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Spying Software Password Database

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Below you will find the default passwords for the most common network equipment. We highly encourage administrators to change these passwords immediately upon installation to avoid breaches by spying software and hackers.

This list also contains some of the more common methods and apps to spy on smartphones including spyware, smartphone spying apps, malware, and malicious apps.

vendor Sorted in Ascending OrderProductVersionUsernamePasswordLevel
 3COMAirConnect AP comcomcom
 3COMCellPlex7000 tech tech
 3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 debug synnet
 3COMCoreBuilder7000/6000/3500/2500 tech tech
 3COMHiPerARCv4.1.x adm (none)
 3COMLANplex2500 debug synnet
 3COMLANplex2500 tech tech
 3COMLinkSwitch2000/2700 tech tech
 3COM adm (none)
 3COM admin synnet
 3COM manager manager
 3COM monitor monitor
 3COM read synnet
 3COM security security
 3COM write synnet
 3COMNetBuilder ANYCOM
 3COMOffice Connect ISDN Routers5×0 PASSWORDadmin
 3COMOfficeConnect Remote Router812 ADSL, 840 SDSL root !rootAdministrator
 3COMSuperstack 3 switches4900 recover recoverAdministrator
 3COMSuperStack II Switch1100/3300 monitor monitorMonitor
 3COMSuperStack II Switch1100/3300 manager managerManager
 3COMSuperStack II Switch1100/3300 admin (none)admin
 3COMSuperStack II Switch1100/3300 security securityadmin
 3COMSuperStack II Switch2200 debug synnet
 3COMSuperStack II Switch2700 tech tech
 3COMUS Robotics ADSL Router8550 (none) 12345Administrator
 3COMWireless AP comcomcom
 Accelerated NetworksDSL CPE and DSLAM sysadm anicust
 ADC KentroxPacesetter Router secret
 AdtranMX2800 adtran
 Advanced IntegrationPC-BIOS Advanceadmin
 AirLink PlusRTW026V0.80.0010 (firmware) (none) adminAdministrator
 AladdineSafe Appliance root kn1TG7psLuroot
 AlcatelPBX4400 halt tlah
 AlcatelPBX4400 install llatsni
 AlcatelPBX4400 dhs3pms dhs3pms
 AlcatelPBX4400 adfexc adfexc
 AlcatelPBX4400 client client
 AlcatelPBX4400 kermit kermit
 AlcatelPBX4400 dhs3mt dhs3mt

These usernames and passwords can be used by hackers and spy software to access phone data, server data, and more

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