Best Whatsapp Spy Apps for Anroid & iPhone

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Considering getting the best WhatsApp spy apps for your kids? Employees? Possibly cheating spouse?

Getting uMobix would be the smartest choice you’ll ever make. You can read OLDER content. And even learn other things the owner does outside sending WhatsApp messages to people you don’t know.

There are also MORE spy apps to see below that won’t just allow you to spy on WhatsApp messages but on other apps too.

Find the best WhatsApp spy app for you now!

9 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android & iPhone

Here is a list of my top 9 Whatsapp Spy Apps. They are ranked in order of performance and price.

1 – uMobix (Best Overall)

uMobix is the BEST OVERALL among all WhatsApp spy apps here. For starters, it offers a wide variety of spying features. And that’s on top of being the most reliable here!

Here’s what you can monitor on the target device using uMobix:

  • WhatsApp (and more messaging and social media apps)
  • Text messages and call logs
  • Contact list
  • Web browsing history and bookmarks
  • Keyword searches
  • Media files
  • Email
  • Real-time video calls
  • GPS location
  • SIM card replacement alert
  • And phone settings

Yes, you read that right. You can actually tamper with the device with a few options available! We listed down additional things you can do on the target phone:

  • Manage all apps (with advanced settings)
  • Limit the websites the owner can only access
  • Turn off wi-fi
  • Lock the phone
  • Restrict people from contacting the owner (both from call and text messages)

More details about uMobix features here.


What’s also great about this WhatsApp spy app is it works BOTH on Android (must be 4.0 up) and iOS devices.

And if you’re not so sure if the target mobile phone is truly compatible… You can even go to their website and check the app compatibility for extra reassurance.

Just enter the phone model and you’ll see the result RIGHT AWAY!

You DON’T have to root or jailbreak the phone just to use this WhatsApp spy too. ​But it’s PREFERABLE to have no restrictions for a well-functioning WhatsApp spying app.

Here’s the tricky part.

You have to install the application DIRECTLY on Android devices so it’s a bit tricky if the target phone is guarded 24/7.

You’re lucky if your target phone is iPhone — you won’t have to physically install the WhatsApp spying app here. You only need to know the iCloud ID and the password which you’ll use for remote installation.

An important note: Remote installation will NOT work if the iCloud backup is disabled and if 2FA is enabled. Make sure they’re not set up that way.

Take caution:

  • The WhatsApp spying app icon will be shown on the menu after you install it on an Android device. You’ll have to manually hide it.
  • But for the iPhone, there won’t be any icons at all so it’s safe.

You can monitor everything on your computer. The user interface is easy to navigate so you won’t get lost at all. And it updates FAST that you can actually spy on WhatsApp messages in almost real-time.

Here’s uMobix demo you can try out for free.


As for the pricing, uMobix’s MOST popular plan is an access-to-all-features that lasts for 3 months. It costs $26.66 per month for iPhone and $33.33 per month for Android.


  • Fast update
  • Old and deleted contents are accessible
  • Incognito activities can be tracked
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon
  • Extensive phone settings control


  • No jailbreak version for iPhones

2 – mSpy (Best Value)

Another WhatsApp spy application you’ll find WORTH getting is mSpy. And like uMobix, this just doesn’t let you spy on WhatsApp but control some phone settings too.

These are the main functions this WhatsApp spy app lets you do:

  • Check all notes saved on the phone
  • Track phone’s location
  • Receive keyword notifications
  • Check contacts, calls, and SMS
  • Read incoming/outgoing email
  • Monitor web browser usage
  • Track WhatsApp and more apps
  • View pictures and video files
  • Oversee calendar activities
  • Manage Wi-fi networks
  • Block and restrict certain apps

What’s also UNIQUE about this spying app is it lets you export the activities recorded into XLS and CSV.

This way, you can still review ALL the WhatsApp messages and other suspicious activities recorded prior to the end of the subscription.

More details about mSpy features are here.


mSpy spying app also works both on Android and iOS devices. And there’s a compatibility checker on mSpy website as well.

