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CCleaner Review 2022: Clean Your OS And Browsers

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In this CCleeaner review you’ll learn how this software can help speed up and protect your devices.

CCleaner is made by Piriform. It is a utility used to remove unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a PC or Mac.

Anyone using a computer for a long time will notice that it slows down over time due to unwanted software, adware, and even spyware.

This happens because junk files accumulate over time. Eventually this leads to slower performance. Therefore, it is essential to clean up your computer regularly. You might even want to consider it as a part of your housekeeping.

One of the best tools you can use to clean up your pc is CCleaner.

This amazing windows optimizer offers users plenty of functionalities to enhance their systems and give their PC some room to breathe. Some of its main features include real-time system monitoring, privacy-focused tools, and a drive wiper.

My CCleaner Review

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CCleaner is a reliable and fast PC optimization software that scans your PC for junk files, harmful apps, spy apps like Spymaster Pro, security threats, and performance issues.

It also deletes your system’s cached data, old downloads, system cookies, and the browsing history from Google Chrome (including Incognito Mode Browsing history), Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

This software was developed by Piriform and was released in 2004. It is considered to be one of the longest-established PC cleaners in the field. In the beginning, CCleaner was available for Windows computers only, but in 2012, a macOS version was also released.

CCleaner comes in two versions, one for free and one that’s paid. The paid version has a lot more features compared to the free version.

How Does CCleaner Work?

CCleaner is equipped with so many useful tools to help keep your computer in the best shape. Those tools include:

Registry Cleanup: This feature helps you detect and delete faulty registry entries found during scans. Even though this feature might have a limited effect on the PC’s overall performance, it is very useful if you had any registry-specific issues. It also lets you know when you should consider deleting entries and offers you the option to exclude them. Additionally, this tool also helps to make a backup of your registry so that you can restore it if any issues happen in the future.

Software Management: One of the most helpful tools in CCleaner is the software uninstaller. This tool might not allow you to delete multiple programs all at once, but it can show you more programs than the ones you can find in the Windows built-in program manager list.

CCleaner also allows users to uninstall pre-installed apps in Windows 10, like Solitaire and Skype, which are considered impossible to remove.

CCleaner cannot automatically clean the leftover files and junk registry entries when a program has been uninstalled. Still, you can use other tools in CCleaner to remove the traces of the uninstalled apps easily.

One of the most amazing features you can use in CCleaner is customizing the Windows context menu. This will allow you to remove unwanted apps options from the menu when you right-click a file. If you notice that your browser is acting suspiciously and you’re worried that a plugin might be causing it, you can use the CCleaner plugin manager to deal with the problem.

If you are looking to sell or give away your hard drive, you might want to make sure the traces of your files are also deleted, including those that have already been removed. CCleaner’s drive wiper can help delete all traces after a file has been deleted.

Scheduled Scans: This feature is quite interesting as it allows the users the ability to schedule a regular scan. You can choose for it to be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also restrict the scans to certain accounts if someone else uses your PC.

Use CCleaner Like a Pro

This amazing application has various hidden features, from small functions like tweaking the cleaning process and schedules to full drive-wipe functions. Here are the most important tips and tricks to use CCleaner like a pro.

  • Consider what you delete. CCleaner clears many things by default, you might want to look into clearing the browsing cache, as the browser keeps those files to help you revisit a website faster, so deleting the browser cache might make your browser a bit slower.
  • Whitelist important cookies. CCleaner clears cookies by default, you might want to keep some important cookies from websites you visit regularly. CCleaner can help you whitelist important cookies.
    You only need to right-click the cookies panel and choose “intelligent scan”. CCleaner will automatically add Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail to your whitelist.
  • Beware of the registry cleaner, as the windows registry includes thousands of entries, and the registry cleaner might mistakenly remove important registry values. However, if your device runs a registry cleaner, make sure to back up any changes you make.
  • Manage startup programs, the startup panel in the tools section allows you to control the programs that start automatically when you start your PC, you can choose to disable those programs or delete them.
  • Wipe drives, when a user deletes a file, it can still be traced back and recovered with many recovering apps, this might put your privacy at risk if you decide to sell or give away your hard drive, the drive wiper tool allows you to remove all traces to the deleted files.
  • Securely delete files, CCleaner allows you to delete files securely using the Drive Cleaner tool, however, it will be slower than normally deleting the files, which is why operating systems don’t delete files automatically. If you are worried about your privacy, you can use the settings tab in the options section to enable this option.
  • Include custom files, CCleaner allows you to have a temporary file directory to be cleared on a regular basis. You can specify files and folders in CCleaner and the app will delete those files when you run it.
  • Exclude files, if CCleaner clears files you do not want to be cleared, you have the option to add an exclusion in the options section. This allows you to exclude a folder, an entire drive, registry key, or file.

Does CCleaner really delete everything?

CCleaner will erase your browser history, cache files, and cookies for any browser you have, whether it’s Opera, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. It will even clear cookies stored by a flash player.

Final Thoughts

This amazing software has been the most popular for years for all its features that can only be found in this app. If you are looking for an app that will keep your PC fresh and clean all the junk regularly, this is the app for you.