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Spyera Review for 2023: Cell Phone Spying Software

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This article is an in-depth review of the Spyera cell phone monitoring app.

Spyera is one of the top mobile phone spying apps that allows anyone to see the cell phone activities of another user’s phone through an online interface. The features of this monitoring app include social media account monitoring, tracking GPS location of the device, viewing text messages, chat app messages, and more.

Spyera is one of the MOST POPULAR phone spying apps on the market

But how does it compare to the best phone spyware on the market?

Spyera Review for 2022

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If you’re always one to worry – cell phone monitoring apps give you peace of mind without breaking the other person’s trust.

Spyera’s parental control software OR employee monitoring app can help you BIG TIME.

Spyera allows you to monitor in STEALTH mode.

This means that through this cell phone monitoring app, you will have visibility on the activities of the target device.

Moreover, you will have REAL-TIME information on the call history, SMS tracking, photos, call recordings, contacts, web activity, GPS, and so much more!

In the sections below, we’ll tell you:

  • How it works
  • How you can install it
  • How much it costs, and if it’s really worth your penny.

What I Like About Spyera

After doing thorough research and getting testimonials on this spy app, here are the best and notable features that we like the most:

Quick & Easy Installation

All it takes is 3-4 minutes. YES – you read that right!

From the moment you install the Spyera monitoring app and connect it to your account – all it takes is 4 minutes!

Wide Visibility but Subtle

It can ACCESS almost ALL APPS you can ever think of!

You can have real-time and accurate notifications of the current device activities, as well as previous calls or SMS.

You can even keep track of the GPS which will give you information on the whereabouts of your loved one.

Even better news – the Sperya App is UNDETECTABLE.

Once it’s downloaded on the target device, it hides away! Pretty convenient, right?


I’ll go ahead and say it’s NOT THE CHEAPEST NOR the SECOND CHEAPEST spy app in the market. 

You’ll find that there are other cheaper options out there.

However – do the quality and benefits outweigh the cost?

For me – it’s a YES.

The dashboard and overall experience are definitely better than budget spy apps.

User-Friendly Control Panel

We also liked the interface and ease of use of its control panel.

Even if you are not a “techie” – you won’t have a hard time navigating the system remotely.

The design is also more sophisticated and neat which we personally prefer over spy apps.

What I Don’t Like About Spyera

Jailbreak Needed and Does Not Support Remote Installation

Installing Spyera is easy BUT only when the phone is rooted.

For Android phones, no need.

BUT for Apple devices, if you want to use the full and advanced features, jailbreaking the device is necessary.

Not the cheapest option

You’ll find more budget-friendly options for a parental control app or an employee spy software.

If a simple monitoring app for mobile phones is all you need – we would suggest other more affordable spy apps out there.

Some features still need improvement

The cell phone spy app offers LOTS of other features that are nice to have. However, when we checked reviews and testimonials, some features were not functioning properly or fully.

Subpar Customer Service

One issue we found a number of times are the product support team’s response. 

There are some who reported that they weren’t reachable or that it took a while for them to respond to the issue.

Spyera Features

Online Control Panel

After logging in or creating an account, you will be directed to the DASHBOARD.

This is where you will be able to see and monitor all activities and previous messages, calls, and media files on the cell phone that you are tracking.

Once you successfully install the Spyera app to the target device, all information will be shown on the dashboard – cell phone model, system software, SIM, and device battery status.

The dashboard will also indicate its last sync date and if the device is disconnected.

What I like about the dashboard – aside from its easy-to-navigate design – is that it shows COMPLETE AND ACCURATE INFORMATION.

This feature is not always available in other tracking apps.

For example – not only does it show call logs, sent files, SMS, it also records WHEN IT WAS SENT – complete with DATE AND TIME.

It has a general overview of all recent activities.

Thus – you won’t have to go to each section in the dashboard to check the last activity conducted on the target phone.

Honestly, I find this very convenient. In one view, you see everything.


Photos and videos stored in the device would be visible.

It also records timestamps – meaning WHEN the photos and videos were taken.

This tracking will also help you move from one date to another.

For example, if you want to revisit the media files taken a month ago, you can easily navigate this in the dashboard.

HOWEVER – do note that the default setting of this spy app is that it only captures the photos and videos AFTER it was downloaded.

But don’t worry – you can also change the settings and extract the older files, it would only take a bit of time.

Look for GET HISTORICAL IMAGE button and it will retrieve older photos and videos that are stored on the phone.

Lastly, not only will you be able to view images and video recordings, you will also be able to download them!

