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XNSPY Reviews: How Does it Stack Up Against the Competition?

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In this XNSpy review I’ll compare it to the best cell phone monitoring software on the market. 

XNSPY is one of the top spy apps according to user reviews, spying features, installation process, subscription fees and pricing, and refund policy.

Depending on your needs I would go with one of the three following products.

If you need to monitor an Android phone SpyIC is my favorite choice.  It has a powerful keylogger that does NOT require rooting the phone.

If you need to monitor an iPhone I would go with uMobix.  They offer the most features without having to jailbreak the iPhone.

Finally, if you need to monitor several phones under one plan I would go with mSpy.  They have a reasonably priced “Family plan” with some great features.  You can read more about mSpy here.

My XNSpy Review

While there are many XNSPY reviews out there that claim this software to be the best in the market, I think it falls short for several key reasons.

Many spy software apps allows you to monitor a phone without having to jailbreak or root the device.  

To get full functionality on an Android device, XNSPY requires you to root.  Other apps get around this with keylogging software that tracks everything typed on the target phone.

The most significant changes that have occurred over time include the expansion of the social media monitoring feature, the addition of location tracking and surroundings recording and increased capacity for viewing stored multi-media files.

The software offers distinct advantages for the monitoring of iOS and Android devices:

  • The software has a jailbreak and a no jailbreak version, which provides a monitoring solution for most iOS devices that are currently in use;
  • It includes a full-featured social media monitoring feature that has full functionality in Android devices (requires rooting) and in jailbreak iOS systems;
  • Easy and fast online installation makes it possible to begin using the software almost immediately.
  • operates in stealth mode so the owner of the target phone is completely unaware 

In spite of the obvious benefits, there are a few cons.

  • On no jailbreak iOS devices, the social media app monitoring feature is limited to viewing activity on WhatsApp and information from other social media platforms is unavailable;
  • Only compatible with Android and iOS and currently does not have a version for Windows, Blackberry or Symbian devices;
  • Although the software provides a robust monitoring platform for jailbreak iOS and rooted Android devices, some of the features are limited in no jailbreak iOS systems.

What Sets Their Software Apart

XNSPY is compatible with jailbreak devices that are running iOS versions 6.0 to 9.0.3 and Android versions 4.x through 9.x.

The no jailbreak version is compatible with iOS 6.0 to 12.1.4.

Let’s take a look at the features of this software, including functional limitations that may exist for no jailbreak devices.

Call monitoring

You can easily record phone calls and surroundings and create weekly reports of the five most frequent callers and five longest calls. You can use this information to determine which contacts are most important and to decide whether some contacts should be restricted or even blocked.

Message Monitoring

Recording information about email and chat messages and lets you configure alerts based on contact information and message keywords. For no jailbreak devices, email viewing is not available and chat monitoring is limited to WhatsApp.

Using contact alerts, I discovered that our employee had an outside accomplice. I created keyword alerts using four words that were frequently exchanged in messages, which allowed me to gather the information I needed to confirm the reported incident.

Social Media Chat App Tracking

monitor cell phone apps

The app monitors activity on iMessage, Line, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Tinder and Skype chats. Only WhatsApp monitoring and iMessage viewing are available on no jailbreak devices.

Chat logs can help you to develop a more complete picture of connections that exist among contacts. Conversations are stored as a string of related threads, allowing you to discern relationship patterns between people who may not be directly connected to the user but who may be important for your monitoring.

Internet Use Monitoring

XNSpy monitors bookmarks and websites that are accessed by the target device and records details of browsing history.

The software provides a report of the ten most frequently visited sites, which makes it possible to determine if the user is accessing content that you consider off-limits. On rooted Android devices and jailbreak iOS systems, this feature lets you block installed apps and access to specific websites.

Keystroke Logging

The app creates a record of all keystrokes that are entered in social media apps, even if the message was erased or discarded.

This feature becomes indispensable when a user has attempted to avoid detection by deleting messages. The record of keystrokes remains intact, keeping all information in its original form, even when users attempt to tamper with message contents.

Location tracking

You can use location tracking to set geographic boundaries and to receive alerts when the device leaves a specified geographic location. This option is not available on no jailbreak devices.

