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Secretly Track Your Husband’s Phone: Free & Paid Methods

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Updated 10/2/23: Before using ANY of these apps you should clearly understand their legal usage. Using spying apps to track someone without their consent is illegal in the U.S and other countries

In this post you’ll learn how to track your husband’s smartphone or mobile device without his knowledge using a phone tracking application (phone tracker app). Phone tracking apps are available in both free and paid versions. Some apps, such as Google Maps, can track someone’s GPS location.

Other tracker apps such as uMobix, mSpy, and Eyezy track your husband’s SMS text messages, emails, calendar entries, phone call logs, social media activity, and chat app messages from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder. Regardless of whether your husband uses an iOS or Android device, there are compatible tracker apps to monitor his smartphone activities. These apps make ideal accountability tools for adults who consent to phone monitoring.

The primary benefit of using a free tracking app like Google Maps is that it does not cost anything. The disadvantage is that it requires access to your husband’s phone, and it is possible for him to be notified that his location is shared.

The main benefits of using a paid phone tracker app to track your husband’s location include complete secrecy and access to more tracking information such as messages, social media activity, and phone calls.

In this article, we cover step-by-step how to track your husband’s phone without him knowing.

Is It Legal to Track Your Husband’s Phone?

It is legal to track your husband’s phone if he consents to it. What does this mean? It means you need to ask his permission before using a tracking app, installing a spy app, or even snooping through his phone. The laws in many countries regarding illegal phone tracking can be severe. You can read more about spy app legality here.

How to Track Your Husband’s Phone Without Him Knowing

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There are many phone surveillance software programs, or spy apps, to spy on your husband and track his phone without him knowing. But be aware, tracking someone’s phone without their consent is illegal in many countries, including the U.S.

Short of simply checking your husband’s phone to see where he may have been, there’s really just one other option to go for when faced with the dilemma of “how can I track my husband’s phone.”

The safest and easiest way to track would be through a spy/monitoring app.

To start tracking your husband’s phone location, as well as access your husband’s activities like his social media and his messages, you’ll need three things:

  • A subscription to a spy app
  • Your husband’s iCloud credentials
  • Your own phone
  • your husband’s consent to track his phone

Introduction to Spy Apps

First things first, you’ll need to have a subscription to a good and reliable spy app.

Don’t just go for apps you find randomly through a search query on the app store.  You might be opening yourself up to data breaches and unreliable phone tracking features.

In this case, one way we recommend is through Spyic.

Spyic is a simple mobile tracking app that has numerous features to track your husband’s phone without his knowledge, from web browser history to text messages.

The app has several subscription options depending on how long you want to use it; $49.99 gets you 1-month of usage to $199.99 for a  1-year subscription (which comes out at just $9.99 a month).

Husband’s Credentials or Direct Access to His Phone

As you will find out later in the article, no spy/monitoring app works on a mobile cell without the user account credentials or authorization used to set up the cell phone.

Put simply, you need to have the iCloud credentials of your husband’s phone or direct access. This difference depends on if the target phone is an iPhone or an Android device, respectively.

If you want to access your husband’s iPhone, you’ll need to have access to the iCloud credentials as it grants Spyic access to begin monitoring through their online service.

If you want to access your husband’s android phone you’ll need to install the app physically. More on these two requirements later on in our step-by-step guide.

Your Own Device to Monitor

Lastly, you’ll need to set up the monitoring app on your own device to act as a control panel for the app to function.

It is here where you can set the monitoring parameters of the app on the target mobile device.

Through this account, you will be able to monitor and record different types of data regarding what your husband is doing on his phone.

You can even monitor your husband’s phone without touching the target device at all.

Step-by-Step: Track Your Husband’s Cell Phone Without Him Knowing

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Say you’re able to get all three things listed above, now you can track your husband’s location without him knowing.

As we mentioned above, we recommend Spyic as your target spy monitoring app for this task.

Not only is it easy-to-use, but you will be able to monitor more than just the location of your husband; you will be able to view messages, call history, and more data on the cell phone without him knowing.

Listed below are the 3 easy steps to start tracking your husband you’re doing so.

Pre-Step: Jailbreak/Root or Not

Prior to getting anything, you’ll need to know if you need to root or jailbreak your husband’s phone.

Benefits of a Root/Jailbreak

Spyic works on any phone regardless if it’s jailbroken or rooted.

However, if you want to track your husband with more robust features such as microphone tapping or unrestricted social media access then having the jailbroken/rooted version would be necessary.

Again, a root or jailbreak isn’t necessary for Spyic to be able to monitor your husband’s phone without him knowing.

It’s just important to note that despite being a full monitoring app, there are still some things Spyic can’t necessarily view.

For example, apps with strict privacy control like Instagram aren’t able to be spied on. So you can’t track your husband on platforms like that without a jailbreak or root.

Dangers of a Root/Jailbreak

Be careful though, as rooting an Android or jailbreaking an iPhone can cause irreparable damage if not done properly.

Make sure you only root or jailbreak the target device if you really know what you’re doing.

More than just damaging your phone, jailbreaking or rooting a device removes the internal security it had in place, opening up your iPhone or Android to malicious software that can steal your data.

