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Adjust Your Privacy Settings

Start by quickly adjusting the privacy settings on all of your major accounts by using the icons below:

Adjust your Facebook privacy settings.Adjust your Twitter privacy settings.Adjust your Google+ privacy settings.Adjust your LinkedIn privacy.Adjust your YouTube privacy settings.Adjust your Vimeo privacy settings.

Adjust your Pinterest privacy.Adjust your Tumblr privacy.Adjust your Yahoo Profile privacy.Adjust your Flickr privacy.Adjust your MySpace privacy settings.Adjust your StumbleUpon privacy settings.Adjust your Hulu privacy.

Adjust your Reddit privacy.Adjust your Pandora privacy.Adjust your Orkut privacy.Adjust your Foursquare privacy.Adjust your Bebo privacy.Adjust your LiveJournal privacy.Adjust your Friendster privacy.

Check Your Privacy

Now you can use these two links to see what your Facebook and Google Plus profiles would look like to a complete stranger:

View Facebook profile as publicView Google+ profile as public

Test Your Privacy

Next, you can test your privacy settings by seeing how easily you can find yourself using this custom people search engine. This search provides results from other people directories (recent changes may not appear immediately, as the search index will need to update first):

Useful Privacy Tools

Finally, you can use the following online tools and resources to help maintain your online privacy:

Privacy - Search YourselfPrivacy - Opt-Out of Online TrackingPrivacy - ToolsPrivacy - Search Engine

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