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Text Message Tracking with SMS Peeper

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SMS Peeper is a type of cell phone spying software that spies on SMS text messages, on a targeted cell phone. SMS Peeper is no longer in business.

Also, company managers want to make sure their business data are not leaked by the employees. Additionally, parents cannot know if their children are lying to them. Besides parents’ concerns, companies also want to know if their employees are being honest.

Therefore, apps such as SMS Peeper were implemented to spy on the text messages of any person. This app makes a great spy app that does not need to be installed on the target device like most parental control apps. Keep reading to find out more about the features, pros, and cons.

What is SMS Peeper?

SMS Peeper is an online spy system that allows parents and employers to spy on the text messages of their children or employees. This system does not require installing on the target device to be able to use it. This amazing app allows you to always ensure the welfare and safety of your loved ones and employees.

You can use this system to spy on text messages on any mobile number around the world. This modern technology is impossible to be detected by the target device. And allows users to retrieve the latest 100 text messages, this includes 50 outgoing messages and 50 incoming messages.

How to Get Activation Code for SMS Peeper?

The SMS Peeper activation codes are different for every user. To be able to get a free SMS Peeper code, you need to fill out a survey at first, then once it’s completed, you will receive your SMS Peeper unique activation code.

This usually works for most users. However, if something goes wrong while you are trying to fill out the survey or did not receive the activation code when you’ve completed the survey, you can contact the customer support team to sort out your issue.

How Does SMS Peeper Work?

After logging in to the website, you will need to provide a target phone number, once you do, the system will automatically retrieve the latest 100 messages from the targeted device. The next step is completing the survey to receive the activation code for SMS Peeper.

Afterward, you will need to download the activation code, once done, you will have access to the targeted phone number’s text messages.

How to Get SMS Peeper?

Since this is an online system, you do not need to download any software, not to your device or the targeted number’s device, which is an amazing feature that is not offered by many companies nowadays. This also helps save space on your phone.

First of all, you need to go to smspeeper.com, choose your country, and enter your email address and the targeted phone number. Then click on “Get Messages’, the system will automatically start intercepting SMSs on the targeted phone number.

How to Download the SMS Peeper Activation Code?

To download the SMS Peeper code, you only need to click the Download button and the system will direct you to tinyfileshost.com. Next, you need to click on the “download file” option. Choose an offer from the list and fill in the required information, then the file will start downloading automatically.

The final step is to enter the downloaded code in the box on the left and click on “Show Messages”, you will then be able to see the text messages of the phone number you’ve entered.

Is SMS Peeper Legal?

According to U.S. law, you can only monitor or spy on your children’s devices if they are under 18. For any other case, you will need to inform the targeted user that you are monitoring them such as your employees.

However, SMS Peeper is not exactly an app that can be installed on someone’s device, so there is no telling if it is really legal or not as it is only an SMS interceptor. It is recommended to think widely before you start using it.

Pros and Cons of SMS Peeper


  • The system is free of charge
  • No need for physical access to the targeted device


  • Users have to fill out a survey to be able to use the service
  • Low success rate
  • Limited positive reviews
  • Users complain that the system causes their system malware
  • It can only retrieve messages but not spy on IM apps or iMessages

Should I Start Using SMS Peeper?

According to the users’ reviews, this system is not exactly reliable and might not give results or even cause malware on your device. Therefore, if you want to keep track of someone’s real-time messages, then you should give a dedicated SMS tracking app a try.

Professional apps will allow you to track the messages on the targeted device without filling out any surveys like SMS Peeper. And since those apps work in stealth mode, the targeted device will not be notified that they are being monitored.

Parental control apps allow you to not only monitor SMSs, but also track messages exchanged on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. They also offer a user-friendly interface making it simple for parents to use.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing a reliable tracking app, it is best to look for apps that have been tried and reviewed by many users, especially if you are looking to monitor your underage child’s smartphone usage.

Make sure to go through the reviews of the app you are considering and compare prices, features, pros, and cons. This will help you choose the best app that will meet your needs as parents or as employers.

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