Take note that Android devices have to be rooted and require physical installation. And Jailbroken iOS devices aren’t needed but it’s better to have one.

You’ll get to try out MORE advanced features with lesser restrictions after all.

You only have to acquire the password and ID for iOS too and the app will be all set up REMOTELY.

Although, it all comes down to whether the iCloud backup is enabled or not as well. Or if 2FA is on since it will become harder to get the code for setting up. This will PROMPT a need for physical access too.

Now, mSpy spying app will only work on iOS 7.0-9.1 devices if it’s jailbroken. But on the contrary, all iOS versions work just fine if it’s NOT jailbroken.

As for Android devices, they all need a 4.0 and higher version.

Here’s mSpy demo you can try out for free.


This WhatsApp tracker is more expensive than uMobix — its 3-month subscription costs about $39.99 per month. And this applies to BOTH Android and iOS devices.

But don’t get discouraged. What’s great about the price is it’s NOT the ONLY option available. mSpy always offers a discount which can be up to 50%. And this is honestly a great deal for a spy app with a fully packed feature!


  • mSpy uninstall alert
  • Deleted text and call logs are accessible
  • All records can be exported
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon
  • Fast update


  • Can’t access old media files

3 – Spyic

Spyic app does other things aside from monitoring WhatsApp as well:

  • Text messages and call logs
  • Phone location
  • SIM card details (including network, IMEI number, and location)
  • More messaging and social media apps
  • Web browser
  • Keyword searches
  • Calendar activity
  • Pictures and videos
  • Contacts

More details about Spyic features are here.


Like the WhatsApp spy apps above, this tracker also works on Android and iPhone. Android phones need a 4.0 and higher version. And iPhones can be ALL versions.

You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target phone as well. But it’s BETTER to have jailbroken iPhones for more feature access.

Getting the iCloud password and ID will be enough for installing this WhatsApp spy app remotely too. Although you might need physical installation IF the iCloud backup isn’t on or if 2FA is enabled as well.

Furthermore, you can HIDE the app icon to safely monitor WhatsApp conversations. The WhatsApp tracker won’t show that it’s running in the background so it’s completely alright to use it 24/7.

Here’s Spyic demo you can try out for free.


This spying app costs differently depending on the type of phone you’re trying to get on as well. For a 3-month license, it’s $69.99 monthly on Android and $79.99 monthly for iOS devices.

But then again, these prices get discounts from time to time. It’s currently off 67% so prices become $26.66 for iOSand $23.33 for Android.

Although their most POPULAR plan is the 12-month license which offers $119.99 per month for Android and $129.99 per month for iOS.

But you can save 86% thanks to the ongoing sale too! You’ll get to have the WhatsApp spy app for ONLY $9.99 for Android and $10.83 for iOS.


  • Deleted messages can be checked
  • Updates within 10 min for rooted cellphones
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon


  • Updates every 24 hours for non-rooted cellphones
  • No social media apps can be monitored on iOS


4 – KidsGuard Pro (Best WhatsApp Spy)

What Can It Do

KidsGuard Pro is TOTALLY different from the WhatsApp spying apps we’ve had above. It’s NOT a 2-in-1 monitoring app — it offers a broad range of spy apps that are made specifically for…

  • iOS device
  • Android device
  • And there’s even one made to spy on WhatsApp only!

But take note that the last one is only designed for Android.

What you can view using KidsGuard for WhatsApp are…

  • WhatsApp status
  • WhatsApp messages
  • WhatsApp call logs
  • WhatsApp voice calls and audio files (downloadable)
  • WhatsApp photos and videos (downloadable)
  • WhatsApp documents (downloadable)

You’re also free to choose the other spy apps if you’re ONLY planning to spy on WhatsApp messages your kids receive.

Why would you want to opt for this if you can already fully monitor WhatsApp with KidsGuard for WhatsApp?

Well, separate WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iOS devices let you track what your children are doing BESIDES having WhatsApp conversations!