In the situation I described earlier, my review of the location history logs provided clarification about places that were potentially connected to the stolen property.

Contact monitoring

XNSpy saves all contact information and can send alerts about specific contacts. This information can be useful in determining if the user is being contacted by persons who you have determined to be a negative influence.

I used contact-based alerts to determine if our employee was planning further thefts and was able to monitor contacts who had been involved in the initial incident.

Photos and videos

woman using tinder app

Within the control panel you can view photos, videos and calendar entries and download media files to a remote server. You can watch videos that are played on the monitored device to obtain real-time information about the activities of the user. Video viewing is not available on no jailbreak devices.

Multi-media files can help you to determine if your child or employee is accessing content that you have determined is off-limits. You can use this feature to monitor future downloads and to ensure compliance with established parameters.

Built-in security

XNSpy offers SIM card change detection and sends an alert when it detects that the SIM card has been removed. This feature works with the software’s capacity to remotely control, wipe and lock the target device and protects your information if the device is lost or stolen.

What Customers Are Saying

I found several examples of customer feedback while writing this review. I was happy to see that other users share my positive experience with XNSpy and I want to show you some of their comments.

Emily W.  – The long feature list is impressive. The installation is neat and easy and they provide all the helpful material to get started. Lucky I got my hands on Xnspy in the first place. 5/5 stars from me if this app won’t screw me up. Will edit my review after a month.

Marco R. – this software is a broke and heartbroken people’s best pal. I was in an emotionally-draining relationship with so many unanswered questions. It was a one-time’s heartbreak and pain over months and probably years of abuse. I chose to opt out of the relationship when I found out about his reality because of Xnspy.

The consensus is that this is a versatile phone monitoring solution that works well in a variety of situations.

How to Install XNSpy

As with many of the spy apps we’ve tested the installation of this app is fairly straightforward.  Once you’ve signed up for your account you’ll be given everything you need to get started.  

Here is a video showing the installation of the app.

XNSpy vs mSpy (our favorite)

While most cell phone spyware includes similar features, companies differ significantly in the quality of technical support they provide. XNSpy offers a comprehensive set of cell phone monitoring tools but we prefer the superior customer care that mSpy provides.

While XNSpy offers location tracking, the integration of Google Maps and geo-fencing is unique to mSpy. XNSpy is available only for Android and iOS but MSpy can be installed on nearly every type of device that is currently in use. XNSpy includes comprehensive social media app monitoring but this feature is limited to WhatsApp activity on no jailbreak devices.

The XNSPY Basic plan costs $29.99 per month, or $13.99 per month if paid quarterly and $4.99 per month if paid annually. The Premium Plan costs $35.99 per month, or $13.99 per month if paid quarterly and $19.99 per month if billed annually.

mSpy offers a basic plan at a cost of $29.99 per month for short-term monitoring needs. If you anticipate long-term use, mSpy offers a premium plan at $69.99 per month. The quarterly and annual costs are $39.99 and $16.66 per month, respectively.

Where to Buy XNSpy

XNSpy offers a full set of monitoring features that work well on both an iOS and Android device. Its location tracking feature and integration with major social media platforms makes it useful in setting limits on unwanted social interactions.

The software provides a robust set of reports that work with its alert system to facilitate appropriate interventions.

Visit the product website to download the software and create your account.

Considerations Before Buying Spy Software

Cell phone spy apps share a set of standard features that include the ability to read email, text messages, media files, address book and calendar. 

This type of software includes internet activity monitoring tools and provides device location tracking. Additional features may include the ability to take screenshots and to remotely wipe target devices.  

For more information on other software out there check out our spy app reviews here.

The ability to invisibly track a user’s mobile device lets you obtain needed information without infringing on the activities of the user or risking detection.

Cell phone monitoring software has disadvantages and may not be the right solution for you if:

  • you prefer to monitor your children or employees only if they are informed that their activities are being tracked;
  • you are not able to obtain access to the target device long enough to install the software;
  • you need to monitor a no jailbreak iOS device and installation would result in limited functionality that would not meet your needs.

XNSPY Alternatives

XNSPY alternatives include spying apps such as uMobix, FlexiSPY, and Spyzie. More information can be found in our in-depth Spyzie review.

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