How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

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In this post you’ll learn how to track someone’s location with their cell phone number. This allows you to find their location at any time, day or night.

There are two ways to track someone’s location using their mobile phone number. Both of these methods work on iPhones and Android devices, and both will give you the exact location of the device.

How to Track Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number

A phone tracking service is the easiest way to find someone’s location by phone number. Phone number tracking websites allow you to find the location of someone’s smartphone 24 hours a day.

Best Cell Phone Number Location Tracking Services

The phone tracking services listed below require only a phone number to find the location of an Android or iOS device.


The easiest way to track someone’s location by phone number is This phone locator will show you the exact location of a device within minutes. You can try it yourself here.

Services like allow you to track phone number locations quickly and easily. You can simply type in the number and it will find the location of any mobile device. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iOS device or Android phone.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. First you’ll need to type in the number of the device you wish to track. Geofinder will determine if it can locate the device.
  2. Once it knows the location you will be asked to create an account.
  3. After you’ve singed up for an account you can check the device’s location any time you like.

This method is highly effective if you need to track someone’s phone or if you need to locate your own lost smartphone. It doesn’t even require installing a location tracker on the target device.

Since every phone has a built in location tracker, will work on iOS devices, Android phones, and more. And the best part is that it requires no technical knowledge.

You simply enter the phone numbers you want to track and within a couple minutes you’ll see the phone’s location.

Click Here to Try Geofinder

2. is another solid solution for tracking someone’s phone without them knowing. They offer a $1 trial to test out the service.

Localize allows you to track a cell phone anywhere in the world. It works with both Android and iOS devices. As with Geofinder, you will only be able to see the GPS location of the device.

Here is how to get started:

1. First you’ll need to type in the number of the device you wish to track. Localize will determine if it can locate the device.

2. Once the system has verified it can find the device’s location you will be asked to create an account by entering your email address and a password.

localize.mob account creation

3. After you’ve singed up for an account you can check the device’s location any time you like. works best with North American phone numbers. The European and Asian numbers we tested gave inconsistent results.

Click Here for Try Localize

How Do Phone Location Tracking Apps Work?

Location tracking apps like Geofinder use both the cell phone’s built-in GPS and the phone’s cellular network connection to find a phone’s location.

Cellular phone service providers use cell towers to provide a signal to their customers. Using a technique called cell triangulation technology, phone tracking apps can determine the GPS coordinates of any device on a cellular network.

This allows you to track anyone’s current location and location logs with just their phone number in a matter of minutes.

Do Free Tracking Solutions Work?

There are free websites that promise to track someone’s cell phone. My experience is that these sites are just trying to get you to look at ads. And in some cases they want your personal details to bombard you with emails.

A solution that works requires coding, server, and support. All of these cost money, and most free solutions don’t have the budget.

For the consistent results, paid phone tracking tools are the best solution.

Alternative Tracking Solutions

Another way of tracking someone’s location is to use a spy app. In addition to the phone’s location you can see text messages, phone calls, social media accounts, pictures, and more.

Spy on iPhones & iOS Devices

Using a phone tracking app or spy app to monitor an iPhone offers a lot more information than a web-based mobile tracker. The main features include seeing their call logs, Whatsapp messages, detailed information on their social network activity, plus quite a few other features.

These apps work in stealth mode meaning there is no app icon for the user to see. In fact you don’t even need physical access to their phone.

Once you sign up for an account you simply follow the on screen instructions. You will need to know the users iCloud account username and password. Once you enter their iCloud credentials the app will begin downloading all the phone’s backed up data.

Spy on Android Devices

Surveillance apps are the best way to monitor someone’s Android device. Android phone spyware apps allow you to monitor Snapchat, social media apps, text messages, phone calls, GPS location and more.

Using this type of software requires physical access to the Android device to download, install, and configure the app.

Smartphone Location Tracking FAQs

Here are a few of the more common questions I’ve gotten about how to find someone’s location by cell phone number.

Can I Track Someone By Cell Phone Number Without Them Knowing?

It is possible to setup GPS location tracking on mobile phones without the end user knowing. In fact you can see more than just the device’s location. Let’s take a look at some solutions for the two most popular types of phones.

Can You Spy On an iPhone With Just the Number?

The best way to spy on an iPhone using just the cell number is with a web-based mobile tracker or reverse lookup service.

iPhone Reverse Phone Lookup

The first way is by using a service provider like After you sign up for an account, you will be able to see the precise iPhone location.

This service works for keeping track of family members, your partner’s phone, and even your own phone if you’re prone to losing it.

The only downside to these phone number location tools is that they don’t allow you to see anything other than a device’s location.

Can You Spy On an Android Phone With Just the Number?

There is only one way to trace an Android using just the phone number.

Cell phone number tracking websites like can trace the target Android phone location using JUST the number.

Android Reverse Number Lookup

Reverse number lookup services work very well on any Android device. To track phone numbers you’ll simply need to create an account. Once this is done you’ll enter the mobile numbers in the search bar of the website.

The exact GPS coordinates will be found using triangulation.

How do I find someone’s location using their cell phone number on Google Maps?

It is possible to find someone’s location using their cell number on Google maps, but you must setup location sharing services with their Google account to do this. There is no way to do this without first getting physical access to the target device.

Here’s more information on tracking someone on Google Maps without them knowing.

Can you track a phone with an IMEI number?

There are a number of third-party IMEI tracking apps on the market. One of the most popular is Google Find My Device. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

After you follow the installation process you’ll need to log into your Google account. Then you’ll be able to see the location of all of your devices.

Can I trace someone’s location by their cell phone number for free?

There are free websites that promise to trace the location of a mobile device using just the number, but I’ve never found one that actually works. If you need to track phone numbers of

Can I track a cell phone’s location without installing software on target device?

There are two ways to track a cell phone’s location without installing any software. One is by using a paid website to triangulate the phone’s location.

The other is by using spy apps to find the phone’s location. However, only iPhones can be traced without having access to the device. Android spy apps require physical access.

Here’s more information about tracking a phone without using software.

Can you ping someone’s phone to find their location?

There is no way to “ping” someone’s phone or SIM card to find their location. You either need to use their cell phone number with a tracing service, or install an app on the target phone.

If you need to track a cell phone number location there are several solid options. Phone tracking software is fast and powerful. Within a couple minutes you can find the exact location of the target phone.

Spying apps require a subscription plan, but they also offer extra features and more detailed information from the mobile phone.

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