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Hi, and welcome to Adjust Your Privacy.

This project started out as a way to review to help users better control their online privacy. We cover a wide variety of topics including apps, VPN software, anti-virus software, parental control software, and more.

We also dig into ways to make your smartphone more secure.

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As we find the need for certain products we like to give them a try and share our thoughts. Below you can find out a little bit more about what we’re all about at Adjust Your Privacy, and a little bit about our editorial team.

What We’re About

Data security has never been more important.  We store every detail of our personal lives on our phones and computers. Ensuring this data is secure SHOULD be the job of the companies supplying the hardware and software that we use.

Unfortunately, many of these companies are negligent in this duty, or make a significant portion of their revenue by sharing our data.

At Adjust Your Privacy our aim is to help you manage your device security and ensure that your personal information is as safe as it can possibly be. We cover a wide range of products to this effect.

Our Writing Team

Jason Thompson – Apps, Security, & Technology

With over 25 years in the information and internet security industry I am passionate about smartphones, gadgets, and technology. I’ve also got a solid background in programming and software.  This includes python, C++, app development and more.

Most of his recent career has been devoted to programming in smartphone apps for both iOS and Android devices. This knowledge makes him an expert on phone security features as well as methods of enhancing the security of a phone. He has tackled many of our more challenging tech related articles.

As our children have grown, and now have cell phones, I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to fairly manage their time online.  As such I’ve tested a great many software packages designed to handle these tasks.  You’ll find all of these reviews in our software section.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at [email protected]. You can also find me on Linkedin.

My Articles on AdjustYourPrivacy.com include:

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We hope you’ll come back often to check out our site.  We’ll be highlighting new topics all of the time.
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