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Xnore Review 2023: Spy Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing, Free Trial

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XNore is a spy phone app that helps parents, business owners, and spouses spy on a targeted phone. Xnore spies on social media chat messages, text messages, phone calls, calendar events, notes, GPS location, WiFi connection history, internet browsing history, and installed applications.

Xnore is no longer available so AdjustYourPrivacy recommends you check out uMobix instead.

As a parent, you continuously look for the best way to introduce your children to the internet for every amazing thing they can learn online.  Your children spend every waking minute of their day checking their phones and sharing information on your social media.

Every parent wants to find a way to keep their children safe from the dangers of the internet while also giving them space to explore and learn independently.

Consequently, plenty of parental control applications have been developed to achieve this purpose. There are too many online predators and scammers looking for children to trick and maybe even become close to them.

Now you can keep your children safe with one of the greatest parental control apps out there.

Xnore Review

Xnore spy app is a phone tracker that parents love to use from all over the world.

It is designed to keep parents informed about their children’s online activities. It helps protect them from cyberbullies or internet predators. You can learn why mSpy is the best parental control app for android in a previous post. Xnore is an excellent spy app for tracking your child’s phone and activity.

When the application is installed on the target device, the software works in the background while the device is being used. It works by collecting data about the child’s activities on the phone, like GPS location, media files, social media platforms, emails, browsing history, and SMS.

Xnore is a subscription-based application that offers many different pricing plans to users. The Xnore platform is designed with a simple interface to make it easier for parents to use. It also has 24/7 customer support.

How Does Xnore Work?

Once the application is installed on the child’s device, it starts collecting and recording data. This application can intercept your child’s Facebook chats, record activity, view location, and crack passwords.

The collected data from your child’s smartphone is sent to your Control Panel regularly.  The dashboard is where you can check all of those activities. You will need to use your Xnore admin credentials to access the dashboard.

What Parental Control Features Does Xnore Offer?

This application offers plenty of features to parents. Helping every parent to keep track of their children’s online activities.

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Here are all the spying features Xnore offers:

SMS Texts Tracking

Xnore allows you to monitor your child’s text messages. Their incoming, outgoing, and even deleted messages. All those details get updated in real-time to your dashboard. You can check everything on your online Control Panel.


This feature allows the parents to view their child’s real-time location. You can also set geofences for specific places and get notified when your child enters or leaves that place. Keep in mind that this feature requires an internet connection to view the location.

This means if your child disconnects the WIFI or mobile data, you will not be able to view the location. The same goes for places with no reception if the user is not connected to WIFI.

Phone Log Tracking

Xnore spy app allows concerned parents to monitor their children’s phone call logs: they can check their children’s incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, and details of the call like timestamps, call durations, and phone numbers.

Intercepting Media Files

This feature helps parents to view the pictures from their children’s gallery.  They can also check their saved and deleted pictures.  This aids many parents in gaining a deeper insight into their children’s online interests and activities.

Remotely Control

The remote-control feature means you do not need to be on your child’s phone to control what happens on it. You can use this feature through SMS commands. For example, if you want to disable a feature to save battery life, you can send the respective command, and the app will disable the targeted feature accordingly.

Browsing History

Xnore enables the parents to access the search history of their child’s browser. The app works by tracking the full website history on the child’s device and collects data to send to the parent’s dashboard.  Parents can afterward view the activity from their Control Panel.

Record Surroundings

This feature is the most helpful when you need to know if your child is safe or need help. This feature is activated through the SMS commands to listen to all surrounding noises and voices to give the parent an idea of what their child is doing.

Calls Recorder

Xnore supports the feature of call recording, which allows the parents to listen to all their children’s calls through their Control Panel.

How to Install Xnore Spy App?

Xnore enables parents to monitor almost everything that goes on their children’s smartphones.  Having this technology while raising kids and teens helps give the parents peace of mind knowing that their children are safe from internet dangers. Before you start using the application, you need to install it properly on your child’s device. 

Here are the instructions on how to install Xnore Spy App:

  1. Use the target device and go to Xnore.com
  2. Download the Xnore app file from the official website
  3. Disable the “Play Protect” on your child’s Android
  4. Open your downloads, find the Xnore setup file. Then open the file
  5. Select “install”
  6. Open the application once the installation is over
  7. Enter your email information to receive your credentials
  8. Select “submit”
  9. Check your email to find your Xnore credentials
  10. Use the credentials on the email to log in to your dashboard and start monitoring.

The good news is, you can choose to make the Xnore app icon invisible to your child so that they would never know that a spy app has been installed on their device.

How Much Does Xnore Cost?

The yearly premium subscription costs $12 per month. You can find different deals and offers on their official website as well.

Is It Legal to Use Xnore Spy App?

Xnore is an application built for legal purposes.  You can use the Xnore spy app as a parental control app to monitor your underage child’s online activity and to protect them from any harmful or dangerous content.

As an employer, you can also use this technology to monitor your employees’ usage of your devices at work. In other cases, you might need to get written consent from the target person to monitor their device legally. However, keep in mind that going against those recommendations could be illegal. According to the law of your country or state, you might carry legal responsibilities for the illegal use of this monitoring app.

Xnore vs Other Parental Monitoring Apps

There are many parental control apps nowadays; make sure to read enough about every app before making a purchase. Here is a comparison between Xnore and other parental control apps to help you make a better-informed purchasing decision

XnoreFree Download for Androids The yearly Premium subscription is $12 per month.Easy to use interface.
Plenty of advanced features Invisible icon  
Can’t be installed remotely on the target device.  
QustodioThe device costs $129 and includes a one-year premium membership; after that, you will need to pay $9.99 per month to maintain the service.Great interface design.
Intuitive apps.
App blocking on desktop and mobiles. Comprehensive-time restrictions  
ExpensiveVPN breaks the web filter on desktops.
Social media monitoring is limited to Facebook.
MobicipStarting $3.99 a month to protect up to 5 devices – $4.99 a month to protect up to 10 devices.Great design Organized interface
App blocking
Supports most platforms  
Children can bypass desktop browsing restrictions.
Not the best iOS configuration.
No Geofencing.
No total time limits, only time schedules.

Final Verdict

Each year, it seems that surfing the internet is an increasingly problematic activity for children, hence the advent of parental control apps. The Xnore app is highly recommended for all concerned parents looking to protect their children from online dangers.

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