Thus, if there are particular files you want to save so you can skip browsing through all the files in the gallery – this would do the trick.

Remote Camera & Video or “RemCam” & “RemVideo”

Did you know you can also remotely control the device for it to take a real-time photo?

You don’t have to wait for a new photo to be taken by the device’s owner for you to see his or her activity.

Also, if you are feeling suspicious that your loved one is unsafe or might be seeing other people, you can use this feature to command the camera to take a LIVE snap.

If a photo won’t suffice, you can always turn on the remote video which will take live footage once activated.

It will run for at least a minimum and stop recording when it reaches 5 minutes.

In both features, you can choose which camera the device will use – front or rear camera.

From the experience of others – it successfully records BUT it might take a while before it appears on the dashboard.

Wait for a few minutes and refresh your control panel so you can see the latest snap or footage.

Ambient – Open Audio to Surrounding Sounds

If you don’t need photos or videos, you can turn on the Audio Record feature you’ll find in the Ambient section.

It can be a good means of parental control and ensuring the safety of your children.

I like this feature especially because the app records audio and voice recordings clearly.

Moreover, you can schedule the recording feature.

If you are busy or will be out for a while but you need to record audio during a specific time, you can schedule it beforehand!

You can schedule the date and time, down to the minute you want the recording to begin.

Similar to the RemCam and RemVIdeo, it will take a while before it gets uploaded.

Live Call Recording / Phone Call Logs

If real-time activities are not your main priority, you can always revert to the basic features that are checked in spy apps.

You can view this section where it lists down all the phone conversations made during a particular time and day.

You will also be able to view the name, number, and phone call duration.

You can sort it from incoming and outgoing calls for easy viewing.

Moreover, it has a feature that allows you to record phone calls. Locate it in the dashboard, turn ON phone call recording so it stores conversations to your account.

Unlike the gallery files, phone calls made even before the installation of the Spyera will be visible in the dashboard without the need to backtrack.

Text Messages, SMS, IMs Apps, Facebook Messenger

Aside from phone calls, another application that is most often looked at would be the exchanged messages in the Apple or Android phone.

It can be SMS or text messages – either option is penetrable by Spyera.

In the control panel, you will see all chat boxes, one for each number or contact. 

Clicking on the chat box will open the text messages from both ends.

What I also like about Spyera is it has a Search feature.

Not only will you be able to scan through contacts or numbers – but you will also be able to search for a keyword that may be in the messages!


Aside from tracking text messages, some bosses might install the Spyera app to prevent leakage of important information or to check on the online activities of their employees.

Some spouses might also want to look into emails as some partners can be “careful” and disguise any infidelity through work email exchanges.

Through Spyera, you’ll have access to ALL the data – received and sent emails, contact person, as well as the date and time it was sent.

As more and more security features are added to email platforms, I wanted to check the experience of previous users on this feature.

I saw some Spyera App reviews from Android users that they weren’t able to access emails in the dashboard.

Unfortunately, there were no reviews on email tracking from iPhone users.

If email conversations are primarily what YOU want to track – you may want to look for other apps that have been tried and tested when it comes to this feature.

GPS Location Tracking

The Spyera supports location tracking 24/7.

Even if you don’t track it on the spot, Spyera logs the location from time to time.

Thus, if you are only able to access the dashboard when you get home from work, you will still be able to check the movement or location of the tracked device earlier in the day.

Personally, I like that the location tracking is accurate and complete.

It can also link Google Maps directly from the spy app!


Need crucial information on who your employees are keeping in contact with?

Want to know who are the top contacts in your spouse’s mobile phone?

Contacts are visible using the Spy app. You will be able to see ALL of their contact details.

Moreover, you will be able to see any message or call history by clicking on the contact information of that person.

Installed Apps and Web Activity

Aside from directly engaging with suspicious people or friends, your loved one is always exposed to malicious and dangerous content once they go online.

With only one click, they might be redirected to websites that may retrieve sensitive data or expose their loved ones to inappropriate pages.

In the dashboard, you will have visibility over the links they visit – such as URL, page title, date, and time they accessed this website.

In addition to web activity, you will also see ALL the apps that are downloaded on the mobile device.

The Spyera app should be able to give you access to activities inside the app (social media applications, Facebook messenger, VOIP apps, and games). 

However, we found a number of comments stating that this was not achieved.

They were only able to go so far as checking which apps were installed but not track the activities done in the apps.

Spyera Installation

You can install Spyera in less than 5 minutes.

The first step is similar to all types of mobile phones. This is the part where you will set up your account on your monitoring device.

