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SpytoMobile Review 2023: Spy Features, Pricing, Refunds, Free Trial

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In this review, you’ll learn how the SpytoMobile monitoring app compares to the top-selling spying apps on the market.

Spytomobile is an Android spying app that helps parents, business owners, and partners to monitor their target’s mobile phones. Its software is primarily compatible with Android phones.

Let us go over the different features the software offers its users. We’ll go through its strengths, weaknesses, and everything else you need to know in a SpytoMobile review.

Our Evaluation of SpytoMobile

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A SpytoMobile review must first start with what the app is and what it does.

This app is a spying software placed on cell phones to identify web history, call logs and other information. Its stealth mode makes it impossible to make Spytomobile detectable by normal means.

Major features of the app include giving you access to your target’s phone contact list. This allows you to see call logs and text messages. It even tracks social media apps and geographic locations.

The software then gathers and stores the information in SpytoMobile’s secure servers. You can access the information you need to monitor via an easy-to-use central panel.

Parents concerned about what their children’s cell phone interactions look like are the primary audience for SpytoMobile. It also caters to spouses who are concerned about their significant other.

In addition to that, the SpytoMobile app is also useful for employers concerned about productivity. The app allows users to block messages, phone numbers, websites, and more.

The downsides of the SpytoMobile app are its incompatibility with Apple products and its lack of features relating to live remote recording. Data is only passed when the target connects to the Internet.

What We Like

  • Simple Installation process
  • Does not need internet connectivity to monitor data
  • GPS tracking program
  • Daily payment makes it easier to cancel subscriptions and pay per use.
  • Completely hidden on Android mobile phones.
  • Intuitive Software

What We Don’t Like

  • No compatibility with iOS devices
  • No Free Trial, paid for by the day
  • Limited features, no call recording

Android Spying Features

SpytoMobile is a surveillance app for Android devices. It is easy and convenient to download. It can be hidden easily and does not require rooting to be used properly.

There is no need to download the app on your device. You will merely need to open an account that will allow you to access SpytoMobile’s surveillance via an online control panel.

Let’s go over some of the stand-out features that make it a worthwhile purchase for concerned parents or partners of Android users. These are just a few of the best ones.

Whatsapp Messages and Viber Logs

SpytoMobile can analyze and suck up messages from WhatsApp and Viber. This makes it useful for looking at group chats and other correspondences that may not be made over text.

To access the target’s WhatsApp, they need to have superuser rights activated on their phone. You may need to open the Superuser option to access the target device.

Compared to more powerful monitoring apps, SpytoMobile cannot go through as many social media platforms — WhatsApp and Viber are key exceptions.

GPS Tracking

SpytoMobile excels when it comes to its location tracking. It lets you get a precise GPS fix on your target’s whereabouts. This is useful in case the target phone gets stolen.

The GPS tracker allows you to follow the phone in real-time. It gives precise coordinates and even altitude. This allows you to verify the target’s locations and may even be used as evidence if needed.

It also allows you to create a geofence that alerts you if your target goes beyond a designated area. This allows you to keep children from wandering too far.

Full Call History

The main benefit of SpytoMobile is that it gives users access to all conventional phone data like texts, contact lists, call records and call durations. It gives an overview of the target’s phone interactions.

Android Compatibility

The SpytoMobile app is designed to run on Android versions higher than Android 4.0. This makes it compatible with Android smartphones (Samsung, Microsoft, etc.) from 2011 onwards.

While rooting ensures complete access to information such as social media messages, you do not need to root the target device to be able to access relevant information on it.

SpyToMobile Installation & Setup

The installation process of SpytoMobile on Android devices is fairly straightforward. The process essentially entails downloading the app, signing in, and hiding it in plain sight.

The first step involves signing up for a SpytoMobile account. This straightforward process allows you to sign up for a subscription later on.

After signing in, you will need to gain covert access to the physical target platform. This will allow you to download and root the device if you want to track social media apps.

After unlocking and preparing the phone, you can download the SpytoMobile app. You will need to go to Security settings and allow downloads from Unknown Sources.

This will allow you to download the APK of the SpytoMobile Android program. Once downloaded, you will need to set up, sign in, and enable stealth mode.

The process will take 5-10 minutes to accomplish and will only need to be done once. After that, you will only need to log in to gain a bird’s eye view of the target phone and user.

For iPhone & iOS Devices

SpytoMobile is not available for use on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

For users who need help spying on an iOS device AdjustYourPrivacy recommends the uMobix iOS spying app.

