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Is Your Partner Snapchat Cheating? How To Find Out TODAY

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Updated 10/2/23: Before using ANY of these apps you should clearly understand how to use them legally. Using spying apps to monitor someone without their consent may be illegal in the U.S and other countries

Snapchat cheating is the use of the Snapchat platform to cheat on a spouse, partner or loved one. The Snapchat platform’s features include disappearing Snaps, messages, pictures, and videos that make it ideal for infidelity.

After my experience, I decided to put together this guide to help YOU figure out if your partner is cheating on you by using Snapchat.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • common signs that someone is cheating on Snapchat so you know what to look for
  • ways to catch someone cheating using a Snapchat spy app
  • an app you can use TODAY to catch a Snapchat cheater and monitor all their social media platforms
  • how to use these apps in a LEGAL way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, or spouse, you don’t deserve to be cheated on.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know EXACTLY how to monitor their Snapchat account. 

Is Spying on Someone’s Snapchat Legal?

Using a cell phone surveillance app to spy on a suspected cheater is ONLY legal if you get their consent to install the app. This means having a conversation with your spouse, partner, or loved one about your suspicions and then getting their agreement to install the app. Installing the app without their knowledge or consent is NOT legal.

My Favorite Snapchat Spying Solutions

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  • Live Phone Support – great for non-tech people
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For iPhones

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What Are the Signs of Snapchat Cheating?

Before you do anything else, you should pay attention for signs of a cheating partner.

You want to protect yourself, but the last thing you want to do is damage the trust you and your partner have between each other.

Here are a few of the most common signs and behavior of someone who is cheating online:

  • on Snapchat a lot, or more frequent cell phone use and protectiveness of their phone
  • odd text messages (or social media messages) at all hours of the day or night
  • your partner has become detached emotionally or acts disinterested
  • your partner is taking a more serious interest in the appearance (working out, new clothes, etc)
  • less or more (as a coverup) sex in your relationship
  • periods when your partner is unreachable
  • your partner has dramatically changed their schedule

Fair warning. Your could see ALL of these things and still not be dealing with a cheating spouse, but it might be worth investigating further.

How To Catch Someone Cheating On Snapchat

cheating snapchat

I’m going to discuss a couple ways to catch a cheater who’s using the Snapchat app. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your relationship.

Catch a Cheating Partner Using Snapchat Itself

The Snapchat app allows you to see who your friends favorite friends are. If your spouse is cheating it’s very likely that their new “friend” is one of their best Snapchat friends in the app.

  1. If you have an account you can use Snapchat to quickly check this. Simply look to see who in their friend list has the gold heart emoji. Of course this is only helpful if they are best friends on Snapchat. If your spouse or partner is active on Snapchat all the time it could be that any number of people would be their best friend.
  2. You can also check for snap streak. This is a measure of how many days in a row they have been sending messages to someone else.
  3. Snap Map shares the location of Snapchat users and automatically updates whenever Snapchat is open. This can be helpful to see where they might’ve been. Snap map can be turned off by the user within the app.

Again, these are just tools to you can use to monitor suspicious behavior in secret. Someone cheating on Snapchat might also disable some of these functions. Snap map in particular can be turned off in the settings of Snapchat.

Snapchat has all sorts of friend emojis for different levels of interaction. You can find a reference to all the Snapchat emojis here.

Monitor Snapchat Using a Spying App

If you’re not familiar with spy apps here’s a quick introduction.

These apps are installed on the cheaters cell phone. Once installed they operate in stealth mode. This allows you to monitor Snapchat without them knowing.

They are the number one way to catch someone cheating as you get to see everything they see. This includes Snaps, conversation history, friend lists, and more.

First you need to determine what type of phone you need to monitor. The operating system of the phone will determine what you’ll be able to see.

Catch a Cheater Who Uses an iPhone

ios logo

The iOS operating system has powerful built-in security called the app sandbox. This prevents one app from obtaining information from another. Hacking into Snapchat with an app requires disabling this security.

After getting your spouse or partner’s consent you will need to jailbreak the iOS device. When the jailbreak process is complete, will install the app on the target phone. Then you can view chats, snaps, and the pictures your spouse is sending and receiving from their cell phone.

The best solution for an iPhone is to use iKeyMonitor.

Getting Started with iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor logo

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account with iKeymonitor. You can do that with this here.

Once you’ve selected the type of monitoring you want (iPhone without jailbreak) you will receive instructions in your inbox.

They will ask you to then enter the iCloud credentials of the person you want to monitor.

Once you enter this information you can start using the app to track their Snapchat usage.

Again, you won’t be able to see messages, but you’ll at least be able to see the pictures they are sending and receiving.

Catch Someone Cheating Using an Android

If the person you need to monitor is using an Android you’re in luck. Androids have solid security, but this can be disabled when a spy app is installed.

Then you’ll be able to see everything the person does on Snapchat including texts, pics, and videos.

My favorite app for this is uMobix. They offer all of the following:

  • spy on Snapchat
  • spy on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more
  • see text messages, media files on the phone
  • see contact lists, phone call logs, and phone location history

This is why uMobix is my favorite app to help catch a cheating spouse or lover.

Getting Started with uMobix

umobix logo

To get started you’ll need to sign up for an account with uMobix.

Once you’ve paid for your subscription you’ll get an email detailing exactly what to do next.

The next step requires installing the app on the target phone. It can be tempting to do this when they are away from their phone, in the shower etc. But keep in mind that any usage of these apps without the consent of the phone’s owner could be illegal depending upon your local laws.

Once you have the app installed you will be able to see almost everything that happens on their phone from an online control panel.

You can even monitor multiple phones if you need to.

Information You’ll Be Able to See

Phone surveillance apps let you see just about everything that happens on the phone. When they get a message, you get to see it.

Whether they are Snapchat cheating or using some other app for communication you’ll be able to view everything in your control panel.

This includes:

  • call logs, contact lists
  • location data and history
  • texts, Snap chats, and any social media app
  • web browser history and more
  • and of course the spy app icon remains hidden

So even in the case your partner isn’t Snapchat cheating, you’ll be able to monitor their communications to ensure nothing is going on behind your back.

How to Stop Someone from Snapchat Cheating?

Once you are aware of the cheating you need to put a stop to it. Here are some important steps.

1. Prepare Yourself

Decide if you think the relationship is worth salvaging. Yes they’ve been cheating with someone else.

But if they stopped, would you want to take them back? Make YOURSELF the priority. Then make a decision and stick to it.

2. Confront Them

While it will be painful, once you know someone is Snapchat cheating the first step is to confront them.

Let them know that you know about their online activities

3. Talk it Out

Are they serious or have they lost in you?

Talk about the future as well. What do they want? What do they need?

Are you willing to give them what they want?

3. Repeated actions:

Understand that many many cheaters repeat their behaviors. This is just a normal function of human behavior. Some partners just don’t know how to stay in a monogamous relationship.

You hold the cards. Once you know the path forward tell them you will continue to use spy app technology to keep tabs on their behavior. If they’re not OK with this? WALK.