This includes overseeing…

  • Other messaging and social media apps
  • SMS and call logs
  • Contacts
  • Web browser activity
  • Gallery
  • Keyword searches
  • App activities
  • Calendar
  • Notes and memos
  • GPS
  • Wi-fi networks


You’ll be thrilled to know it’s NOT necessary to root or jailbreak your Android and iPhone devices. You still get to experience all features of this tracker despite not tinkering with the target device.

Sounds great, right?

But take note you still need to access both devices physically for installation.

This is what you’ll have to do for iPhone:

  1. Install KidsGuard Pro for iOS spy app on your computer
  2. Connect the target device to your computer (this only needs to be done one time so don’t fret)
  3. Install the spy app on iPhone
  4. Disconnect the target device
  5. Then you can monitor it via Wi-fi from now on

It’s an easy solution to set up the tracker without having to get the iCloud credentials.

And as for Android, you can install it directly on the device.

Both the Android and iPhone spying apps are sneakily running in the background so it won’t be discovered at all. Unless the tech-savvy owner knows the ins and outs of application processes.

Here are different KidsGuard Pro demos you can try out for free.


The price differs too depending on the KidsGuard Pro spy app you’ll get. Their BEST-SELLER plan is the 3-month plan too. And this costs…

  • KidsGuard WhatsApp: $13.32 monthly
  • KidsGuard Pro for Android: $16.65 monthly
  • KidsGuard Pro for iOS: $19.98 monthly


  • No root or jailbreak is required to access all features
  • All records can be exported from the Android spying app
  • Has separately available spy app for Android WhatsApp
  • Deleted data can be checked
  • Fast update


  • No social media apps on Android can be tracked
  • No specially-made spy app for iPhone WhatsApp
  • Can’t export records from iPhone spying app


5 – Flexispy (Best Call Spy)

What Can It Do

This particular tracker OFFERS several features that other WhatsApp spy apps don’t. And this is the ability to…

  • Listen and record live phone calls (which can be downloaded over again)
  • Intercept phone calls
  • Send spoof messages
  • RemCam and RemVid spy camera

Now, we just don’t refer to typical random phone numbers calling when we said phone calls. We also mean VoIP calls that are made on different messaging apps.

So no more wondering who are those people on WhatsApp call logs you see every day on the target device!

And of course! At the same time, you also get to track WhatsApp messages and more:

  • Conversations from other apps
  • App activities
  • SMS messages
  • Device location
  • Web browser
  • Network connections
  • Photos, audios, and videos
  • Keyword alerts
  • SIM change notification
  • Calendar and notes


Installing this WhatsApp tracker on Android and iPhone can be complicated due to some restrictions.

A non-rooted 4.0-11.0 Android device works. But Android 8.0-11.0 particularly CANNOT experience the Flexispy’s full potential without root. So some features may not work properly.

And a jailbroken iPhone device is recommended too regardless of the version it has.

You should also know that few iPhone versions aren’t just naturally compatible with this WhatsApp spying app. So better check your phone on Flexispy compatibility checker.

Both of them REQUIRE a physical installation so bear that in mind. But you can hide the WhatsApp tracker icon if you want when you’re done installing.

Now, we know you’ve been disappointed with all the strict setup requirements. But don’t worry… There’s one more thing we have yet to introduce you which you’ll definitely enjoy using.

Additionally, this spying app also offers a FREE mobile viewer. It’s possible to check what’s going on on the target device even if you’re away from the computer.

And, remote uninstallation becomes even possible with this too!

Here’s Flexispy demo you can try out for free.


All Android and iPhone plans costs the same:

  • Premium: 1-month ($68) / 3-months ($99)
  • Extreme: 1-month ($199) / 3-months ($349)

There are more subscription plans they offer on the website. But they’re still all HIGHLY expensive so think twice before buying.


  • Spoof messages
  • Able to listen and intercept live phone calls
  • Free mobile viewer app
  • All records can be exported
  • Remote uninstallation


  • Limited features on some device models
  • Expensive

6 – Hoverwatch (Best for Employees)


What Can It Do

The Hoverwatch app is something you’d want to use if you want to keep track of who your employees are talking to on their phones. And that’s all while you’re spying on their Facebook and other apps.