How Does SpytoMobile Work?

This SpytoMobile review also covers how the SpytoMobile software interacts with mobile phones. Downloading the software gives you access to certain features on the target phone.

The software then uploads the relevant information to its cloud-based servers as it runs in the phone’s background. It then allows you to access the information on your PC or laptop.

SpytoMobile does not require you to download the app on your device. You simply need to log in to view the target’s data. SpytoMobile promises secure data storage for you and your mark.

How Much Does SpytoMobile Cost?

No SpytoMobile review is complete without mentioning the cost of using the app. Compared to other software subscription services, SpytoMobile charges by the day as opposed to monthly.

SpytoMobile does not have a free trial. However, it is possible to test the service on your target cell phone within the refund period. The service costs about $1 US a day to use.

SpytoMobile Alternatives

Here are a few alternative spy apps that can challenge SpytoMobile regarding the number of features, ease of use, and customer support.

uMobix vs SpytoMobile

The main difference between uMobix and SpytoMobile is the number of monitoring features offered by the uMobix monitoring app. Below are the features you get with uMobix that are not offered by SpytoMobile

  • Tracks Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram DMs, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, and Tik Tok
  • See screenshots from Snapchat, YouTube, and other apps
  • view photos and videos
  • see web browsing history
  • live chat support

uMobix also offers a 7-day demo version and a reasonable refund policy.

EyeZy vs SpyToMobile

The main difference between EyeZy and SpyToMobile is that Eyezy offers more tracking features for a lower price. The Eyezy spying app outperforms SpyToMobile. Below are the features you get with Eyezy.

  • Tracks Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram DMs, Skype, Tinder, Line, Viber, and Tik Tok
  • view photos and videos
  • see web browsing history
  • live chat support

FlexiSPY vs SpyToMobile

The main difference between FlexiSPY and SpyToMobile is the phone interception and recording feature offered by Flexispy. This feature does require rooting the Android phone. FlexiSPY also records in-app calls within WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the users’ most common questions regarding SpytoMobile and the issues it shares with other spy applications.

What is SpytoMobile’s Refund Policy?

SpytoMobile believes that most refunds can be avoided with the help and consultation of their support team. However, the SpytoMobile App can be refunded if your case falls within company policy.

You may receive a full refund within 3 days of purchasing if your conditions meet the right criteria. Users cannot avail of refunds if their complaints are outside SpytoMobile’s control.

You may only avail of a refund once. All refund requests are to be made via email and will be addressed in 1 to 2 working days. You have 14 days to state your case in case of a dispute.

You can find their full refund policy on the Spytomobile website.

Does SpytoMobile Offer Technical Support?

Spytomobile enables users to ask burning questions through many possible means. They offer website live chats and a dedicated forum and can also be reached by their official email.

In addition, the spy app website includes detailed video instructions and FAQs on how to install SpytoMobile and ensure you’re logged in to your Spytomobile account.

Can SpytoMobile Record Phone Calls?

Unlike more advanced phone spy apps, the SpytoMobile app cannot record outgoing calls. It merely gives you access to call logs and contact details.

This allows you to view the call history of your phone user as well as the call duration. This gives you a clear picture of their communications but is not the same as listening.

Does SpytoMobile Have to Be Installed on the Target Phone?

The SpytoMobile app must be installed on the target device. This entails gaining access to the target device. You will then need to undergo app installation and put it in stealth mode.

You will need to do this for every single device you wish to monitor. The SpytoMobile app is only available on Android phones.

Will the Phone’s Owner Know SpytoMobile is Installed?

The phone’s owner will NOT know Spyto Mobile is installed. The app is hidden during installation and runs in stealth mode.

It is advanced enough to provide accurate data without alerting the users of the mobile devices being spied on.

It allows you to remotely check essential information without worrying about getting caught. You will just need to activate it when you first download the app.

Is Using SpytoMobile Legal?

Using Spy to Mobile is legal if you notify the target phone user that you are installing the app. Spy applications exist in a legal gray area and require the target’s consent for legal use.

Children under 18 need not be notified that you will monitor them.


SpytoMobile is a reliable spying app that allows you to monitor various data on your target device. These include deleted messages, location tracking services, and contact lists.

SpytoMobile offers users software capable of smoothing out any safety concerns. However, note that the SpytoMobile program is limited compared to a more advanced spy app.

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