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Spymaster Pro Review 2023: Cell Phone Monitoring App

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In this Spymaster Pro review you’ll learn why this spy app is one of the most powerful on the market.

Spymaster Pro is cell phone monitoring software or parental control software. Once installed on the target cell phone it offers GPS location tracking, email tracking, SMS tracking (text messages), and social media monitoring on the cell phones of family members, loved ones, or even employees.

This spy software has a simple installation process and works on most mobile phones. It is also backed by a 24/7 customer support team and a very reasonable refund policy.

This powerful spy software is used to monitor the target phone of a child, employee, or even a suspected cheating spouse. Below I will compare the monitoring features of Spymaster Pro to my favorite spy apps.

My Spymaster Pro App Review

Spymaster Pro is one of the best monitoring apps out there, allowing parents and employers to remotely monitor the target device of their choosing.

Spymaster Pro is best used as a parental control app or spy app. These apps are designed so that parents can monitor their children’s online activities. They can also be used by employers to monitor their employees’ activities on their work devices.

Along with Famisafe and Kidsguard Pro, Spymaster Pro is one of the top parental control monitoring apps on the market.

This cell phone monitoring software offers users 100% security. Spymaster is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. This app offers users top-notch features that allow them to control and monitor the target device’s internet use reliably and simply.

How Does Spymaster Pro Work?

Spymaster works by remotely monitoring your child or employee’s device by collecting data about their internet use and activities, then sends the collected data to the parent’s control panel which they can access remotely.

The application’s owner can go through the collected data which includes iMessage, SMS, call logs, instant messages, and emails. Although, one of the things that make this application different from other parental control apps is the fact that it doesn’t require jailbreak or installation to track someone’s phone.

The only requirement is that the phone have an internet connection. If there is no internet access, updates will happen once the phone is back on a data network.

SpyMaster Pro for Android Phones

Spymaster Pro offers a very comprehensive set of features on Android phones. Just like any other Android spyware you will need a couple minutes of physical access to install the app on the target phone.

It does NOT require you to root the phone.

SpyMaster Pro for iPhones & iOS Devices

The Spymaster Pro app for iPhones DOES NOT require physical access to the target phone. It DOES require that you have the iCloud credentials of the phone’s owner. Once you enter this information, the SpyMaster Pro app will download all of the phone’s backup data from their iCloud account.

This does NOT require you to jailbreak the iPhone. Keep in mind that if you need to monitor Snapchat, you will be unable to do so on an iPhone.

SpyMaster Pro Features

This parental monitoring application offers plenty of features that help employers and parents monitor their children and employees remotely and discreetly. The cell phone monitoring software offers users features such as:

Phone Call Tracker

This feature shows you all the phone numbers of incoming and out going calls. You can also see the time of the call and the duration. If the caller is a contact in the target mobile phone you will also see their name.

SMS Tracking

This SMS tracking feature is important because most teens prefer to text instead of talking on the phone. SpyMaster Pro allows you to check the incoming and outgoing texts.

Location Tracker

This is one of the most important features while raising a teen. It allows parents to view their child’s location in real-time as well as the previous locations their children have visited.

Media Monitor

This feature allows parents to open and check the media files such as photos and videos of the target user. Multimedia tracking is especially important if you suspect a family member of sending inappropriate pictures.

Web Browsing Monitor

This feature allows you to see the web browsing history of the target device. The web browser history will show you every website visited on the phone.

Monitor Social Media Apps

apps for instant messaging

Spymaster Pro allows parents to open and monitor their children’s social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp. Parents can also check the exact time and date of the texts sent as well as the photos exchanged in the apps.

Monitor WhatsApp

Spymaster Pro allows you to track conversations in WhatsApp. You can see incoming and outgoing messages as well as the contacts name.

Read more about my favorite Whatsapp spy apps here.

Monitor Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another popular way for people to communicate online. Spymaster Pro gives you access to all messages and files that the target user receives.

To learn more check out my Facebook messenger spy tool comparison.

Monitor Their Instagram Account

While you won’t be able to see all the pictures they post, you will be able to see all the direct messages they send or receive. You will also be able to see their interactions with users.

Here’s some more information about Instagram spying apps.

Monitor Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social platforms for teens and young adults. Pictures and videos disappear quickly, making it an ideal way to send content you don’t want anyone else to see.

Spymaster Pro allows you to secretly view someone’s Snapchat conversation history and friends list. (on Android phones). This includes friend names, pictures and videos sent through chats, and the content of messages.

Phone Monitor

This feature is very important to parents, as it helps them know who their children speak to and what contacts they have saved on their devices. This feature allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s acquaintances and to keep them safe if anyone seems suspicious.

Email Tracking

While not as popular as chat apps or texting, email is still used to communicate. The email tracking feature included with Spymaster Pro allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing emails.

What Makes This App So Great?

This application offers users 24/7 customer support, which allows users who are not very tech-savvy to get all the support and explanation they need to use the application. Spymaster requires no installation or jailbreaking to monitor a device.

It also does not require rooting to monitor Androids, allowing users to monitor their target devices from the comfort of their home or office. Moreover, this application is quite affordable, no need to get out of the budget to use it.

Pros and Cons

The app offers plenty of features that could be of great use to parents and employers, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the app? Here is a list of the pros and cons of Spymaster Pro:


  • Affordable compared to other parental control apps
  • No jailbreaking required for iPhones
  • No rooting required for Androids
  • Simple installation steps that take no longer than five minutes
  • 24/7 customer service via chat support


  • The Spymaster software is not available for Blackberry Phones.

Is Spymaster Pro Safe to Use?

Spymaster was developed with the highest technologies to ensure the privacy and security of the target device’s data. The founding company has invested plenty of time and money to make sure the app is impeccable when it comes to security. The data collected from the target phone and the data sent to the application’s owner are encrypted to the highest level making it almost impossible even for their own technical team to access. So in conclusion, this application is very safe!

How Much Does Spymaster Pro Cost?

According to their official website, Spymaster Pro costs $7.99 per month.

What Devices Does Spymaster Pro Support?

Spymaster is compatible with Android and iOS. It works on popular phones like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and more. The application is also available for the latest versions of iOS 13.0 and Android 10. You only need to choose the subscription that matches the target phone’s operating system.

Final Verdict

This application is quite impressive, and could even be one of the best monitoring apps available. You can safely and effectively monitor the target cell phone activities to ensure your children’s safety and to monitor your employees’ online activities on their work computers.

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