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How to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

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In this post you’ll learn how to track your wife’s mobile phone without her knowing using tracking software.

Relationships should be built on trust, but in today’s world of text messaging and dating apps it can be VERY easy for a cheating spouse to sneak around.

Below you’ll learn about a couple free ways to track her cell phone. You’ll also learn about some paid options that allow you to see MUCH more than just her phone’s location.

Two Best Ways to Track Your Wife’s Cell Phone

Below I’m going to show you two different monitoring methods to secretly track your wife’s smartphone.

I’ll start off with the free method because everyone likes free. These GPS trackers are not as foolproof, easy, or effective. But they are free.

The second method of tracking your wife’s cell phone is to use a paid app. These tracker applications show location and a whole lot more.

Free Apps for Tracking Your Wife’s Phone

use these softwares at your own risk

The tracker apps below don’t require you to install anything on your wife’s mobile phone. You can track your her phone location using pre-installed apps on her device.

Google Location Services

Google logo

Google location services is a reliable app that shows you the current location of any device on Google Maps. It comes pre-installed on every Android mobile phone.

You will need your wife’s email and password to set it up. Then it’s as easy as logging into her Google account and determining her locations on Google maps.

For more information on setting up location sharing check out my post on tracking someone using Google Maps.

Apple iCloud and the “Find My” Feature

icloud logo

If both you and your wife are on the iOS system, it’s as easy as switching on Family Sharing. Once Family Sharing is on, you can find your wife’s location using the Find My feature.

The downside is that if your wife knows you’re tracking her location she can quickly turn off location sharing on her iPhone or iOS device.

Facebook Messenger

While this method is a bit tedious, it is possible to track someone’s location using the Facebook messenger app. Click on the link above to get a more detailed look into how this is done.

The Pros of Free Solutions

  • Legal – these apps already come with your phone, so you’ll only have to agree to the Privacy Policy of your phone manufacturer.
  • Safe – these options don’t come with the same privacy risks that third-party apps do. Chances are, whether you use an iOS or Android phone, you already trust Apple or Google with your sensitive data.
  • No root or jailbreak – because these tools come pre-installed on your phone, you don’t have to root or jailbreak the device.

The Cons

The downside to using these apps is that your wife might find out. Unlike the third-party tools below, Google and Apple take privacy VERY seriously. Your will most like receive notifications that her location is being tracked.

There are legitimate reasons for enabling location sharing. Finding a lost phone is one. And wanting your loved ones to know where you are for personal safety reasons is another.

But if she has something to hide, it is easy to turn off location sharing.

Third-party tracking apps provide a wealth of information about your wife’s location and phone activities.

The third party solutions below can be used to track your wife’s phone. These tracking apps do not require permission from the phone’s owner.


umobix home page

Part 1: What is uMobix?

uMobix is one of the top-selling phone tracker applications. In addition to tracking her GPS location it allows you to track the following activities:

  • Track incoming and outgoing calls
  • Track all emails
  • Manage and track all SMS messages
  • Messaging apps & social media sites (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook)
  • Track Internet History

The uMobix phone monitoring app is the most reliable monitoring system we’ve tested. It’s easy to use even for folks who aren’t tech-savvy. The best part is you don’t need to root or jailbreak your device. For a more detailed look at the features check out my review of uMobix.

Part 2: Installing uMobix

Step 1: Sign up for uMobix. You will need to provide an email and a password, and you’ll be sent a file to install uMobix on your wife s cell phone.

Step 2: For Android you will need to innstall the APK file on the target phone. For iPhones all you need is her email address and password.

Step 3: Track away! Use uMobix’s browser interface to get real-time information on your wife’s activity. Its control panel is easy to use.

uMobix is one of the most comprehensive spy apps on the market today.


  • works on iOS and Android devices
  • completely invisible once installed
  • real-time feedback of phone activity


  • iOS version requires Apple ID and password
  • Android version requires physical access (for installation only).
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spyic logo

Part 1: What is SPYIC

Spyic is another full-featured cell phone tracking software which lets you monitor your wife’s phone activity. Unlike Hoverwatch, Spyic works on both Android and iOS cell phones and has seamless multi-platform use.

Like Hoverwatch, you wouldn’t need to jailbreak or root your wife’s phone just to use Spyic. That doesn’t mean you miss out on spy app features because you can track all these activities using Spyic:

  • Location
  • Text message
  • All call logs
  • Online activity
  • Calendar and schedule
  • Messaging applications
  • Multimedia files

If you’re on an iOS phone, you don’t even need to install the app on the target device. You can install Spyic remotely on your wife’s phone without her knowing.

