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Copy9 Review 2023: Spying Functions, Pricing, Free Trial

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Copy9 is a spying app for Android smartphones. Copy9 spies on a targeted phone’s text messages, social media accounts, phone contacts, phone call logs, GPS location, chat app messages, media files, and ambient surroundings.

But like many cell phone monitoring apps this apps struggles with consistency.  In testing it out for a week or two using my daughters Pixel there were times when it struggled to work at all.

This would be forgivable if their tech support had been helpful…

But like many of these companies their support is unresponsive.  It was difficult to get anyone on chat, and when I finally did they were completely unhelpful.

If you want to read the rest of this Copy9 review, by all means continue.  But if you’re looking for the best solution check out the link below, or read my reviews of it’s competitors.

My Copy9 Review

Copy9 is a subsidiary of TheTruthSpy and has been in existence since approximately 2014.

Recent versions have expanded social media monitoring to include Kik and BBM, have added call recording to the call monitoring tools and have increased support for additional devices.

Their software offers potential benefits across various devices:

  • Compatibility with Android systems makes it possible to monitor many of the devices that are currently in use;
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple devices lets you access relevant data from various platforms;
  • Support for monitoring activities across a broad range of social media platforms.

Even with all these amazing features, there are some disadvantages.

  • You will need to have physical access to the target device in order to install the software;
  • Remote installation may be possible but will result in limited functionality;
  • If installing Copy9 on an Android phone or tablet, you will need to root the device to give yourself administrator privileges. Rooting must be done very carefully because it will void the warranty and may render the device unusable.

Pros of Copy9

Copy9 is compatible with Android versions 4.0.3. through 7.1.1 and with iOS versions that are jail broken. Copy9 runs in stealth mode, letting you monitor the target device without being detected. This Copy9 review describes a comprehensive set of monitoring tools that is part of the Copy9 software.

Call monitoring

Copy9 offers call tracking and call history logging. It records phone calls, surroundings and audio, storing information about the date, time, call duration and contact name.

It’s not as powerful as FlexiSPY, which allows you to track EVERYTHING on a phone, but you can use the call history logs to create keyword lists that may help you to determine whether a contact needs to be intercepted or blocked.

Social media chat app tracking

Copy9 tracks date and time information for content that is shared on most major social media sites, including Facebook, Google Hangouts, Yahoo! Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. Examining stored messages and media files may provide you with information about patterns of use that require intervention.

Message monitoring

Monitor instant messages and read sms text messages that have been deleted. You can develop keyword lists that will trigger alerts when the watch list words appear in messages. 

Keyword lists may be valuable if you want to prevent your child from accessing adult content or want to block employees from accessing content that is not work related.

Internet use monitoring

Copy9 stores internet browsing history, bookmarks and apps usage information. Monitoring internet use allows you to determine the appropriateness and type of specific content that is accessed by the target device. You can use this capability to block specific websites, disallow internet use or block the use of specific apps.

Keystroke logging

The keystroke logger registers all key presses and saves the information to a log file that persists even after the original message has been deleted. This feature creates a permanent record of all communication, which is useful if you need to follow up on a person who has attempted to cover his or her tracks by erasing information.

Location tracking

The app tracks a phone’s location and records device location history. You can use this information to designate acceptable locations and to set alerts that notify you if the target device leaves the designated area. 

You can also create a watch list of places and receive alerts when the target device enters a location that is disallowed.

Contact monitoring

It reads and stores contact history, which facilitates monitoring of relationships that may create a negative outcome for your child. This feature can help you to determine if employees are exchanging company information with your competitors, and its use may place you in a better position to protect your business interests.

Photos and screenshots

From your dashboard the software allows you to view images, videos and notes that are stored on the target device. This feature provides important contact-related information that is not contained in text messages and email, giving you the opportunity to conduct more in-depth monitoring of target devices.

SIM card change detection

The software detects SIM card changes and notifies you if the SIM card is removed. This can be an invaluable security feature if the target device is lost or stolen, allowing you to take immediate steps to protect the target device and the personal information of its user.