Here’s what you can do with this WhatsApp tracker:

  • Listen to call logs (downloadable)
  • Get to know what they search on web browser
  • Track WhatsApp and more apps
  • See what kind of text conversations they have
  • Discover where your employees go when you’re not present
  • Check all screenshots made
  • Get alerts if they changed SIM card
  • Know all the contact information of who they’re talking to
  • Learn what they write on their to-do list
  • Make hidden camera shots

More details about Hoverwatch features are here.


This WhatsApp tracker works well for Android. But sadly, this spy app ISN’T compatible with the iPhone.

But there’s good news waiting for Android users — it’s not required for your phone to be rooted AT ALL. And you can still try out every feature this WhatsApp spy app offers even if it’s NOT fiddled.

Though of course, it still needs physical access to install the tracker.

There’s no need to worry if the WhatsApp spying app is going to be visible to the phone user. You can hide/show the app on the menu by using the stealth mode feature.

You can monitor all the activities on the spying app dashboard as well. Now, don’t worry! It has a simple user interface so it’s not going to take weeks to get used to it.

But what’s more surprising is this WhatsApp tracker also provides a mobile viewer app too! There’s now a remote solution to check all WhatsApp messages your employees receive while you’re away.

Although… It’s only available on professional and business plans.

Here’s Hoverwatch demo you can try out for free.


There are different plans available for this spy app where you get to track more than 1 device depending on what you’ll get. Here’s the list of their 3-month subscription:

  • Personal (1 device): $20 per month
  • Professional (5 devices): $33 per month (with mobile viewer)
  • Business (25 devices): $100 per month (with mobile viewer)


  • Offers mobile viewer app
  • Audible call records
  • Fast update
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon


  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • Only few messaging and social media apps can be monitored


7 – Panspy (Best for Kids)

What Can It Do

Are your kids on their phones 24/7? Are you worried they spend so much time exchanging WhatsApp conversations with random people who might be dangerous?

You can limit the time they use their phones with the Schedule Restriction feature that this WhatsApp tracker offers. With this, you’ll get to…

  • Set up a time when your children can only use their phones
  • Shut down some apps you don’t want them touching

Other than that, you can also spy on more things such as:

  • Clipboard
  • Calls and text messages
  • Contact list (with blocking option)
  • WhatsApp and more apps
  • GPS location
  • App activities
  • Media files (downloadable)
  • Documents (downloadable)
  • Web browser (with search filter options)
  • Wi-fi networks
  • Keyword searches
  • Emails
  • Calendar and notes

More details about Panspy features are here.


Thankfully, this WhatsApp tracker works for both Android (5.0-8.0) and iPhone (8.0-11.0) cellphones.

You need to physically access both of them to install the app. But it’s not necessary to root or jailbreak them so don’t worry.

The Whatsapp spy app icon will appear during the installation. But you can delete it afterward so your children won’t see it.

The control panel will be updated every 30 minutes. It’s not that slow but it’s not that fast either. It’s good enough to get you non-critical updates.

Here’s Panspy demo you can try out for free.


Their Ultimate Annual Plan is what sells the MOST among parents — it costs $8.33/mo which is $99.95 annually.

But here are their other Ultimate Plans in case you’re curious:

  • Monthly: $34.95/mo
  • Quarterly: $21.65/mo ($64.95 quarterly)


  • All records can be exported
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon
  • 3-day free trial


  • 3-day free trial offers very limited features


8 – iKeyMonitor

What Can It Do

This spy app provides quite a lot of diverse features too similar to the WhatsApp spy apps above:

  • Spying on WhatsApp and more apps
  • Checking messages and call logs
  • Tracking keyword searches
  • Reading what’s on notes and clipboard
  • Spying websites
  • Tracking GPS location
  • Viewing media files
  • Checking calendar events
  • Reading emails
  • Looking through the contact list
  • Spying on listed Wi-fi networks

And all while you can control some settings too such as…

  • Taking secret pictures through camera
  • Blocking some apps
  • Limiting screen time
  • And setting schedule

More details about iKeyMonitor features are here.