Once you’ve figured out if you’ll need to jailbreak or not, you can move onto step 1.

Step 1: Create a Spyic Account

account creation at SPYIC's website

You’ll need to create a Spyic account through their account creation tab on their website.

Creating an account is free, but you’ll need to purchase one of their subscription packages in order to gain access to the app itself.

Depending on the version you get, you can expect one of two confirmation emails.  If you got the Android version, you can expect a link to a private app download on the Google Play store.

If you got the iPhone version of Spyic, you will get a link to their web-based monitoring system. You will use this web-based app to set-up, monitor, and record the location and activity of your husband.

If you got the Android version, the app will install physically on the device and operate in stealth mode so that your husband will never know something is monitoring him.

More on the installation differences between these two app versions in step 2.

Step 2: Install the App on Your Husband’s iPhone or Android Phone

Now that you’ve created your Spyic account for your respective target device, you can begin the installation of Spyic.

Depending on the target device’s operating system, the method of providing access for spy apps would differ in process.

If you want to start tracking your husband’s location, as well as any other data they have, follow the steps indicated for the phone’s operating system.

Android Phone Installation

android logo

For Android phones, we mentioned earlier in the article that you will need to access the device of your husband manually.

Once you acquired the phone’s password, you can install Spyic through the email that was sent for you after you subscribe to a plan.

Don’t worry about Spyic getting discovered; the app icon and app size itself is hidden from the user using the phone.

It essentially operates in stealth mode, so it can collect data without your husband knowing.

iOS Installation

ios logo

For the iPhone users out there, instead of going through installation like the usual apps on the Apple store. 

You can even do this on the phone without touching it at all as it operates mainly on current iCloud services.

As we mentioned earlier, make sure you have the Apple username and password of your husband, as the iPhone needs to verify the iCloud credentials before doing any modifications to its operating system.

Use the link found in the confirmation email, input the credentials of the target device, wait for Spyic to sync up and you’re good to go.

Once you have set up and installed Spyic, you can go ahead to step 3 to begin tracking your husband’s phone.

Step 3: Track My Husband Through the Control App on Your Phone

SPYIC's location tracking feature

At last, you’ve set up Spyic on your husband’s cell phone. Now you can browse the various features at your discretion.

Spyic has multiple ways to determine location. First, you can use a GPS method to pinpoint your husband’s phone location on the map.

But GPS needs a constant internet connection.

For times where there is no 3G available, or your husband decides to turn it off, you can use Spyic’s SIM locator feature to get the approximate location of your husband’s phone through the cell towers around it.

You can even monitor his number for any changes in case the SIM card gets swapped out (in case your husband might have more than one phone number).

More features include data tracking of different user activities like WhatsApp and messages.

You can do all this on your phone without touching the target phone (your husband’s cell phone), and you can keep this activity discreet without him ever finding out.

Should I Track My Husband: Drawbacks and Dangers of Spy Programs

woman questioning her decision to track her husband's phone

We’ve told you how to track your husband through his persona device, but you still need to ask yourself if this is the right action to take.

Marriage is complicated, and with any real relationship, it goes through changes.

The only real way to get through issues of trust and commitment is through open and proper communication, not snooping on their every location ping.

Spying may just reduce the already difficult relationship to a fight, ultimately damaging the relationship further.

It’s Difficult to Pull Off

We have discussed how to start spying on your husband’s phone, so we also hope you have noticed how it may not be easy to gain access to your husband’s phone without him knowing.

Depending on the version of Spyic you get, you’ll need to know at least one of two very private pieces of information that your husband owns: his device passcode or his iCloud credentials.

People don’t normally just give this type of information easily, and if your husband is already difficult to talk to you may find it near impossible to get his access pass keys for his personal devices or his private iCloud account.

It Won’t Give You All the Answers

Let’s say you somehow manage to get the passwords, passcodes, and  even your husband’s text messages.

This means you can now install Spyic and start monitoring his social media or his web browser activity.  Should be all good now, right?

Sadly, your husband’s text messages, location data, and social media activity only give you half the picture at most.

You’ll never really get the whole picture spying on someone as you only know as much as you see.

Sooner or later, you’ll need to talk about the mistrust and the aspects of your marriage that you feel hasn’t been right.

No amount of tracking any mobile phone location or snooping can possibly give you all the answers to any internal communication issue.

If you end up revealing to your husband after gaining access to all his information, might as well try to do so at the start.

It Will Damage Trust

The above scenario depends on your ability to spy on your husband without him finding out.

But there is a chance that when he finds out, it will lead to a whole set of problems you did not think you could run into.

If you were hoping that spying will give you the advice you need to repair the relationship, him finding out will definitely put holes in that plan.

A person finding out their partner had spied on them will definitely damage the trust that the person thought they had and may irreparably damage how your relationship moves forward from there.


Learning how to track your husband is not as hard as most people think, provided you have all the required information and an appropriate application.

This is one way you will be able to monitor location, text messages, and other data that most husbands often try to conceal in a marriage.

However, be warned about the many consequences of doing so, since this carries a high risk in its execution.

If anything, you should try to talk to your husband before trying any type of spying method to avoid problems you could have done without.

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