Data security

The app supports data backups and lets you remotely delete sensitive data from the target device. The software supports up to three devices and can remotely wipe phone data if a device is lost or stolen. If a device needs to be wiped, it can be restored from the backup so that your information always remains secure.

Installing Copy9 on Your Phone

Installation is fairly straightforward.  You’ll simply create your new account and download the software.  Here is a short video tutorial explaining the process.

What Customers Are Saying About Copy9

As I was writing this review, I came across a few testimonials that were submitted to various websites by Copy9 users. I have included some of those comments in this section.

Brianna M. – So happy with this software! The only reason I’d stay away from it for this long is becasue I thought it would be another scam. But then the parental app I used on my kids wasn’t working anymore (I think the makers had technical issues) so I switched to Copy9. Super satisfied becasue it came with tonnes more features than my old software anyway, so I’m a happy momma!

Copy9 Alternatives

Most cell phone monitoring software offers comparable features but companies differ significantly in the quality of the technical support they provide.

While Copy9 is a powerful cell phone monitoring program, we continue to prefer uMobix and mSpy, because they offer more features and better tech support.

Copy9 vs uMobix

The uMobix cell phone spying app is capable of spying on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. uMobix offers more spying capabilities than Copy9 including spying on Facebook and Instagram account activity on iOS devices.

The annual spying subscription from uMobix is 18% cheaper than Copy9. Below you will find a comparison of Copy9 and uMobix pricing plans.

Software1 Month Price3 Month Price12 month price
Pricing comparison of uMobix vs Copy9

uMobix also offers live technical support through a chat app on their website. uMobix support chat response time averages 3 minutes. Copy9 support requires using email and response times are slower by up to 500%.

Copy9 vs mSpy

mSpy is available for nearly all devices that are currently in use but Copy9 works consistently only on Android devices and offers limited support for some iOS devices.

Copy9 and mSpy both include SIM card change detection but the integration of geo-fencing with Google Maps is unique to mSpy.  You can read more about our favorite spy app by reading our full mSpy review.

They offer a standard, premium and gold pricing plans. The cost of the standard plan is $21.60, $55.00 and $132.00 per month, quarter or year, respectively.

The premium plan costs $25.90, $66.00 and $158.40 per month, quarter or year, respectively. The corresponding prices for the gold plan are $30.20, $77.00 and $184.80.

They offer a one-month basic plan at $29.99 per month, which may be a good choice if you anticipate that your monitoring needs will be of short duration. For long-term monitoring, mSpy offers a premium plan at $69.99 per month.

The premium plan costs $39.99 per month if purchased quarterly and $16.66 per month if purchased annually.

Where to Buy Copy9

Copy9 provides invisible monitoring and can be instrumental in helping you to protect your child or to ensure that your employees are behaving in accordance with company policy.

The software tracks email, text and social media activities to provide a full set of data that you can use to determine if intervention is needed. Copy9 can be installed on up to three devices, which is valuable if you need to monitor information that is contained on different platforms.

To download Copy9, visit the company’s website where you can create your account and view your dashboard.

Before You Buy ANY Spy App

Most spy phone apps allow you to spy on email, text messages, media files, address book, calendar and internet browsing history on a target device.

Cell phone spyware usually provides various types of location tracking and most programs support alerts based on location or contact information.

Cell phone spyware may help you to protect your child or your business from the effects of negative influences by making it possible to monitor all activity that occurs on a target device.

You can monitor a device remotely without being detected, which increases the likelihood that you will gain valuable information that is also accurate.

Cell phone tracking software can be extremely valuable if a device is lost or stolen, since many programs support remote device wiping and locking that allows you to protect the information on the device from unauthorized viewers.

In spite of its potential benefits, cell phone spyware does have some disadvantages. This may not be the right solution for you if:

  • you have concerns about monitoring your child or employee without his or her knowledge;
  • you do not have physical access to the target device;
  • the device you will be monitoring uses an operating system that is not supported by the spyware program.

About the Author

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