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How to Secretly Track Someone: Phone & GPS Device Tracking

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map of a users location

To track someone’s location without them knowing involves using a tracking app or GPS tracking device. Tracking apps and GPS trackers include the person’s real-time location, speed and direction of travel, and location history. Common reasons for tracking someone’s location include tracking a spouse or partner, or to monitor the location of a child or children.

There are two common methods to track someone’s location. The first method involves using an app to track their cell phone or mobile device. The second method involves tracking the person with a GPS tracking device that is either on their person or attached to their vehicle.

Phone tracking involves using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates or cell tower triangulation to approximate the location of a cell phone or mobile device.

GPS tracking devices rely on the Global Positioning System to locate and track the specific location of a person or vehicle.

How to Track Someone’s Location Using Their Smartphone

The most common way to track someone’s location is by using an app to track their mobile device. Smartphones such like iPhones and Androids use GPS to provide location data for apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Cell phones also use WiFi and cell tower triangulation to provide enhanced location data.

There are 4 ways to track someone’s location with their smartphone.

  1. Use their phone number
  2. Use a phone tracker app
  3. Use Google Maps
  4. Use Facebook

1. Track Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number

To track someone’s location by phone number involves using a phone number tracking service like Geofinder.mobi, LocationTracker, or Localize.mobi. These phone number tracking services use GPS data and cellular tower triangulation to find the exact coordinates of a smartphone. Once located, the phone’s location is displayed on a map.

To learn “how to track someone’s location with their phone number“, use one of the tracking services listed below.

  1. Geofinder.mobi
  2. Location Tracker
  3. Localize.mobi

2. Track Someone’s Location With a Phone Tracker App

To track someone’s location with a phone tracker app involves purchasing an app and configuring it to monitor the target smartphone. Phone tracker apps are used to monitor iOS and Android devices.

Tracking iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad does not require installing software. Tracking an Android device requires installing the tracker app directly on the target phone. The following article reviews the top phone tracking apps that do not require permission.

Can Phone Tracker Apps Be Used Without Installing Software?

Yes. Phone tracker apps can be used without installing software on the target device. Tracking apps monitor location data on iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone by accessing the target user’s iCloud account. Android tracking apps use the target device’s phone number to see location data.

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Can You Secretly Track the Location of an iPhone?

Yes, you can secretly track the location of someone’s iPhone using a tracker app. iPhones use Apple’s iOS operating system. The iOS operating system does not allow apps to view information from other apps. It is possible to download this data from the user’s iCloud account. Learn more in our article about Tracking an iPhone Without the Owner Knowing

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3. Track Someone’s Location for Free Using Google Maps

To track someone’s location using the Google Maps app involves enabling location sharing on the target device.

Google Maps is app-based mapping service developed by Google that offers street maps, directions, satellite imagery, aerial photography, 360° views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning. It also provides information about local businesses, landmarks, and points of interest.

The Google Maps app is capable of tracking Android smartphones and tablets. It is also capable of tracking iOS devices, if the Google Maps app is installed free to use Google Maps to track someone’s phone location. Read the following article to learn How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing with Using Google Maps.

4. Track Someone’s Location With Facebook

To track someone’s location with Facebook involves viewing their location on the Facebook app or Facebook desktop.

Facebook is a popular social media network that allows users to check in at their current location. Friends can use these check in posts to see the user’s location.

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