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BoxCryptor Review: What is It and How Does It Work?

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If you are an employee or a businessman looking to keep all your data secure, you would surely look into alternative cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

The only problem is, these storage providers do not utilize end-to-end encryption.

That means that your files and info are not a hundred percent secure at all times. Therefore, tools such as Boxcryptor were introduced, to help keep your information secure and private.

It doesn’t matter what kind of data you want to keep safe in the cloud, it will always be secure and encrypted using a strong end-to-end encryption tool. It could be the best tool available to secure your data in the cloud.

What Is Boxcryptor?

Boxcryptor is strong end-to-end encryption software that allows cloud users such as Google Drive, Dropbox, ownCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and many more to encrypt their data on the cloud to keep them secure and private.

In other words, this software offers an extra layer of protection for cloud-stored data by encrypting the files locally on your device. Additionally, it is user-friendly software, easy to use, and completely reliable.

How Does BoxCryptor Work?

Boxcryptor makes the complicated process of encrypting files and keeping them safe quite easy. The software works by linking the local folders or the cloud-stored files to Boxcryptor; you can control the software afterward to encrypt or decrypt your files.

Once the data on your device or cloud has been encrypted, you will be the only one who can access the data by decrypting and accessing them easily, you only need to have the software installed and to be logged in.

This software is available on most platforms such as macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

In addition to a web version called “Boxcryptor Portable” that works on operating systems like Linux that isn’t supported by mobile apps or desktop.

The only thing that could be missing from this software is that it does not give you the option to filter and exclude files automatically, but it shouldn’t be a problem for the users as the software decrypts the files either way.

Boxcryptor Security

Impeccable security is what this software was made for; Boxcryptor receives a perfect score when it comes to the security category.

The software’s security is based on your chosen password, which is the key to encrypt all of your data.

Features such as the zero-knowledge service mean that even the software cannot control your password, and also cannot reset or recover it in case you’ve forgotten it, so make sure you use a very strong password and one that you will easily remember.

Boxcryptor Key Features

This software offers plenty of features that each and every user needs to keep their data secure and private, here are the most significant features the app offers users.


No user would want anyone to have access to their private folders and data, especially without your permission or knowledge. To tackle that problem, Boxcryptor was designed after the zero-knowledge paradigm.

The zero-knowledge paradigm means that no third party gets access to your private data, and the same goes for the software itself, Boxcryptor cannot access your data either.

The entire data access is only granted to the registered user. This also means that even when a user is transferring a file from a device to the cloud, the software encrypts all the device’s data before transferring it to the cloud storage provider. Ensuring complete safety and privacy to your personal data.

Seamless Integration into Your Workflow

The software works smoothly and automatically without interrupting your workflow. It automatically recognizes the installed cloud storage providers and adds them to the virtual Boxcryptor drive.

This means that every file you add to the Boxcryptor drive or even if you create a file within the drive, it will be easily encrypted. To edit an encrypted file, you only need to open it, make the changes you want and then save it. And the Boxcryptor software handles the rest.

Free Mobile Apps with Many Features

Boxcryptor is also available for mobile phones (iOS and Android) regardless of the license you have (personal, free, team, or business license), you can easily use the software on your mobile phone as it is facilitated by many practical features.

To use the app on your phone, mark the file you want, unlock the app with face recognition or fingerprint, then use the camera upload to save the encrypted photos on your smartphone automatically to the cloud, you can also benefit from the thumbnails of pictures that have been already viewed.

Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of Boxcryptor:


  • Very strong encryption
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates more than 30 cloud storage services
  • Ability to share files.


  • No monthly plan
  • Individual plans have limited support


Is Boxcryptor Secure?

Boxcryptor is very safe and secure, any encrypted file is completely protected, by using two precise encryption protocols. Users can also enable the two-factor authentication for more security to their encrypted data.

Is Boxcryptor Free?

Boxcryptor offers an amazing free plan that allows users access to most of the software’s features. However, if you use the free plan then you will be limited to only two devices and to one cloud storage.

How to Set Up Encryption in Boxcryptor?

If this is your first time using Boxcryptor and still don’t have any files in your cloud, this is how you start.

  1. Open the Boxcryptor Drive
  2. Open the cloud’s folder in the Boxcryptor drive
  3. Right-click the folder
  4. Select new
  5. Select folder
  6. Choose yes to confirm creating an encrypted folder
  7. Add files to that folder and they will be automatically encrypted

Does Boxcryptor Encrypt Local Files?

Yes, however not on the free version, the free version only allows you to encrypt either the local files or the cloud storage on the same account. To encrypt local files, you only need to click on “Add” in the settings and choose the folder you want to encrypt as a “location”.

Final Verdict

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, this software is essential to keep your private data and files secured, the software is user-friendly and 100% reliable, it beats every other encryption software with its impressive features.