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TheWispy Smartphone Spy App Review 2023

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TheWispy is a cell phone spying app that helps parents, spouses, and partners monitor and track someone’s cell phone. TheWispy monitors GPS location, records SMS text messages, social media chats, phone call logs, web browser history, and much more.

TheWispy is designed to spy on Android phones and tablets. The benefits of the TheWispy include the ability to monitor a family member’s cell phone to ensure they are using their device in a safe way.

In this article, I’ll also be comparing it to some of the best cell phone monitoring names in the industry to see how it stacks up.

My TheWispy Review

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In this TheWispy review we will cover the features, pricing, refund policy, free trials, and installation process of TheWispy spying app.

Below are the pros and cons of TheWispy.


  • Affordable Android monitoring app (starting at $9.99).
  • Physical access to the target phone is needed
  • No rooting required to install TheWispy App.
  • Icon is hidden and undetectable
  • Easy installation, even for non-techs
  • Helpful customer service


  • Only compatible with Android devices
  • One license purchase per phone

TheWispy Features

I have to give it to the TWS app for including impressive monitoring features. To make things better, they’ve recently done a lot of upgrades and advanced features.

These are some TheWispy features that have garnered praise from users. 

Track Call History of Cell Phone

You’ll be able to see all of the incoming and outgoing phone calls on your target device. You’ll see the call duration, timestamps, and information of the caller.

This feature comes in handy for parents who worry about their children’s interactions.

It helps you avoid cyberbullying and lets you cut off the connection with perpetrators before something crazy happens.

Social Media and App Monitoring

Their monitoring software for social media and the online control panel is pretty new, and it’s a timely upgrade. Older TheWispy reviews might mention the lack of this as a con. But here it is!

Most of the suspicious activities occur on social media and the internet. Thankfully, these are the platforms that the TWS app can reach:

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Browser History
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

That’s about all of the crucial mobile apps!

You can also track their installed apps and mobile app usage through screen monitoring. You can easily spot inappropriate apps and take action.

View Phone Contacts

Other than tracking the calls, this spyware app can also lead you to their list of contacts.

This can easily give you leads on who your target user is communicating with. Having their number, email, and other personal information will be helpful.

Cell Phone Spying on Text Messages

But let’s face it – kids and teens rarely save contact numbers, especially if they’re intentionally hiding it from you.

If that’s the case, looking into their text message might give you better clues on your children’s suspicious activities. And it’s made easy with TheWispy app.

GPS Location Tracking

If you have teens who love to sneak out of the house in the wee hours, the location history of this Android spyware can tell you exactly where they are.

This feature is probably why TheWispy app is said to have the best parental controls as a spy app. It’s because of advanced spying features like this which lessen your worries.

Surround Recording

You get to hear what’s happening in the surrounding of the mobile phone by picking up sounds through the mic.

I have to admit; I was slightly freaked out with the possibility of surround recording. But think about this situation: your child texted you to say they’re okay, but they’re actually in danger.

This TWS app mobile tracker will immediately alert you, and you can quickly save your child by checking their location.

Monitor Saved Photos and Multimedia Files

You can see all of the photos, videos, and voice recordings saved on the Android phone.

Seeing their saved files – photos, videos, screenshots, screen recording videos – can give you helpful hints about what’s going on with them.

Remote Access to Target Device

What’s the use of a monitoring app if it can’t monitor Android devices remotely, right?

Well, the TWS app doesn’t only let you monitor, but you also have remote commands and remote access. You can turn off the cell phones and target devices with just a click on your Android phone.

Photo Capturing Spy

Sometimes, the GPS location doesn’t fully explain the current location or what your child is doing.

With cell phones having both front and back cameras now, mobile spy apps can access them easily.

Using your mobile phones, you can see what’s going on and even take a photo or video on the target device.

Freaky but helpful.

Monitor Calendar Dates and Memos Reminder

At this point, I’m sure you get the hint. You’re seeing almost everything on the target device – even calendar appointments and memo notes.

24/7 Instant Alerts

And to make things even easier, you’ll be alerted by TheWispy Android monitoring app 24/7!

If there are suspicious activities (i.e., changing of sim cards among android phones) or your children are in a place they’re not supposed to be, you’ll get an instant notification.

TheWispy App for Android Pricing

The TheWispy subscription comes in varying packages with different prices and inclusions. It starts from TheWispy Basic Package at $19.99/month to the Platinum at $119.99/month.