Rooting Android is absolutely UNNECESSARY with this WhatsApp tracker — you can make use of all features this spying app offers. And Android even supports versions as low as 2.0.

On the other hand, you’ll get fewer features if your iPhone is non-jailbroken. And as you just guessed, both of them call for a physical installation too.

The app icon will also be displayed on the target phone. But you can choose to HIDE it if you don’t want the user to know what you’re up to.

But take note: Android 10.0 and higher will NOT be able to hide the WhatsApp tracker. So your best solution is to just place it into an app-packed folder.

You can try out the free demo on iKeyMonitor’s homepage.


One thing that makes iKeyMonitor stand out among other best WhatsApp spy apps is the FREE PLAN offer.

You won’t be able to check WhatsApp messages with this plan. But you can still access…

  • Text messages and call logs
  • GPS location
  • contact list
  • Calendar and notes
  • Voice memos
  • Listed Wi-fi networks

Don’t want this?

You can get the Business Plan that costs $10 per month if you want to monitor WhatsApp and spy on more applications.


  • Non-rooted cellphone full works
  • Free plan
  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon


  • Android 10 and higher versions can’t hide app icon


9 – Cocospy (Best for Non-Rooted)

What Can It Do

Spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps isn’t just what Cocospy offers. Cocospy also allows you to monitor other device activities such as…

  • Exchange of calls and messages
  • Web browser usage
  • Device jumping into different locations
  • Replacing SIM card
  • Keyword searches
  • New events on the calendar
  • Viewing photos and videos
  • Apps that are getting installed or uninstalled
  • And who comes and goes into the contact list

More details about Cocospy features are here.


Cocospy doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak Android 4.0 and iPhone 7.0+ so it’s an easy install.

You even get to have ALL features even on non-rooted Android cellphones.

But it’s the total opposite for the iPhone, though. It’s not necessary to have jailbroken iPhones. But Cocospy will work BETTER if that’s your target device.

Expect that you’ll have to physically install Cocospy since you’ll probably get a jailbroken iPhone.

But if not… Then you can install Cocospy remotely via the iCloud credentials method just like what our best WhatsApp spy apps require.

You also have the option to hide the app icon once you’re done with installation. And then you’re going to monitor WhatsApp and other apps through the Cocospy dashboard too.

Here’s Cocospy demo you can try out for free.


Take a look at their price list on their MOST popular 12-month subscription:

  • Android: From $69.99 per month to $9.99 per month sale
  • iPhone: From $79.99 per month to $10.83 per month sale


  • Hidden WhatsApp tracker icon
  • Non-rooted/jailbroken cellphone can still access major features


  • Fewer apps can be monitored on iOS
  • Have to wait 24 hours for a log update for non-rooted/non-jailbroken cellphones

How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without the Target Phone

To spy on Whatsapp messages without the target phone you will need a spy app. However this only works on certain types of phones.

Spy On WhatsApp on iPhone With Spyware

To spy one someone’s WhatsApp messages and account on an iPhone you will need a spying app. You can find the best iPhone spyware apps here.

All you need is the users iCloud login credentials. This includes their email address and password.

Spy on WhatsApp on Android Using Spyware

If the target phone is an Android and you need to spy on their Whatsapp messages you will need physical access to the target device. You will also need their passcode to unlock their phone. Then you can download the Android spy app and configure it.


Can’t choose what’s the best WhatsApp spy app to get?

The uMobix spy app is an ALL-AROUND solution to spying on everything.

You can rely on it to reveal the darkest secrets the owner thought they buried a long time ago. It’s capable of digging past contents as old as 8 months!

And you WON’T find this feature in any other WhatsApp spy apps here.

We also consider mSpy to be WORTH getting since it provides an export function so you can save all the suspicious messages you find on the Whatsapp App.

After all, spying 24/7 is draining and time-consuming especially if you’re constantly pinned to your phone, right? That’s why mSpy is the perfect solution to this issue.

What’s more is, the frequent discounts mSpy provides users with is a hard bargain you can’t possibly ignore!

Although these two Whatsapp spy apps are excellent choices, don’t let that stop you from choosing the spy app that aligns best with your interests.

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