For the second step – there are two options: Android mobile and iOS device. We will go through both, so make sure you follow the one suited to the phone type of the target device.

Step 1 – Set up the control panel

  1. Go to spyera.com and browse through the product options they have.
  2. Choose the plan most suitable for you and click BUY NOW.
  3. Fill in the payment details and submit the form by clicking SIGN UP NOW.
  4. You will receive an email (check your Spam folder if the Spyera email doesn’t show up within 10 minutes).
  5. The email contains instructions on how you can set up and log in to your dashboard.
  6. You’ll find a Spyera URL and your license key where you can create an account and voila!

Your account is ready to spy.

Step 2 – Turn Off Security Measures

This second step is crucial and trickier.

You need PHYSICAL access to the target device – meaning you need to have it for at least 3-4 minutes.

iPhone or iOS Devices

For an iOS device, you need only to make sure that the device is rooted for the app to function properly.

If you are unsure how to jailbreak a device, look for a reliable phone repair or restoration store.

They would be able to safely jailbreak the phone for you.

Android Phones

For Android devices, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the device!

However, for you to be able to download the app, make sure that the Play Protect setting is turned OFF.

This step is simple – locate the Play Store app icon on the android phone. Look for the menu tab (the one with three lines).

  • This will open the sections in the Play Store.
  • Look for PLAY PROTECT and locate the gear icon.
  • Toggle the button for the SCAN APPS WITH PLAY PROTECT. Its default is ON – so make sure it is OFF.
  • If you’re unsure, click it until it opens a pop-up window asking you if you want to turn OFF app scanning.
  • Choose TURN OFF.

The second thing you need to do is to disable security settings.

  • Go to SETTINGS of the Android device.
  • Scroll down until you see ADDITIONAL SETTINGS.
  • Turn this OFF as well.
  • Once this is disabled, the Spyera app should work seamlessly.

LAST but a crucial step is to turn off notifications.

You wouldn’t want them to know you are spying on them – so make sure that all notifications from the Play Store are disabled.

  • Still, in the SETTINGS app, locate NOTIFICATION & STATUS BAR.
  • Toggle the button OFF to make sure it won’t notify owners that they are being tracked.

Step 3 – Install Spyera On Target Device

Open a web browser on the target Apple or Android device and go to the downloading website of Spyera.

  • A warning screen will flash. Don’t forget to tick the check box indicating that you have licensed software.
  • Click “View All Software” to open a list of compatible mobile phones, devices, and operating systems (Windows PC and Mac OS are supported). Choose the apt option for your target device.
  • Click INSTALL and ALLOW ACCESS once it prompts requests for location, SMS, Mobile network access.
  • Click on CONTINUE once the window on the licensed software agreement pops up.


  1. Make sure to click on ACTIVATE the device. You’ll find this in the administrator settings.
  2. Ignore the battery optimization by clicking the YES button.
  3. Encode your Spyera License Key which you should have received in the confirmation email from Spyera.

If there are other boxes asking for access requests – click YES to all to have visibility over these apps.

For the window asking if you want to HIDE the application – make sure you click YES. This will make the app hide in the target phone and make it unretrievable.

You can now go to your dashboard to see if you were able to successfully install Spyera on your target device.

How Much Does the Spyera Cost?

Spyera app offers monthly subscription plans that start at USD 12 depending on the type of target device.

If your target phone is a mobile device, it will cost around USD 30 per month for full access.

Issues? Contact Customer Support

If after payment, you are experiencing some issues, you can always reach out to customer support for any questions or help.

According to their site, they have 24/7 customer support through chat or email.

Is Spyera legal?

This parental control app is intended to ensure the safety of children while using their cell phones. 

If your target user is your child and is a minor – using the Spyera app is legal.

For those of legal age, the law generally requires that you need to ask permission or let them know about the tracking app.

For example, employees or your partners need to know they are being tracked, otherwise, it’s illegal for you to monitor and record without consent.

Make sure to consult your own legal advisor for any concerns about its legal use.

Is Spyera the best smartphone monitoring app?

Based on our Spyera review, it’s a solid option. But there are cheaper and more stable spy apps out there.

uMobix is my favorite spy app. It offers the most features for iPhones and incredible customer support.

I would avoid products like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward. Their features are outdated and their support is terrible.

Spyera Review Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Spyera performs well for its price and serves as a door to everything you need to know about the target phone.

The app operates on stealth mode so your monitoring won’t be too obtrusive.

HOWEVER – check your local jurisdiction laws to make sure the app is of legal use.

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