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Cerberus App Review: Track Your Stolen or Lost Phone

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Despite all the effort to keep your phone safe, you never know what could happen. And constantly keeping an eye on your phone is not always effective either. So what is the best way to give yourself some peace of mind and keep your phone safe?

Fortunately, there are plenty of anti-theft applications out there designed to keep your phone and sensitive information safe. Cerberus is one of the best anti-theft apps that you can use: compared to other anti-theft applications, this app dominates the competition.

What is Cerberus App?

Cerberus is an anti-theft tool that offers users amazing features such as detecting a device’s location, data back-up, wiping or locking data, and taking selfies (to take a picture of the thief). It enables you to control your mobile phone remotely by sending an SMS command.

Cerberus Features

Even though Cerberus offers so many great features, it still does not support a few things such as text message monitoring, social media, phone calls. It also lacks a few advanced features such as recording phone calls and recording phone surroundings.

It does offer you:

  • Remote control through the website https://www.cerberusapp.com
  • Remote control through SMS commands from any other phone
  • Automatic alerts

How Does Cerberus App Work?

Cerberus works by installing the application on the target device, whether it’s your device or one of your family’s devices. If your phone was lost or stolen, you can open the device control panel from the Cerberus app website and start taking the actions you see fit.

It allows you to remotely control your device to view the device’s location, shut down the app, lock it, and many more options. Here are some of the main features Cerberus offers you:

Fake Shutdown

Cerberus has a very nice trick that allows you to mimic the shutting down steps. This can help trick the thief into thinking that the phone has shut down as it vibrates and turns off the screen.

However, this feature might not be so helpful with a smart thief.

If the thief decides to touch the phone sensor or try to unlock it, it will light up and vibrate as if it’s opening, so a clever thief can figure out that it’s a trick.

Protect Phone’s Admin

This feature makes it extremely hard for the thief to delete your anti-theft device. If the thief tries to uninstall the app, the application will force the thief to go to the device admin settings to remove the admin privileges.

To remove the admin privileges, the thief will need to input your password or fingerprint, which will make it harder for them to remove or uninstall the app.

Remote Upload & Wipe

This feature might be the most important of all the features Cerberus offers its users.  This feature allows the user to back up their data on either Dropbox or Google Drive by linking any of them to Cerberus.

If you were in a situation where you have to wipe your files remotely, it will give you two options, either to use the internal storage or the SD card.

Automatic Photo Capture

This is a great way to identify the thief quickly. This feature takes automatic front-camera pictures of the person who enters too many wrong passwords, then immediately sends the picture to the registered email address so that the user can check it.

Block Status Bar

Even if the thief can access the toggle menu if the phone is locked, the user can remotely block the status bar to stop the thief from taking any actions on their devices. This is a great feature, but unfortunately, it has a loophole.

The loophole can be accessed if a text message notification was received, as the text message notification offers a handle to drop the menu down. This loophole could make the status bar blocking useless.

SIM Checker

The first thing any thief would do if they stole a phone is to remove the SIM card. This feature works like this: the SIM number is saved as an authorized SIM in the application, so is the current SIM.

So, the user can check to see if the SIM number has been changed or not. They could compare it to the number authorized in the application if they did not know their number.

If someone has changed the SIM card, the app will automatically send the information of this new SIM card and phone location to the saved mobile numbers.

How Much is Cerberus App?

Cerberus is a paid subscription that offers you 6 days of a free trial. Afterward, if you like the app and what it offers you, you can subscribe for a yearly subscription starting with $6 for one device.

How to Install Cerberus App?

To set up the application, you need to use the targeted device for the following steps:

  • Go to Google Play or App Store and install the application.
  • After the installation, the application will ask for plenty of permissions and it’s recommended that you grant them so the application can fully function.
  • The app will ask for system administrator permission.
  • The next screen will ask the user to enter their existing Cerberus account info or create a new account.
  • The user will receive an email after creating the account and that email will include an overview or a small guide on how to operate Cerberus remote commands.

Is It Legal to Use Cerberus App?

You are not allowed to use Cerberus for any malicious purpose, such as stalking, harassing, abusing, threatening, defaming, or defrauding other users.

Also, not to attempt any data thefts or store information about others, including their location. So, if you are only using it to keep your own device safe, you’re also safe from any legal responsibilities!

Is the Cerberus App Safe?

Cerberus is a security and anti-theft application that can help you keep your device safe and locate it if it’s gone missing. But recently, Google flagged Cerberus as a harmful application.

Final Verdict

After looking into many anti-thefts out there, Cerberus is definitely one of the best in the market right now. Even though some of the features are not so well polished, it still has innovative features that can help users keep their devices safe.

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