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6 Ways to Monitor or Spy On A Straight Talk Phone

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A straight talk phone is a wireless device that supports GSM and CDMA devices. It piggybacks on Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks. But you can only access one network at a time based on the location.

If you have an iOS or Android smartphone, refer to this article for my favorite software to monitor someone’s smartphone activity.

How it differs from other phones

No contract commitments are required with a straight talk phone when you subscribe to a monthly payment plan. What’s more, you can buy a plan directly from Straight Talk or Walmart. And with a few bucks, you can sign up for the auto-refill option.

Straight Talk offers high-speed data rates – you get superb coverage and great savings. You can check your coverage by entering the zip code and selecting the network.

Call and text performance

When you use an AT&T Sim card, you expect zero missing messages or dropped calls. And the people you talk to can hear your voice loud and clear. Wi-Fi calling is also at your fingertips so you can try this feature.

Ways to spy on a straight talk phone

In today’s digital age, you don’t have to hire a private investigator to keep an eye on someone. Many tools can help you collect data on the target device.


Clickfree is the latest surveillance software that allows for functions like SMS, phone calls, recording, etc. Furthermore, it tracks the GPS location. Unlike other spy apps, Clickfree remains unrevealed by the user of the target phone.

Tracks location in real-time

Being a web-based application, users can hack into someone’s phone remotely. They also get first-hand information on what they are doing on social media accounts. Not to mention, you’ll know what they are deleting and any crucial information they are not willing to share with you. Clickfree allows you to spy with anonymity and is 100% free. And it won’t ask you for jail-breaking requirements to access the target phone.

Built-in photo viewer

Clickfree allows you to view photos backed up from your phone. You can also view documents, videos, music, etc.

Spy internet activity

Clickfree allows the user to monitor the web remotely. The app will check the bookmarks, frequencies, and brief descriptions of unfamiliar websites.


Spyier is designed to monitor texts, calls, locations, and social media platforms. This software makes everything amazing – you don’t have to touch the target phone. It can retrieve anything hidden in the app, including deleted messages. You can check the media files, location, browsing history, call logs, etc.

The information you get from the Spyier allows you to discard the data after you log out of the account. And because it uses cutting-edge technology, you don’t have to jailbreak the phone. It’s compatible with different browsers as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Stealth mode

This mode monitors the target phone in secret and is 100% risk-free. First, you should visit Spyier main website and sign up for an online account. Next, choose the operating system of the device and buy the preferred software package. You’ll get a message that confirms the payment. After that, you should log into your account. Finally, you’ll receive an email and select the target device.


Spyic is a powerful software that allows you to spy on a straight talk phone. It features a sleek design and a cool web interface. And you don’t have to install the application on the target device. Spyic will track locations, calls, and messages.


You can set the boundaries and receive alerts once it’s breached. Since the program runs in the background, it preserves your phone’s battery.


Spyic can help you read group chats, view WhatsApp pictures, and access timestamps. It is undetectable and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Minspy is a unique phone monitoring tool that gives an array of features. To use the app, you don’t have to install it on your phone. It comes with a personalized dashboard and can run from any browser. When you use Minspy to access the phone data, the owner will never know unless you tell them.

Another perk that comes with the app is that no jailbreak is required. The other area Minspy excels in is data security. It doesn’t store information on servers, so it’s safe from third parties.

Live tracker location

You can monitor the location of the device as well as the timestamps. Even better, you can use geolocation to set the limits. You’ll be notified if the person crosses the lines. And you don’t have to touch the target phone. Since the app is installed in the background, you can use it remotely. When you log in to Minspy, you can try it without spending a dime.


Neatspy is a great straight phone tracker that helps you see everything in real-time. It’s highly talked about by prominent media channels like Forbes. What makes NeatSpy helpful? The app can trail spouses and employees if you suspect they are doing something fishy. And you won’t be asked to touch the target phone again.

Geofence alert

The software allows you to set specific boundaries. When the target phone enters or exits the set boundaries, you get an alert. Since Neatspy utilizes a location tracker, you can use Wi-Fi or GPS connection. It also gives detailed information like the coordinates and device address. You can also trace the history.

Social media spy

You can keep tabs with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. Neatspy will also divulge all the multimedia files shared and conversation, including the phone number and contact name.

Monitor browser history

This tool presents a useful feature for parents and protects kids from online threats. You also get an analysis of the websites you target.

View call logs

Neatspy reorder feature will help you view incoming calls, and you get every detail of the target device. You also get details on the duration of calls, frequency, and date entries.


Phonespector is a spying tool that monitors the GPS location, call history, and texts of the target phone. It also gathers internet browser history and any other information that was on the phone.

First, you should download the app and log into the target phone. You’ll get a unique product license key before you extract data. Once you’ve successfully retrieved all the information, you can log into the personal user dashboard. The only downside with Phonespector is that it doesn’t come with a demo option – you can’t try the product for free.

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