If your wife uses an Android device, you’ll have to install a 2MB APK install file on the target device. But because Spyic has stealth mode technology, she would never suspect the application on her device.

Part 2: Installing Spyic

Step 1: Sign up for Spyic on their official website and choose the target device’s OS/device type.

Step 2: Download and install Spyic on your wife’s phone or target device.

If your wife uses an Android mobile phone, download Spyic using the link found in your e-mail. You can activate stealth mode to hide the application once it’s installed.

If your wife uses an iOS cell phone, you’re in luck! All you need to do is to enter your wife’s iCloud credentials, such as her username and password, then wait for Spyic to sync through iCloud.

Step 3: Track your wife’s activity on your web browser using Spyic’s web-based interface. You’re all set!

Pros and Cons

Spyic is a potent monitoring solution with plenty of features that a free spy app doesn’t offer. The best part is, you can run its fully-featured suite all from your web browser.

Spyic’s features are unbeatable for the price. Its geofencing feature lets you limit the boundaries for your tracking, so you know when she’s not just getting milk from the nearby grocery.

There are little cons to using Spyic. It’s safe and free from viruses. You can install Spyic on your wife’s phone without her knowledge. And it’s affordable.

Aside from the usual security and legal risks we mentioned earlier, there are no other cons to installing Spyic.

Spyic is the most feature-rich spy app we’ve used, and we think it’s one of the best tools to track your wife’s phone without her knowing.

If you want an app that offers maximum stealth and features at an affordable price, then Spyic is for you.

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Part 1: What is Geofinder?

Geofinder is a spy app that tracks a phone’s GPS location using just the phone number. It supports iOS and Android, and you don’t need to root or jailbreak your wife’s phone to use it.

The Geofinder phone monitoring app only allows you to track the location of the target phone.

It is completely undetectable, so your wife will never suspect that you’re monitoring her activity.

Part 2: Installing Geofinder

Step 1: Enter the number of the target phone on the Geofinder.mobi website.

Step 2: Their system will scan to ensure the GPS location of the phone can be tracked.

Step 3: Enter your payment information to view the current location of your wife’s cell phone.


  • track a device using only it’s number
  • works anywhere in the world


  • only gives you location details
  • no text messages
  • no social media, phone calls etc

Before anything else, we should warn you of the risks in installing spying and tracking apps. There are probably two questions you should ask before using or installing any app for tracking your wife:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it legal?

The applications you’ll use will depend on those two questions. But these are the necessary risks involved if you want to find out the truth.

Privacy and Cybersecurity Risks

Any app requiring location tracking can jeopardize not only your wife’s privacy but yours as well. It’s pretty obvious at this point that since you’re married, there will be some places you’ll go together.

That means there will be companies who’ll know where you live and can send you annoying spam or targeted advertising. Worse, you could get phished.

Legal Risks

Some countries have data privacy laws which might make some phone tracking app features illegal.

So make sure that you check your country’s laws before you install spy software on your wife’s phone.

Your Options

so many choices

You can choose first-party solutions or third-party solutions. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both, which we’ll tell you about below.

The Pros

Third-party phone spying apps are the best at providing maximum secrecy. With third-party solutions, you don’t need to worry about your wife ever finding out.

These apps allow you to track an iPhone without them knowing it’s being tracked.

You don’t need to be a genius to use a third-party tracking app. Most of these options provide a web-based interface with multiple features.

Besides tracking her location, you can also read text messages and track your wife’s social media activity. That’s more features than you’ll ever get with the built-in first-party solutions we mentioned.

The Cons

All these applications come with two risks: it might be illegal, and it may be expensive. Because you’re trying to track your wife without her consent, it might violate some privacy laws.

Some apps are also expensive. The best applications run on a subscription-based model. The ones we’re recommending here are some of the most affordable fully-featured tools in the market.

That said, it won’t take you more than a month to get to the bottom of your wife’s secrets. So a one-month subscription is more than worth it.


There are some things that can break the tranquility of domestic life, and distrust is one of them. Relationships should be open and honest.

But if your wife doesn’t communicate, take comfort in the fact there are solutions you can take to monitor your wife so you can be proactive about finding out the truth and repairing your relationship.

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