physically access an Android phone for at least 45 seconds to monitor it with the spy app.

PhoneSpector Price

PhoneSpector offers two price plans: Basic and Pro. Both plans only need a one-time payment to work, so you won’t have to pay any additional fees to unlock upgrades or new features on PhoneSpector.

Basic Plan Cost

The basic plan only costs $29.99, but it doesn’t include all of the spy app features.

It can’t view information on social media such as Facebook messages and Viber messages.

It also can’t restrict calls, applications, and websites on the phone, nor can it track the user’s keystrokes. Lastly, it only has basic GPS tracking functions, such as viewing the phone’s GPS location.

Pro Plan Cost

On the other hand, the pro plan is priced at $69.99, but you can freely use all of the available features on PhoneSpector.

With this plan, you can perform all the functions above, including extra features like geofencing, website and application blocking, full social media access, and keylogger.

While PhoneSpector Pro is certainly more expensive, it also offers a lot more features. The added cost may be worth it if you need more control over the specific cell phone.

These plans also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the details on how to claim this are a little unclear.

Phonespector Customer Service

PhoneSpector supposedly offers 24/7 customer support via phone or email.

However, while contacting them is free, users experience extremely long waiting times, especially when the company responds to complaints or refund requests.

Some customer service personnel are also reported to be rude and unhelpful once you are able to speak to them directly.

Since swift customer support is crucial for complicated software programs such as these, poor service is definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing PhoneSpector.

Customer Reviews of Phonespector

Despite its seeming popularity, PhoneSpector doesn’t have a lot of great reviews.

On Trustpilot, 47% of users gave it a “Bad” review rating, while only 13% said it was “Excellent.” Some of the top complaints by users indicate poor functionality, bad customer service, and a nonexistent refund policy.

While PhoneSpector is certainly attractive because of its low price, even $30 is a lot to pay for an app that doesn’t work properly.

We’d recommend spending a little more on spy apps that have better functions, more trusted technology, and more reliable customer support.

After all, if you’re after secure online tracking and monitoring, you want to be sure that you’re getting only the best software out there.

PhoneSpector vs mSpy and SPYIC

While my PhoneSpector review was quite disappointing, there are two alternative spy app that I highly recommend.

My favorite spying app overall is uMobix. I’ve done an in-depth review, which you can find here.

My second favorite overall is mSpy. mSpy has long been one of the top choices for spy app software. While they do offer solid features, SPYIC has outpaced them in the last couple years.

Feature Comparison

Like PhoneSpector, mSpy has a ton of features for cell phone tracking. It can quickly access social media, accurately display GPS location, and monitor SMS or Facebook messages and calls.

With the higher-priced plan, it also offers blocking and restriction functions for added safety.

Compared to PhoneSpector, mSpy’s technology is more refined. For instance, its GPS location tracking services have a range of 20 meters, which is more accurate than PhoneSpector’s 50-meter range.

It can also update in real-time every five minutes, which is quicker than PhoneSpector’s 15 minutes.

We also like that mSpy’s dashboard is a lot more user-friendly—all of the data is organized properly in separate tabs for easy readability. There are even graphs/charts to measure the user’s phone habits and frequent location visits over a specific period of time.

Another useful feature is mSpy’s alerts. When the user goes to a suspicious location or performs dangerous activities online, you’ll automatically be notified. This is great for busy individuals who want a hassle-free way to monitor all activity, as you won’t have to constantly check your account for updates.

Additionally, mSpy doesn’t just claim to be discreet; it’s completely untraceable!

Even when the app is downloaded on the target user’s phone, it’s completely hidden from view, and he or she won’t see any of the settings either.

Overall, mSpy has more advanced features than PhoneSpector—these are more personalized, proactive, and functional, so you’ll definitely get more use out of this app.

Cost Comparison

mSpy has three renewable plans for one month, three months, or one year: Basic, Premium, and Family.

The basic plan starts at $29.99, the premium plan goes for $69.99, while the family kit supports three devices for $359.97. Right off the bat, these are all priced higher than PhoneSpector, which is a one-time purchase.

However, considering the quality and great functionality of mSpy, we think it’s a better investment.

After all, you’re looking after the safety and security of your children, your workplace, or even yourself, so it’s wisest to go with a trusted app over a low-cost option that could leave you vulnerable to online predators.

If you’re still unsure, mSpy offers a free trial option, so you can easily test out the product to see if it’s a good fit for you. This will give you access to all the features you need, so you’ll be able to decide if they’re worth the cost.

They also provide demos that will guide you through the app when you use it for the first time.

mSpy Customer Support

Unlike PhoneSpector, mSpy is often praised for its great customer service.

Its 24/7 multilingual support team is available at all times through email or live chat to answer your inquiries and provide additional assistance. They also have a full refund policy within two weeks of purchase in case of any malfunctions.

For more personalized customer assistance, you can also add on paid phone support services and VIP rooting assistance. This helps you have a smoother and more hassle-free process.

Why I Like mSpy & SpyIC

Customers like how user-friendly and discrete mSpy is—it’s really easy to use. It doesn’t drain the target phone’s battery or send any suspicious signals, and it’s not difficult to get technical assistance whenever you need it.

Because the app is so functional, all of the information users usually need are readily available as well.

Everything—from location tracking to keylogging—is tracked and recorded accurately on your account’s control center, so you can view these whenever you need them.

Generally, users find mSpy to be a great safety tool that fits their own personal needs. However, to experience the best features that truly separate them from other spy apps, consider upgrading to the premium package.

Legal Issues and Policies

Installing spy apps are perfectly legal as long as they’re installed on your own device, on an underage child’s phone, or on any other devices with their owners’ consent.

Be conscious of your own city or country’s policies concerning this so you won’t encounter any legal problems down the road.

It is your responsibility to determine whether you have the proper authorizations before using the product. You can always consult a legal professional if you have any further questions on the topic.

Review Verdict

Although PhoneSpector seemed to be a good and inexpensive spy app at first, its actual benefits do not actually live up to all of its claims.

Our review shows that the app is not only prone to malfunctions; the company also provides poor customer service to address these problems.

Consequently, consumers who feel like they’re getting a good deal upon purchase usually end up wasting their money later on.

Because of these issues, we’d recommend paying more for mSpy instead—although it’s pricier, you get accurate technology, better functionality, and a more dedicated customer support team.

After all, we’re talking about safety, security, and productivity, so we think the investment is well worth it.


Although rapid advancements in technology have a lot of advantages, they can bring about significant harms as well. Now, more than ever, it’s important to protect the people you love from online predators and potential danger.

Fortunately, with advanced software programs like mSpy or XNSPY, you can do just that! If you want to get the most value for spy app, you can’t go wrong with mSpy.

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