There’s also a beginner package starting at $9.99/month, but don’t expect the advanced features.

If you get the more expensive packages, you’ll also have access to the advanced features, of course. You can know more about the pricing of this monitoring app on their website.

TheWispy App for Android Installation

The installation process of this spy app is easy, but it’s not as simple as downloading it from the Play Store.

  • You’d have to first purchase the license of this monitoring app on their website and avail your preferred plan.
  • You’ll be given an activation key via email.
  • Install TheWispy app on your Android device or cell phone.
  • Install physically on your target device.

After everything’s set, you’ll be able to open the TheWispy app dashboard on your Android phone. Your target device won’t feel any disruption whatsoever.

Don’t worry!

There will be a guide when installing TheWispy app, so the installation process will be the least of your concerns.

Who Should Use TheWispy App for Android?

Monitoring apps bear the risk of invading private data, which I personally don’t like.

As much as possible, I believe in healthy private boundaries, even for parents and children.

Parents and Children

But I also understand that the situation isn’t always ideal. For some, a parental control app or any cell phone monitoring apps is a necessity

So, this monitoring app will be helpful for parents or guardians who are in search of the best Android spy app without breaking the bank.

If it’s possible, I suggest letting your children know that an app is watching them.

Otherwise, there’s a chance for harmful effects, unhealthy dependence, or trust issues to form – and you don’t want that.

Also, be wary of your child’s age. If they’re no longer minor (beyond 18), your tracking of them without their knowledge and consent could earn you a lawsuit.

Employers and Employees

With the work-from-home setup on the rise, employers are having a hard time monitoring the performances of their employees. A cell phone monitoring app can solve this problem.

But likewise, let your employees know about the tracker. These are adults, and secretly monitoring them could lead to severe cases of privacy invasion.

It’s also unethical if we’re being honest.

Is TheWispy App Legal?

It might come off as a surprise to some of you, but yes. Spying apps are generally legal.

That’s because it runs on the assumption that your target user is made aware of the tracker’s presence. Most spy apps require one-time physical access to the target device to download the mobile tracker.

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So technically, you have to get a hold of the phone first, which is essentially possible with the owner’s permission.

As long as the target device owner is aware that you will install TheWispy app (or any online security app, for that matter) to monitor them, it’s okay.

But who are we kidding?

It’s easy to get around the legal conditions and let your curiosity get the best of you. TheWispy’s capacity to hide the app icon also suggests that it’s a secret tracking activity.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you how you’ll use the app. Before you install TheWispy, always consider the ethical implications behind it.  

TheWispy Spy App Alternatives

Alternatives to TheWispy include uMobix, mSpy, Spybubble, and Spyic. uMobix and Spybubble offer superior features while mSpy offers the best price. More information on TheWispy alternatives can be found in this smartphone spying software comparison.

TheWispy vs. uMobix

uMobix is my favorite Android spy app. So how does TheWispy compare to uMobix?

They both offer similar features such as GPS locating, call tracking, social media monitoring, and the likes.

If you’re looking for an Android tracking app only, the TheWispy app is more affordable, but does not offer as many features.

However, TheWispy is only compatible with Android mobile devices. If your target device is running on iOS, I’m afraid you can’t use TheWispy at all.

This is where uMobix wins the crown. Even without jailbreak, uMobix is compatible with Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

For parents with kids who have Apple and Android phones, uMobix will be the best spy app choice. This link includes more detailed information on the uMobix spying app.

TheWispy vs. mSpy

mSpy has been a trusted spy app for more than 10 years, while TheWispy is relatively young.

Like uMboix, mSpy is more than just an Android spy app; it’s also compatible with iOS and jailbroken phones.

The interface of mSpy has a more professional approach to it – like you’re tracking actual analytics!

More than (though primarily) a parental control app, they’ve also branded themselves as a professional tracking tool.

I also love mSpy because it’s also compatible with computer devices (Windows and Mac OS). The rates are a little more expensive than TheWispy, though.

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Our Verdict

Overall, TheWispy is solid.

It’s the answer to parents who aren’t tech-savvy but would like to keep an eye on their children’s Android devices for protection.

They’re affordable and user-friendly, which is exactly what you need for an Android monitoring app.

The only setback is their incompatibility with iOS, which is understandable since Apple’s security features are intensely strict. 

If you need to track Android devices, we still have to give uMobix the “best solution for both Android and iPhone” award.


There you have it. I hope my TheWispy review helped you gain more knowledge about the app and even encouraged you to buy a subscription.

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